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Encore Dental Insurance

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					Encore Standard Dental Insurance Plan
The standard plans provide preventive, basic, and major service coverage, depending on
your choice of plan. Encore Dental Insurance rewards loyalty, and coverage increases
over time.
During the first year on the standard plan, covered members on Plan A receive check-ups,
x-rays, cleanings and fluoride treatments at no charge. Plan B members receive 50%
coverage for these services.
Coverage during the first year also includes 50% payment for basic services like fillings,
anesthesia, et cetera.
After 12 months, even more coverage is available, as Plan A and Plan B members pay
just 50% of fees charged for crowns, root canals, oral surgery, denture repairs, and
The annual maximum benefit for Plan A is $1,000; it is $850 for Plan B.
Encore Dental 1-2-3 Insurance Plan
Patients on the 1-2-3 Insurance Plan get immediate coverage – even for major services..
Preventive and diagnostic treatment is 100% covered at all times. Basic services are
phased in, with 20% coverage during the first year, 40% during the second year, and 80%
coverage during the third year.
Coverage for major services is similarly progressive, with patients receiving 15%
reimbursement during the first year of coverage, 30% during the second year, and 50%
during the third year.
Annual deductible is $50 per year for all three years, and annual maximum benefits grow
from $500 the first year to $1,250 the third year.
Encore Dental Supplemental Insurance Plan
Encore offers this plan as a solution for patients who already have one dental insurance
plan, but find that their out-of-pocket costs are piling up. Supplemental insurance covers
50% of all services with an annual deductible of $50 and an annual maximum benefit,
beginning in the first year, of $1,250.
Claim Paperwork
Encore Dental Insurance takes the “work” out of “paperwork” when it comes to claim
processing. As long as you use a dentist who is enrolled in the Encore Dental network,
you need never file a claim. Your dentist works directly with Encore Dental Insurance to
collect the insured portion of your service charge.
If you must us a dentist who is outside the plan network, you must pay that dentist in
advance in full, and submit a claim form to be reimbursed for the insured portion of the
services. Claim forms are available from Encore Dental Insurance’s Internet site.

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