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Sample Letters of Recommendation for Teaching Positions

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									                              SAMPLE: LETTER of RECOMMENDATION


        I am pleased to recommend __________________ for a teaching position in your district.

         I served as _________________ during his methods semester and then during his residency
(student teaching). During the methods practicum __________ taught lessons based on his
(interdisciplinary unit or other basis from methods class). I found his knowledge of planning to be
excellent. He understood the components of a lesson plan and the reasons for each portion. He came to
class well prepared to teach, executed his lessons effectively and efficiently, and carried out meaningful
assessments for his lessons. His rapport with the students was also very effective. While he worked to
understand each student’s needs, he also worked to adjust his teaching to meet those needs.

          During the next semester when ____________ was a resident in my ______ classroom, he
continued to be an effective teacher. He learned how to manage the day, to guide the students from one
lesson to another, and to adjust the schedule as needed to meet the learning needs of the students. His
emphasis on the learning of students is exceptional. He also took part in extracurricular duties and
activities. He attended faculty meetings, committee meetings, open house, and the annual science fair.
He had a chance to work with the committee that was designing new science standards for our district
that align with the state and national standards. He experienced the various group dynamics that are a
part of that process.

        ______________ worked well with parents. He helped prepare the reports for each student and
also shared parent conferences with me. He showed parents that he knew the students and the learning
needs that were a part of his teaching. His weekly newsletter home has been very effective. Many
parents have sent him notes expressing their awareness of his work with students. ____________ also
had the opportunity to meet with parents during an IEP conference for one of our students. Once again he
contributed valuable information in a very positive manner.

        I believe that ______________ has the knowledge, skills, and desire to be an outstanding
teacher in your school district. At this point of his professional career, he has demonstrated that he is a
competent beginning teacher. He was indeed an asset to our school and our faculty. Please contact me if
you feel that I might be of further assistance to you.

Jane Doe

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