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					air pollution

• Air pollution is caused by any undesirable substance. • Air pollution is a major problem in modern society. • Substances include various gases and tiny particles, or particulates that can harm human health and damage the environment. • Pollution occurs on different levels: personal, national, and global.

• Some pollutants come from natural sources: • Forest fires emit particulates, gases, and • VOCs (substances that vaporize into the atmosphere) • Volcanoes spew out sulfur dioxide and large amounts • of pulverized lava rock known as volcanic ash.

• Vehicle emissions, together with stationary and natural sources, are important in the formation of ground level ozone, which causes health damage as well as damage to vegetation and crops.

Main causes

• Rapid urbanization • Growing energy needs • Uncontrolled industrial growth • Increase in traffic

The major air pollutants

• • • • •

Carbon monoxide (CO) Nitrogen oxides (NOx) Sulfur dioxide (SO2) Lead (Pb) Acid rain

Carbon Monoxide

• Deadly gas • Colorless, odorless & tasteless gas • Causes headaches, death • Effects on plants

• Sources:
• Vehicles (plus others)

Nitrogen Oxides

• • • •

Reduce visibility Killing plant tissues Causing leaves to fall Damage fabrics & fade dyes High-temperature combustion

• Sources:

Sulfur dioxide

• Eye and lung irritation • Damage to limestone and concrete

• Sources:
• Sulfur in fuel is emitted as SO2

• Brain and kidney damage • Effects learning abilities • One sixth of inhaled lead contributes to poisoning • Children and pregnant women are most at risk • Sources: • Metals processing, battery mfr, etc

Ozone Layer
Protect the earth from sun’s harmful rays Ozone Hole: An area in ozone layer where the amount of ozone has been greatly reduced. Effects: • Skin cancer • Shortness of breath • Chest pain when inhaling deeply • coughing

Acid rain
• It occurs when moisture in the air interacts with nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide. • Acid rain pollutants fall as dew, drizzle, fog, snow or rain.

• Sources
• Factories, power plant & motor vehicles

Acid rain

Health effects

• World Health Organization states that 2.5 million people die each year due to air pollution, with 1.5 million of these deaths attributable to indoor air pollution. • Worldwide more deaths per year are linked to air pollution than to automobile accidents. • Air pollution causes death due to asthma, emphysema, lung & heart diseases and respiratory allergies. • These effects can result in medication use, increased doctors, emergency room visits, more hospital admissions, and pre-mature death.

Legal Solutions

• Legal incentives are the main cause of the decline of the air pollution.
Clean Air act (1963) : • It was the first of a series of acts and amendments that exerted increasing pressure on air pollution. NAAQS : • Established standards for various major pollutants such as carbon oxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, sulphur dioxide. PSI : • PSI (pollutant standard index) was used particularly in cities to monitor air quality.


• There is a lack of greenery in our cities, so we should grow plants & trees. • We should ban all those vehicles which are creating air pollution at larger scale. • All Factories & industrial units should be placed outside the cities • We should avoid using plastic bags because it contributes a lot in polluting the environment

If every one of us play a significant role in improving the quality of our surroundings, our environment can be as clean and clear like this.

Thanks for being with me

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