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Washington DC Medical Negligence Attorney


									Washington DC Medical Negligence Attorney

The law firm of Schultz and Trombly, PLLC, represents the seriously injured and their families in a wide
variety of medical malpractice / negligence cases against hospitals, HMO's, physicians, and other health
care providers. Medical malpractice / negligence claims can involve serious injuries at all levels of the
health care spectrum, from infants to the elderly.

For over 35 years, medical malpractice lawyer Daniel E. Schultz has served clients in the following types
of specific medical malpractice / negligence cases:

  * Including Infant Brain Injury During Labor and Delivery, Cerebral Palsy, Infant Brachial Plexus Injury
due to Shoulder Dystocia Complications,Mother's Neurological Injury or Death During Labor and
  * Undiagnosed Cancer: Including Misdiagnosis or Delayed Treatment of Cervical, Colon, Breast, Lung,
Prostate, Soft Tissue, Skin and other forms of Cancer
  * Cerebral Palsy and Erbs Palsy
  * Heart Attack
  * Nursing Home Injury
  * Pressure Sores
  * Stroke
  * Surgical & Anesthesiology Negligence: Including Neurosurgery (Pediatric & Adult), Laparoscopy
Surgery, Podiatry Surgery
  * Radiology Negligence: Including Mammograms, CAT Scans, MRI's and X-rays
  * Laboratory Negligence: Including Pap Smears
  * Emergency Room Negligence

Physicians, surgeons, medical technicians, nurses, and other health care professionals owe a duty to
their patients that is based on a recognized standard of care. Medical malpractice and negligence claims
typically involve the negligent breach of the applicable standard of care. The attorneys of our firm often
file claims that involve negligent treatment, misdiagnosis, or the failure to diagnose existing injuries or
conditions that result in serious injuries, illness, disease, or suffering that may have been avoided or
prevented with timely and proper treatment.

For more information about Medical Malpractice, please visit our Medical Malpractice Information

For more information about how our attorneys can help you, please contact us for a free initial
consultation. Our lawyers assist people in Washington DC, Baltimore, and throughout Maryland,
including Prince George's, Montgomery, Howard, and Anne Arundel counties.

**More information on medical malpractice.

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