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					CUSS Application Certificate
International Air Transport Association Common Use Self Service Kiosk Airline Software Application Application Certificate Number AC-0000

Issued To

Virgin Atlantic Airways Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd The Office Crawley Business Quarter Manor Royal Crawley West Sussex, UK RH10 9NU


David P. Wilding Passenger IT Business Partner O2 – Airport Services Crawley Business Quarter, Manor Royal Crawley, West Sussex, UK RH10 9NU Phone +44 (0)1293 448406 e-mail

Software Vendor Application Name Release CUSS Version Supporting Documentation

Virgin Atlantic Airways VAA Cuss Application 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3 1.0 See attachment for details

The specified Airline Application has demonstrated correct performance of prescribed test procedures outlined in the IATA CUSS Self Certification Document and is hereby certified as compliant with the International Air Transport Association Recommended Practice for Common Use Self Service. This certificate authorizes the certified Airline Application to be identified as IATA CUSS compliant and to be implemented as part of an IATA Common Use Self Service system. Changes to this application software that are within the scope of the IATA CUSS Recommended Practice are authorized only if a Notice Of Revision is correctly processed and is maintained on file with this Airline Application Certificate. Implementation of any software changes without proper Notice Of Revision will void this certificate.

Application Owner

Certified By

Name David P. Wilding Phone +44 (0)1293 448406 E-Mail

Signature Date

Attachment to VS CUSS Application Certification document: Certification was based on:  IATA Cuss manual and certification criteria as reference material  IER Application Acceptance Policy  IBM CUSS Integration test plan  VAA kiosk application test scripts Kiosk used:    IER 978B IBM N3 Kiosk IBM N4 Kiosk

Devices used at certification:  IER 978B  Card reader  Boarding pass printer  Passport reader IBM N3  Card reader  Boarding pass printer  Passport reader IBM N4  Card reader  Boarding pass printer  Passport reader



Platform Identification / Version:    IER CUSS Platform v1.1.2078 IBM CUSS Platform v1.1.2078 IBM CUSS Platform v1.1.2078

Conclusion: In compliance with the scope and definition of IATA CUSS application self-certification, the VAA CUSS application has been proven to comply with the requirements for self-certification.