Seminar Evaluation Form Student Name Seminar Topic Criteria Introduction Knowle by undul852


									                                   Seminar Evaluation Form
Student Name: ______________________________________________________
Seminar Topic: __________________________________________________________

   Criteria    Level 1 (50-59)        Level 2 (60-69)      Level 3 (70-79)      Level 4 (80-100)     Mks
Introduction   topic is             topic and some of     topic and all       topic and all           /3
               mentioned            the subtopics are     subtopics are       subtopics are stated
                                    stated                stated              in proper order
Knowledge      limited              some knowledge of     standard            detailed knowledge     /10
of Topic       knowledge of         topic with a degree   knowledge of        of topic with
               topic with little    of accuracy           topic, usually      consistently
               accuracy                                   accurate info       accurate info
Support of     limited              some connection       usually             consistent              /5
Ideas          connection           made between          connection made     connection made
               made between         evidence, subtopics   between             between evidence,
               evidence,            topic                 evidence,           subtopics & topic
               subtopics &                                subtopics &
               topic                                      topic
Organization   unclear agenda       scant agenda &        clear, logical      clear, logical,         /5
               with illogical       handout with          agenda is usually   thorough agenda is
               sequencing &         somewhat useful       shown / followed    shown & followed
               unhelpful            handout               with useful         combined w/ very
               handout                                    handout             useful handout
Conclusion     little summary       topic and some        topic and all       topic all subtopics     /2
               of subtopics         subtopics             subtopics           summarized in
                                    summarized            summarized          proper order
Creativity /   little colour or     somewhat bored,       usually smiling,    unique, colourful,      /7
Enthusiasm     variety used &       with some variety     appropriately       stimulating seminar
               no smiles            & colour              dressed, variety    with extra effort
Eye Contact    little contact,      some eye contact &    usually makes       consistent eye          /5
               dependent on         dependence on         eye contact         contact with little
               notes                notes                                     depend’ce on notes
Voice          monotone and         some inflection and   usually clear &     proper inflection,      /5
Audibility     too quiet            at times clear        inflects voice      clarity and volume
Use of Time    seminar is too       sometimes seminar     starts / finishes   starts / finishes on    /5
/ Pace         short/long and       moves too quickly /   on time covering    time covering
               moves too            slowly and at times   relevant info       relevant info in an
               quickly/slow         is off topic                              interesting manner
Discussion     little               some discussion       three relevant      three relevant,         /3
               discussion           generated from        questions           open-ended
               generated from       somewhat relevant     generate            questions generate
               closed-ended,        questions that        discussion that     much discussion,
               repetitive           require superficial   requires thought    insight, analysis &
               questions            thought                                   evaluation
Totals                                                                                               /50

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