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					EPF BALANCE AND TRANSFER 1.1 The most frequent queries on EPF pertain to knowing the balance and delay in transfer of EPF account. This is to clarify the procedure for these two contingencies. At present there is no laid down uniform procedure to know the balance in one’s EPF account. Some EPF offices, however, in their websites have some provision for this. One may try one’s luck with these links. Sometimes they may work! (But all the offices are not adopting this method perhaps because it may lead to leak of this sensitive financial personal information to any unscrupulous elements which may somehow come to know about the exact number.) Other than this there is only one way to know your EPF balance. That is from your EPF Annual Account Statement – otherwise called ‘ accounts slip’. This will indicate your EPF balance as on 31st March of a year. If you want to know the balance as on any other date or if you are not fortunate enough to get the annual statement of accounts, you may have to keep your own records and compute. Perhaps you may file an application under RTI to get this info in one month. Secondly about transfers. Normally it may take about two months to transfer an account from one EPF office to another EPF office. The status of you application may be checked from the EPFO website – www.epfindia.com. In the same website there is link ‘customer service’. If you click on this you may file a grievance application on-line. Since this is monitored by the Central Provident Fund Commissioner, New Delhi , who controls all the EPF offices in India, your grievance stands a very good chance of getting redressed quickly.
Procedure for transfer of EPF account. [ATTACH]26[/ATTACH]

S.No. FORM No. PURPOSE SCHEME PROVISIONS 1. Form 13 (Revised) Application for seeking transfer of account by a member. Section 17-A of the Act/ Para 57 of EPFS, 52

A Provident Fund member, on leaving an establishment and joining another establishment (Whether the Act is applicable or not) can seek transfer of his Provident Fund balances to his new Provident Fund account opened in the transferee establishment. This application should be submitted through the present employer to the Regional Provident Fund

Commissioner concerned for effecting the transfer. The Regional Provident Fund Commissioner is required to effect the transfer within 30 days. A copy of the transfer certificate (Annexure K) will be sent to the member concerned. The member should also ensure that the amount transferred to his present account number is included in the Provident Fund Annual Statement of account of the year in which transfer was effected. Any delay in transfer of Provident Fund accounts should be brought to the notice of the Regional Provident Fund Commissioner concerned. The physical transfer of fund is allowed only in the case of Employees’ Provident Fund account. There is no physical transfer of funds in the case of the amount contributed towards the pension fund. The details of the membership under Pension Scheme are alone indicated in the Annexure K.

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