List of Disallowable Expenses by listmaster

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									                                List of Disallowable Expenses

A number of items are not allowable in NAPT production budgets. Other funders may
have disallowable expenses as well. Check with them before you assume that a particular
expense is allowable under their guidelines.

NAPT funds may NOT be used to pay for the following:
      Production activity or any expenses incurred prior to the time of notification of
       offering a Production License Agreement.
      Costs of fundraising for the program or the cost of preparing materials for the
       NAPT application.
      Legal costs of contract negotiations with NAPT or business organization costs,
       such as incorporation.
      First class or business class travel expenses – airline and other travel expenses
       must be coach or economy class.
      Costs associated with producing a different version of the program, unless NAPT
       specifically requires such version.
      Over-scale payments to any union or guild member beyond the PBS or PTV scale
       pay rates.
      The cost of distributing or promoting the program in markets other than public
      The cost of litigation or any awards associated with lawsuits.
      IRS or other penalties for any legal non-compliance.
      Equipment or software purchases.
      Any other costs not directly related to the production of the program.

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