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Introduction: Twitter is online service for microbloging or social networking .It provides the facility of sms or text about 140 characters long that enables you to broadcast short messages to your friends or followers. These small texts is called as tweets .Tweets are like status in Facebook or Orkut about what are you doing now or what is state of situation you found yourself. This way user can stay connected with his friends and dear ones. Facilities Provided by the Twitter: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Sign Up: Find People: Following: Follower: Update: Direct Messages: Reply: Retweet: RSS Feeds: Report Spam: Block user: Mobile Accesses Star Tweet List

Sign Up: To enable the service person has to first register with the twitter web site. Create the profile with unique user name. User name is used as the identity of user on twitter by other user to find them. Find people: Can able to Search the other user in the Twitter. Following: Search the people on the twitter add them in following list. These are the user who’s updates or tweets will appears on the home page of the user. No need to have mutual agreements between the user and following user .User can follow any body. Followers:

The people who search the user and add him for following will appear on the follower list. Any updates by the user will appear on the follower home page. Update: Update will be posted by the user on his home page will be appears on followers home page. By defaults these will public i.e any user which is not in follower list can able to see the updates by visiting the follower profile page. These can be made private i.e. just for the followers to see the updates.

Direct Messages: User can able to send the direct message to his follower .These are the private messages for intended follower only .No other person can able to see these.

Reply: Can reply to the any tweets/update. These are also public by default; have to make private for intended user.

Retweet: These are the updates of others which can be reposted .It will appear on our follower page as ours.

Star Tweet/My Favorites: User can able make his favorites tweet /update which he likes by click on star.

List: Can organize the people you follow in one group. So that tracks the updates of the following in one place. It is not necessary that the user should be in your following list. Can also follow other users list as follower. Block User: User can block any one who is following him if he wants. Blocked follower cannot receive his updates .Also blocked user can will not able to reply him. Report Spam:

If user thinks that follower is Spam, he can report it to twitter so that twitter will follow activities of the Spam .If reported spam follower will automatically get blocked.

RSS Feed: User Can also keep the track of all the updated from to whom he is following and any reply by followers by any of the RSS readers.

Mobile Accesses: User can also able to access his twitter account from hi/her mobile device, but first he/she has the registered through internet.

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