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					Tucker High School Senior Newsletter
Semester 1, Issue 4 November 2, 2009

Georgia HOPE Scholarship Eligibility The Georgia HOPE Scholarship requires a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) in core courses. These courses include those that count as core requirements and those that count as core electives (English, math, science, social studies, and foreign language). The GPA utilized to determine HOPE eligibility is calculated by the Georgia Student Finance Commission and may differ from the grade point average calculated by the DeKalb County School System. The grade point average listed on the DeKalb County transcript is not the HOPE eligible grade point average. Georgia HOPE Grant Eligibility The Georgia HOPE Grant is for students enrolling in certificate or diploma programs at public colleges or technical colleges and covers tuition, HOPE-approved mandatory fees, and a book allowance of up to $300 per academic year. You must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress according to the technical school or college’s policy to maintain eligibility. All of the Technical College System of Georgia and many of the Private and Proprietary Georgia Colleges are eligible for the HOPE program. Please see the listing of eligible schools on the GAcollege411.org website.

All parents and students are encouraged to access GACollege411 (www.gacollege411.org) for more information regarding HOPE eligibility requirements and courses included in the calculation of the grade point average utilized by the Georgia Student Finance Commission for eligibility. Your HOPE GPA will be available on this site in February.

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John Montgomery Belk Scholarship at Davidson College
Sponsored by Belk
Deadline: November 6, 2009
Requests to be nominated must be received by Nov. 6, 2009.

Oglethorpe University
Apply to Oglethorpe University by December 5, 2009 to be considered for Scholarships.

Scholarship Weekend Jan. 22-23, 2010
Oglethorpe James Edward Oglethorpe Scholarship, Georgia Shakespeare Scholarship, Civic Engagement Scholarship. For more information concerning scholarships, application procedures and deadlines, please contac6t the Office of Admissions at 1-800-428-4484 or email admissions@oglethorpe.edu or visit www.oglethorpe.edu.

Description: Ten Belk Scholars will be chosen in Davidson’s Class of 2014 to receive an annually renewable scholarship equivalent to the college’s fees. In addition, each scholar receives 2 summer stipends (up to $3,000 per stipend) to pursue international study and other enrichment opportunities. How to apply: Apply for admissions to Davidson College and submit a teacher recommendation highlighting your integrity, intellectual ability, global awareness and leadership potential to the Head Counselor by the deadline.

LA-STEM Research Scholars
Sponsored by Louisiana State University
Deadline: November 15, 2009
Applications must be received on or before November 15, 2009.

BigSun Scholarship
Sponsored by BigSun Atheltics
Deadline: June 24, 2010

Description: Louisiana science, technology, engineering and Mathematics research scholars are valued at up to $11,500 per year for four years. For more information visit www.lsu.edu/lastem. How to apply: See your counselor for a nomination form before 11/15/2009 and apply to LSU by 12/15/2009.


All student athletes are eligible regardless

of the sport they are engaged in. The student must be a high school senior or be attending a post secondary institute. Several $500 awards will be given.

How to apply: Please send us a short essay answering the
following question: How has your participation in sports affected the person you are becoming? All essay submissions should be sent to:

Abbott & Fenner Scholarship
Sponsored by Abbott & Fenner Business Consultants
Deadline: June 15, 2010

Description: AWARD VALUE: $1,000 • The A&F Scholarships are available to all high school juniors and seniors as well as all students currently registered in any accredited post secondary institution.
How to apply: To apply for this scholarship you will need to write an essay on the topic below. The essay should be between 500 and 1000 words. Your submissions must be sent to us by email at: scholarships@abbottandfenner.com • What do you see as the long term impact of our current recession on the average family? How might it affect their future decisions?


Jacksonville State University Preview Day

November 14, 2009
For sophomores, juniors, seniors and their families. Activities begin at 9:00am ending with complimentary www.jsu.edu football tickets. Visit www.jsu.edu for more information.

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The G. Wayne Clough Georgia Tech Promise Scholarship
Sponsored by Georgia Tech Description: Under the Tech Promise the following criteria is needed to receive a debt-free Georgia Tech education: Legal Georgia resident, pursuing a first undergraduate degree, eligible for federal student financial aid, is a dependent student whose family income is less than $33,300 total and meet Georgia Tech enrollment requirements. Visit www.promise.gatech.edu for more information.

MetroPCS Community Scholars
Sponsored by MetroPCS
Deadline: November 25, 2009
Applications must be postmarked on or before November 25, 2009.

Description: Open to high school seniors planning to enroll in a full-time undergraduate course of study at an accredited two or four-year, college or university with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. Metro PCS will be awarding $2,500 scholarships and there will be one $25,000 national scholarship winner. How to apply: Interested students may pick up application in the counseling office or online at www.metropcs.com/scholarship. Mail the application with a current transcript.

KFC Colonel’s Scholars Program
Sponsored by Kentucky Fried Chicken Foundation
Deadline: February 10, 2010
Applications must be received on or before February 10, 2010.

Comcast Leaders & Achievers
Sponsored by Comcast Foundation
Deadline: November 25, 2009

Description: This program is dedicated to assisting students with financial need who plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree at a public institution within their legal state of residence. To qualify, a student must be a graduating from high school this academic yr, maintaining a 2.75 or higher GPA, enrolling in a public, in-state college or university, pursuing a bachelor’s degree and a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. How to apply: Applications will be available online from December 1, 2009 to February 10, 2010 at www.kfcscholars.org for more information and to apply online.

Description: Each school may nominate only one senior to receive a one-time grant of $1,000. The student must have a GPA of 2.8 or higher, demonstrate leadership abilities and involvement in community service. How to apply: See your counselor for nomination information.

Project Uplift
Sponsored by Kappa Alpha Alpha Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc Decatur, GA
Deadline: November 13, 2009
Applications must be received on or before November 13, 2009.

Tuskegee University Open House

Description: Each year the Chapter awards scholarships to an African-american male senior of $250 Book Scholarship and the National Award of $2,000. How to apply: Submit an essay on “How has President Obama influenced your career goals and aspirations?”. Essay must be 700-750 words and have the application attached. Applications are on the Tucker website and must be sent to: Mr. Greg Davis, Achievement Week Committee P.O. Box 360260 Decatur, GA 30032 or by email Greg.davis@gatrans.com.

November 14, 2009
For more information contact admissions at 1-800-622www.tuckegee.edu/admissions or 1-800-622-6531

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Want To Know How To Get Money For College?
Attend Tucker High School’s

F in a n c ia l A id N ig h t
Thursday, December 10, 2009 6pm @ Tucker High School Cafeteria
Seniors, and Parents… …
this s, D on’t m iss t his great opportunity to get info about the H OPE program s , FA FSA , and basic financial aid inform ation.
Presentation” “ This is a Tucker H igh School Counseling O ffice Presentation ”
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The Principal’s Leadership Award
Sponsored by Herff Jones and the National Association of Secondary School Principals
Deadline: November 27, 2009
Requests for nomination must be received no later than 11/27/2009.

Suntrust Scholarship Sweepstakes
Sponsored by SunTrust Bank
Deadline: May 14, 2010
First drawing will be held on October 30, 2009.

Description: Nominees should be in the top 20% of their class and demonstrate leadership. Scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $12,000 will be awarded to 100 outstanding seniors from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. How to apply: Visit www.princeton.edu/PrincetonPrize for more information and to request a nomination see the senior counselor or principal.

Description: High school seniors can win a $1,000 scholarship for the first year expenses at an accredited college or private career school. One winner will be chosen every two weeks from October 30, 2009 through May 14, 2010. How to apply: Visit www.offtocollege.info or www.suntrusteducation.com.

Georgia Southern University Honors Program & Scholarships
Sponsored by Georgia Southern Description: Several scholarships are available to students applying to Georgia Southern. The various scholarships have different deadlines and requirements. Visit www.georgiasouthern.edu for more information and applications.

Earning Plus Learning for High School Seniors
Sponsored by Local Kroger
Deadline: February 1, 2010

Description: Kroger wants to see how high school seniors are staying “Active” this year. Seniors must submit creative displays of how they have been activeacademically, physically and within their community-in keeping with this year’s theme “Active! Mind.Body.Community.” Submissions can be in the form of a scrapbook, photos, videos, essays, student drawings, newspaper clippings, and more. Entries will also require high school seniors to meet the following requirements: 3.0 or higher GPA, U.S. Citizen or permanent legal resident of the U.S., be pursuing continued education from an accredited two or four year college, university, technical or trade school. How to apply: Applications are available in the counseling section of the web or you may visit www.krogerearningpluslearning.com. Entries must be received by Kroger Co. before February 1, 2010 to be eligible.

The Princeton Prize in Race Relations
Sponsored by Princeton University
Deadline: January 31, 2010
Applications must be received on or before January 31, 2010.

Description: If you are a high school student involved in an activity that is helping to improve race relations in your school or community, this opportunity is for you to receive cash awards of up to $1,000. How to apply: Visit www.princeton.edu/PrincetonPrize for more information and to apply or get an application from the counseling office.

Trustee Scholarship Competition
Sponsored by Boston College Description: Several scholarships are available to students applying to Boston University. The scholarship is a 4-year full-tuition award to BU. Visit www.bu.edu/admissions/trustee for more information and applications.
Deadline: December 1, 2009

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recommendations. Ten school days are required for counselor recommendations If you fail to allow adequate time, we cannot guarantee your recommendation will be done by the deadline, so don’t delay starting your college applications. After you have completed your apps, stop by counseling to have your official transcripts sent: How to-1. Complete transcript request form, 2. Address the envelope, 3. Place two (2) stamps on the envelope. Transcripts are processed within two days from receipt of the request and stamped envelope. requests. Do Not submit any online recommendation requests Counselor recommendations will only be completed on printed forms or in the form of a letter when submitted with the appropriate transcript request form and stamped envelope.

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Tips for a Successful College Admission Interview

Before the interview

Before the Interview

• Practice. Ask parents, counselors, or fellow students to interview you and give feedback. This is the very best way to increase your confidence and improve the way you present yourself. • Record yourself giving a mock interview. Watch it to see what impression you give. Look for these pitfalls: o o o o Overusing “like,” “you know,” and slang Avoiding eye contact, mumbling, and slouching Giving yes or no answers, or rambling on with no focus Talking too fast or loud, or using way too much (or too little) body language

• Think about how you would answer some common interview questions. Don’t memorize a speech, but have some idea of how you would answer questions like these:
◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦

Why do you want to attend this university? What is your strongest/weakest point? What have you done to prepare for college? What has been your best experience in high school? Your biggest challenge? What are your future plans? Tell me about yourself. (To answer this, students should focus on about three things.) Tell me about your interests. Tell me about your family. What do you think about such and such current event? What is your favorite book or author? What are you the most proud of?

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During the interview During the Interview

• Conduct yourself appropriately. Be clean, neat, and respectful. Don’t use offensive language or make off-color jokes. Use “Mr.” or “Ms.” when you address adults, unless you are invited to use a first name. Make eye contact, smile, stand or sit up straight, and give a firm handshake. And be on time! • Try to make it a two-way conversation. Express an interest in the interviewer and the school. Don’t recite a monologue about yourself. Take pauses to allow the interviewer to respond. • Ask questions about the institution. This really is your chance to get the inside scoop on the school, especially if the interviewer is an alumnus. And ask about the things you most care about, for example: What’s the town like? How about dorm life? The academic load? Are the professors accessible and friendly? What is the best thing about the school? Is there a club or activity the interviewer recommends? • Focus on a few key points (interests, achievements, or personal strengths) that you feel comfortable talking about. Avoid speaking in vague generalizations or giving your complete autobiography. • Be positive. Be upbeat about your accomplishments and your future. Don’t dwell on insecurities, problems, or complaints. If you do describe a bad time in your life, for example, to help explain a drop in grades, put it in perspective. The interviewer is not your therapist. • Be yourself. Tell the truth and be sincere rather than trying to guess what the interviewer wants to hear. Teenagers aren’t expected to have all the answers. For example, if you’re asked about your planned major but don’t have a specific one in mind, a good response is, “I’m really not sure at this point. But what I’ve enjoyed most in high school is . . .” After the interview After the Interview

• Send a thank-you note to the interviewer. Say that it was a pleasure to meet him, thank him for his time, and reiterate your interest in his institution. • Don’t worry. You’re probably your own worst critic. No need to obsessively relive your performance. Remember that interviewers remember your overall impression. They are looking for students with the background and self-possession to do well at their school.

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