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					Do you have a concern
or a complaint?
Abbeyfield UK’s Complaints Policy
 Do you have a concern
 or a complaint?

 How to let us know                  Services departments, to help us
                                     to assess the services we provide.
 We are committed to providing
 you with an excellent service.      If you have a concern about the
 We understand, however, that        services you receive from us, the
 sometimes the service we provide    first person to speak to is your
 may not meet your expectations.     house manager or housekeeper
 If this is the case, we want to     or, if you are in a care home, the
 know about it.                      home manager. They will talk
                                     with you about the problem,
 Don’t be afraid to complain.
                                     make a note of your concern and
 Sometimes it is the only way we
                                     try to sort it out immediately (or,
 can find out that things are
                                     if not, within five working days).
 wrong. We keep all complaints
                                     In most cases this will sort the
 confidential but we cannot
                                     matter out quickly and
 accept anonymous complaints
                                     satisfactorily. However, if you
 (complaints without a name on).
                                     feel your can’t raise your concern
 We welcome your suggestions         with any of the people
 and comments, together with         mentioned above, you can follow
 those from your relatives and       the procedure over the page.
 friends, or organisations such as
 Age Concern (AIMS) or Social

Do you have a concern or a complaint? • Do you have a conc
    If you’re not satisfied             3 You can call our central office
                                          on 01727 857536 and ask us
    There are three ways you can
                                          to write down your
    take the matter further.
                                          complaint and send it to you
    1 You can put your complaint          for approval. We can then
      in writing using the tear-off       pass it on to our Complaints
      form at the back of this            Officer.
                                        Our Complaints Officer will
    2 You can send a letter to our      acknowledge your complaint, in
      Complaints Officer at the         writing, within 24 hours and
      address on the back of this       pass it to our Local Service
      leaflet (there is a translation   Manager or, for care homes, the
      service for people whose first    Regional Care Services Manager.
      language is not English). You
                                        The procedure then follows
      can also get this leaflet on
                                        three stages.
      audio tape, if you ask.

cern or a complaint? • Do you have a concern or a complaint
 Stage 1: Investigation by the         Stage 2: Review by the Chief
 Local Service Manager or              Executive
 Regional Care Services Manager
                                       The Chief Executive or a senior
 The appropriate manager will          manager will review your
 look into your complaint and try      complaint and send you a full
 to sort it out within five working    written response within 10
 days. They will aim to send you a     working days (they will let you
 full written response to your         know if it is going to take longer
 complaint within 10 working           than this).
 days, but will let you know if it
                                       We hope that by this stage you
 is going to take longer. If you are
                                       will be satisfied with how your
 not satisfied with the response,
                                       complaint has been sorted out.
 please contact our Complaints
                                       However, if you are still not
 Officer and ask for a review.
                                       happy, please contact our
 Their address is on the back of
                                       Complaints Officer and ask for
 this leaflet.
                                       an appeal.

Do you have a concern or a complaint? • Do you have a conc
    Stage 3: Appeal to the board        If you are still not satisfied with
    of trustees                         our response, you can ask the
                                        Housing Ombudsman Service to
    Our Complaints Officer will
                                        investigate your complaint. The
    arrange for three members of the
                                        ombudsman is an independent
    board to hear your complaint at a
                                        complaints ‘referee’ and the
    meeting in a suitable location.
                                        service is free. Our Complaints
    We will invite you to the hearing
                                        Officer will be happy to give you
    and you can ask a friend or
                                        more information about the
    family member to come with
                                        ombudsman service.
    you. We will tell you the
    outcome of the appeal within 10     The ombudsman will investigate
    working days of the hearing.        your complaint as long as you
                                        have already followed our
                                        complaints procedure.

cern or a complaint? • Do you have a concern or a complaint
 Their contact details are:          Care homes
 Housing Ombudsman Service           If you are a resident in a care
 81 Aldwych                          home, you can follow the stages
 London                              set out above or you can contact
 WC2B 4HN.                           the Commission for Social Care
                                     Inspection (CSCI). CSCI is the
 Phone: 020 7421 3800
                                     independent body which
 Fax:     020 7831 1942              registers, inspects and reports on
 Lo Call: 084 5712 5973              care homes in England.
 Minicom: 020 7404 7092
                                     Their national contact details are:
 E-mail: info@housing-
          ombudsman.org.uk           CSCI helpline:
 Website: www.housing-               0845 015 0120 or
          ombudsman.org.uk           0191 233 3323
 If you get help under the           0845 015 2255 or
 Supporting People scheme to pay     0191 233 3588
 part of your charges you can also
 make a complaint to the local
                                     Website: www.csci.gov.uk

Do you have a concern or a complaint? • Do you have a conc
    Contact details for your local         Compensation and goodwill
    CSCI office are on the                 payments
    noticeboard in your care home.
    They are also in your service          We may pay compensation or
    user’s guide. Or, alternatively you    make a goodwill payment in
    can contact us for this                certain circumstances if an
    information at the address or          investigation into a complaint
    telephone number on the back of        confirms that we have failed to
    this leaflet.                          meet our responsibilities.
                                           Please ask for a copy of our
    Legal proceedings                      compensation and goodwill
                                           payments policy for more
    We cannot deal with a complaint        information.
    if it raises issues that are already
    being dealt with by legal

cern or a complaint? • Do you have a concern or a complaint
 Further information                How can we improve?
 If there is anything in this       We welcome your comments and
 booklet you don’t understand or    suggestions about improving our
 if you have any questions or       complaints service. After we have
 comments about how the             looked at your complaint we will
 complaints procedure works, our    write to you to find out whether
 Complaints Officer will be         you are happy with the way we
 pleased to answer your questions   have dealt with it.
 on 01727 857536.

Do you have a concern or a complaint? • Do you have a conc
      Your complaint

      Please fill in this form and post it to our Complaints Officer at:
      Abbeyfield UK, Abbeyfield House, 53 Victoria St, St Albans,
      Hertfordshire AL1 3UW.


      Phone number:

      Address of house (if different from above):

cern or a complaint? • Do you have a concern or a complaint
 In the space below, please tell us about the service or event you are
 commenting on or complaining about, when the incident happened,
 who was involved and so on. Please provide as much information as
 possible to help us consider all the facts and respond quickly.

 If you agree to us sending a copy of this form to someone else who
 we think may be able to help sort out your complaint, please fill in
 their details below.


 Phone number:

 Your signature:                      Date:

Do you have a concern or a complaint? • Do you have a conc
    About Abbeyfield UK                 We practise equal opportunities
                                        and are open to everyone,
    We are committed to providing
                                        whatever their race, sex,
    the highest standards of housing,
                                        sexuality, religious belief or
    care and support for older people
                                        ethnic origin.
    aged over 55.
                                        We welcome applications for
    We welcome any comments or
                                        housing from people with
    feedback you have which will
    help us improve our services for
    residents.                          Please contact us to discuss your
                                        particular needs in more detail.

cern or a complaint? • Do you have a concern or a complaint
If you would like this document in
another format (for example in large
print, on audio tape or in Braille)
please contact us.

Abbeyfield UK, Abbeyfield House,
53 Victoria Street, St Albans, Herts AL1 3UW
Phone: 01727 857536 • Fax: 01727 846168 • www.abbeyfielduk.com
Registered Charity 200719 • Housing Corporation H4397 • Company 4699284

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