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SUGAR CREEK PTA NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 2009 De la oficina de la presidenta El mes de octubre es uno bien ocupado en la escuela. Nuestra escuela ha crecido. Dimos la bienvenida a muchos estudiantes nuevos, la mayoría de ellos como parte del programa bilingüe. Nos centraremos este año en el enriquecimiento cultural y el servicio a la comunidad escolar. Estamos planeando unos programas de música, pantomima, baile y hasta un evento de películas. Nuestro segundo objetivo es trabajar en el servicio a la comunidad escolar. Margaret Robords coordinará los programas de servicio, incluyendo las Escuelas de Esperanza (Schools of Hope), la campaña de recaudar chamarras/ chaquetas de invierno del Club de Kiwanis, la ayuda para los recreos dentro de la escuela, la ayuda durante la hora de almuerzo en la cafetería y una campaña de recaudar alimentos. Por favor, ayúdenos si pueda. La recaudación de fondos ya comenzó. La venta de la compañía de Innisbrook viene y como siempre, deben seguir comprando las tarjetas “Scrip” para usar en el supermercado Millers. Un porcentaje de las ventas va directamente al beneficio de la escuela. Les invitamos a que vengan a la próxima reunión de la PTA , el martes, 20 de octubre.

A Message from the PTA President
October is a busy month for PTA! Open House started the month with lots of families, food and fun. Thanks to all of the parents, teachers and staff who helped plan the event and work that night to make it a success. This year, our school looks very different. We have welcomed many new students, most of them through the bilingual program. We are glad to have them back. In light of this change, we will be focusing this year on enrichment and service. I hope the PTA will be able to provide many enrichment opportunities this year and bring all the kids in our school together for fun and learning. In the works are programs involving music, mimes and dancing. We are also working on an all school movie event. The second focus is service. We have lots of needs here at Sugar Creek and lots of families willing and able to help with those needs. Margaret Robords is the PTA Service Coordinator and will be working with Chris Mand and Todd Brunner to determine where help is needed most. This will likely include Schools of Hope, the Kiwanis Coat Drive, Indoor Recess, Lunchroom Assistance and a Food Drive. If you can volunteer to help with any of these things, please do. An hour or two a month makes a big difference. To help fund all the great events we have planned this year, we are in full swing fundraising. Our spirit sale just ended and I can’t wait to see the kids in their new Sugar Creek tie-dyes! We are also kicking off the Innisbrook Fundraiser. This has great wrapping paper and fun little gifts for the holidays. Our school makes a great profit on this sale so please participate as much as you can. Scrip and Millers cards are also a great deal and go a long way toward helping with fundraising efforts. Please support those if you can. The first PTA meeting of the year in September went very well. I was excited to see a lot of new members and the enthusiasm everyone brought to the table. Sugar Creek is lucky to have such a supportive body of parents and staff. The next meeting is Tuesday, October 20th in the LMC. I hope to see many more new faces then. In the meantime, if you would like to get involved, email me at or call me at 848-8534 and I will put you to work! Have a great month. Tess O’Brien

Next PTA meeting is Tuesday, October 20th at 7pm. Please join us!


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Fundraising News
Spirit Sale Our Spirit Sale was a big success! Thank you Sugar Creek! T-shirts will be sent home with students as soon as they arrive. Baggu Bags are still available for sale. Please contact Lisa Parry at 8484947 if you’d like to purchase a bag(s). The cost is $11.00 each. Remember Baggu Bags are made of 100% ripstop nylon so they dry quickly and are machine washable. This will make them perfect for toting wet snow clothes home from school this winter! Personalize your student’s Baggu by writing their name on a piece of ribbon and tying it to one handle. They also work great for carrying swimsuits & towels for swim lessons, packing sleepover gear, as well as showing your school pride when carrying your groceries and other purchases! Collection Fundraisers We are enrolled in two Terracycle collection brigades. What does this mean? Our school will receive $0.02 for every Capri Sun and Honest Kids juice pouches and Malt-O-Meal cereal bags you save and turn in at school. Several Milk Cap collection fundraisers also exist that we have enrolled in. Please save the following milk caps/bag tops and bring them into school: • • • Kwik Trip “Milk Moola” ($0.05) Swiss Valley “Cash for Caps” ($0.05) Foremost Farm “Kids Caps & Cash” ($0.05)

Noticias de los programas de recaudación de fondos

La venta “Spirit” fue un gran éxito. Si compraron playeras de la escuela, las mandaremos a casa tan pronto como lleguen. Todavía pueden comprar las bolsas “Baggu.” Si le gustaría comprar una de esas bolsas, por favor llame a Lisa Parry al 848-4947. Participaremos en algunos programas de recaudar fondos por medio de la colección de los envases de jugo de las marcas Capri Sun y Honest Kids, bolsas de cereal (Malt-omeal) y tapas de los envases de leche. Pronto armaremos un centro de colección cerca de las puertas principales de la escuela. Por favor, considere comprar unas tarjetas “Scrip” para usar en el supermercado Millers y otros negocios en el área. La escuela se beneficiará de un porcentaje de su compra.

We will have a new bin system soon for all our collection fundraisers just inside the central school doors soon. Scrip Program Please support Sugar Creek by purchasing Miller & Sons grocery gift cards through our scrip program. This is a wonderful opportunity to earn FREE CASH for Sugar Creek every time you grocery shop! Miller & Sons Supermarket will donate 5% of the value of the gift cards purchased through our program directly to Sugar Creek Elementary School. For example, if you buy $100 in gift cards for groceries through our program, Millers will donate $5 directly to our school and you receive the full value of the gift cards purchased. The program is offered once per month, with October orders due Friday, October 16th. Look in your Friday folders for the order forms or call/email Anne Veit with any questions (, ph: 845-1726).


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Fundraising News (Continued)
Innisbrook Innisbrook is our major fundraiser for the 2009-10 school year. We earn a 50% profit from all items purchased during our sale. The funds earned will be used to support our school in so many wonderful ways. As additional incentive this year, Mr. Brunner has also DARED us to meet our fundraising goal of $6,000. If we do, he will spend one school day working on the roof!!! That is something all our students will talk about for a long time to come! Enter your order today to help us get him up there! Also, after you enter orders totaling 10 or more items for your student/family, you will receive the enhanced version of the Jungle Scramble game, Monkey Mayhem. The games are educational and very fun to play! Gift wrap makes a great hostess gift for holiday parties, as well as fun teacher/staff gifts! Orders should be entered on-line by Monday, October 5th. All money must be turned into your student’s teacher by Friday, October 9th. Orders will be deleted if check(s) are not received by the 9th.

Noticias de los programas de recaudación de fondos La venta de Innisbrook está en progreso. Por favor, haga su pedido en línea antes del 5 de octubre y entregue su pago al maestro/a de su hijo/a no más tardar el 9 de octubre.

Imanes hechos por los alumnos de 3º grado Los estudiantes que cursen el 3º grado en la Escuela Primaria Sugar Creek han creado unos imanes artísticos que estarán a venta. Pronto los mandaremos a casa.

Coming Soon: 3rd Grade Magnets
To all 3rd Grade Families: This is to let you know that your child had created their very own Art Magnet in Mrs. Kruse Art Class. This large magnet created by your child will be sent home for you to review. At that time you will have the opportunity to purchase your child’s lovely magnet or returned it without obligation. Please watch for more information and details coming soon in your child’s Friday folder. If you have any questions please contact Kelly Gilboy at 845.2097. El Comité para el agradecimiento del personal de la escuela busca voluntarios El Comité para el agradecimiento del personal de la escuela necesita voluntarios para ayudar con: • • • • • Hacer pasteles/panes Preparar comida Hacer preparaciones antes del evento Servir la comida Limpiar después del evento

PTA Staff Appreciation: Volunteers Needed
We’re seeking additional volunteers to help out with upcoming Staff Appreciation events. Please consider sharing your talent for one or more of the following opportunities: baking, cooking, providing essentials, set up, serving, and clean-up. Our first event will be a brunch for the staff on October 28th, All Conference Day. We will also provide a pie day, soup luncheon, mid-year conference meal and end of year salad luncheon. Requests for volunteers throughout the year will be managed using a master list. You may participate in as few or as many events as you’d like. Please contact Kate Sebastian, 848-8484, to have your name added to the master list of volunteers.

El primer evento es un “brunch” (desayuno/ almuerzo) para el personal de la escuela el día del 28 de octubre. Por favor, comuníquese con Kate Sebastian al 848-8484 o por correo electrónico al, si desea ayudar.


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Keep Your Family Healthy This Flu Season
Fall is upon us! School is back in session, the leaves are changing colors and we’re starting to feel a chill in the air. Along with the cooler temperatures comes cold and flu season. In addition to the usual seasonal flu, this year we all need to be aware of the H1N1 flu (otherwise known as Swine flu.) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers a wealth of information about H1N1 prevention and treatment, including the following suggestions to help you and your family stay healthy: Stay informed. The CDC will continue to provide regular updates on their website ( as information becomes available. Take everyday actions to stay healthy: • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue in the trash after you use it. Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after you cough or sneeze. Alcohol-based hand cleaners are also effective. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Germs spread that way. Stay home if you get sick. CDC recommends that you stay home from work or school and limit contact with others to keep from infecting them.

Manténganse saludables durante la temporada de la influenza este año Manténganse al día con información de la influenza y la influenza H1N1. Vaya a la página web del centro de control de enfermedades (CDC) (http:// y a para aprender más sobre como cuidar a su familia para que no se enferme. Las dos páginas se consiguen en ingles y en español.


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Follow public health advice, regarding school closures, avoiding crowds and other social distancing measures. The CDC website is available in both English and Spanish. For those who may not have access to the Internet, there is also a toll-free telephone number available: 1800-CDC-INFO. Additional resources can be found at: – this helpful website provides one-stop access to U.S. Government
avian and pandemic flu information. This site is available in both English and Spanish.

Wisconsin Pandemic Influenza for Families – Provided by the Wisconsin Division of Public Health, the Wisconsin Pandemic Influenza Toolkit for Families is a resource to help you and your family in preparing for and responding to pandemic or seasonal influenza. This comprehensive resource is available online at: