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									November Outreach Morsel 2009
Distributing WIC Calendars
The WIC 2010 Try Something New wall calendars in both English and Spanish are here!
You will be receiving them the first few weeks of November. Please distribute to staff,
participants (only one per household please) or partners---you choose!

Here are some ideas on how to distribute these calendars:
   • Award them to WIC staff! Consider attaching a kudos note thanking staff for all
     his/her hard work with Fresh Choices and/or Oregon WIC Listens.
   • Send one to your local physician with a partner outreach packet (see below for
     more information). Consider personalizing the outreach letter by thanking the
     physician for using of the new medical documentation form
   • Mail one to your local Head Start, Early Head Start or OSU Extension office
     along with a partner outreach packet
   • Give a handful to public health nurses to offer during home visits
   • Offer them to participants after a nutrition education class, at a health fair, after a
     certification visit or while handing out vouchers
   • Present one to your local immunization coordinator, family planning staff or
     other public health partner, just to name a few!

WIC partner outreach packet can include (but is not limited to):
   • Partner outreach letter (template letter included). Please personalize this letter by
     adding your name and contact information. Also consider adding local
     information---outreach events, participant success stories, or local WIC program
     and staff success stories
   • Outreach brochure dated 6/2009
   • 2008 Oregon WIC Annual Report

Please let Nhu or Jolene know if you have any thoughts on this outreach, 971-673-0050
or Jolene.mcgee@state.or.us. Enjoy your 2010 calendars!

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