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					        Single moms scholarship opportunity
{This scholarship pays for two years of schooling to obtain a marketable skill. The
scholarship also pays living expenses during the two years of schooling)

The scholarship
Our foundation is the “Better Life Foundation”. Its purpose is to give single moms a
better life by sending them to community college to obtain a specific job skill through
two years of training – so that they can obtain a high paying job. After such training, our
scholarship recipients may be able to obtain a job that may pays $50,000 to $60,000 a
year, with possible increases over that as experience is obtained.

Our scholarship provides for the following:
1>Tuition (Amount not paid by government programs)
2>Books (amount not paid by government programs)
3>Medical insurance covering mom and their child during time in school
4>Living expenses
5>Enrollment at a fitness facility – we want our recipients to get the habit of physical
fitness and create the fitness habit 3-5 times a week
6>Assistance in selecting the desired job skill that is suitable to the person
7>Assistance in filling out paperwork for government scholarship assistance programs

Note: Most of the tuition and books will be paid for via government assistance programs
(Pell grants) .Our scholarship pays the things that the government assistance won’t pay –
such as living expenses, medical insurance, etc..

Selection process/time frames
Scholarships are awarded for the school year beginning in September 2008. Scholarships
will be awarded by the end of June. Listed below are the steps for obtaining a

1>Initial application – received by Feb 15, 2008 (fill out the attached application)

2>Application made for government assistance scholarship – Pell grants applications
must be filed by 3/1/08

3>Finalist determination – determined by April 1, 2008 based on initial applications.
Once finalists are determined, they will be asked to do the following:

a>Read two books – “Think and Grow Rich” and “Psycho cybernetics”
b>Write an essay on topics provided by foundation
c>personal interview with foundation director

3>Scholarship awarded – by June 30, 2008
                                  See backside for application


Telephone number-______________________


Children – name and age-_____________________________________________

Why do you want this scholarship (narrative)

Submission of application:
Submit the application to “A better life foundation”, 8616 Big View drive, Austin,
TX 78730