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									Newsletter Date 10 Nov 2009

Terrace Power and Sail Squadron

Volume 9 Issue 2
Safe Boating through Education

Safe Boating through Education

Past Commander Mike Graham 638 1347 Commander Ron Anderson 635 3189 Executive Officer Gerald Mitchell 635 4526 Secretary Carol Schmidt 635 4526 Treasurer Catherine McRae 635 3538 Public Relations Mike Graham 638 1347 Marep Kelly Francis 635 6696 Membership Carol Schmidt 635 4526 Training Officer Dominic Ignas 615 2012 Training Assistant Mike Sheasgreen 635 2900 Social Josette Graham 638 1347 Supply Functions Mike Graham 638 1347 Historian Dave Newman 635 5266 Webmaster Erich Streckenbach 635 6252 Web Site Also you can get to the website from links at National and Provincial sites.

Coming Events: Annual General Meeting Nov 28, 2009 at the Northern Motor Inn at 18:00 with Dinner and meeting to follow.
General Meeting
Please note calling committee will be calling you regarding your RSVP for the dinner. If you have not received a call please call Mike Graham so that planning can take place. As in the past, we will be ordering from the restaurant menu. Friends are welcome also. The evening’s events will include reports from the Bridge members and news about upcoming events.

The Boat Pro course will be on Nov 13 & 14.

Maritime Radio and BOAT PRO
Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about our upcoming courses: Boating Course scheduled for Jan 11-Mar 24, 2010 (one day per week) Maritime Radio scheduled for March 29, 30 and April 1, 2010. Boat Pro scheduled for April 17 & 18, 2010

New Terrace Squadron member
photo contest will be ending Nov 9, 2009. Ensure you have entered . Prizes to be awarded at the Nov 2009 meeting.

As of September 15, 2009 all operators of pleasure craft fitted with a motor and used for recreational purposes will require a PCOC.
Note for the upcoming boating season the Terrace Squadron has a new hot mail address . Squadron Burgees, decals and hats are available. Contact Mike for information.

Copy of newsletter in colour is available for reading on the Terrace Squadron web site.

Kommander’s Korner
Comanders Report Nov 6, 2009 This is the 1st report in the 4 th year as commander. Need a replacement. Recap of the Year. May 1 AGM attended by Dave Peebles from PMD. About 30 members attended. Had a very good presentation from Shane Neifer of Work Safe B.C. he stressed wearing lifejackets and had good examples of why. Merit marks and Membership certificates presented. Dave Peebles stated that CPS is #1 Safe Boating organization in the world. Larger than USA counterpart with best volunteers and worth getting involved. All Squadrons are having trouble replacing Bridge positions. Some squadrons have folded. We need you to step forward!!! Frazer Earl is our newly approved Registered Examiner/Trainer on the Queen Charlottes (Marine Radio ROCM-DSC) June 7th was our picnic and training at Furlong Bay Camp ground. It incorporated Safe Boating week. Mike Graham handed out many self check forms at the boat launch. He even scared off one( non compliance boater?) as he must have thought Mike was an official and that was handing out fines. Didn’t have the fire extinguisher demo as the local fire dept was getting ready for the impending flood. Handed out safe boating material and talked to a lot of the public. Gave out 60 hamburgers and 48 hot dogs. No charge donation only. Did okay as we ended up with a profit of $14.65 The parks branch were very pleased and we are welcome anytime. Thanks to non member Russ Seltenrich for cooking for us. He has the “Cook it right certificate”. Kinsmen River Boat raffle was won by Mr.Azak in Aiyansh which included a boating course supplied by the squadron. He will do some on his own and write exams here. Entered the River Boat Parade with a borrowed boat from Neid Enterprises. They support us. I did a Boat Pro course for my neighbours in Sept.(14 out of the 15 passed. )It was a panic as they wanted to go hunting after Sept 15 th . Have a course at the NWCC on Nov.13-14. Please feel free to come out and proctor and refresh your memory. Kelly and I, joined in on the Rotary club on River Clean up day Sunday Oct 11th with Kelly’s boat. Very little garbage this year. People are getting better but did recover a sunken/wrecked boat. Stern and motor are missing. Dominic is working hard on the legals for the Kalum Boat Launch. He will report on it but be prepared for some work in the spring. Robin Pasacreta has moved south leaving Dominic, Mike S and I taking over his training duties. I made an informal presentation to Robin with a hat, burgee, and his merit marks when he was up winterizing his boat and thanked him for his involvement. I have been getting lots of requests for PCOC training for the first nations. Will do some in the spring. We donated a Boating Course to the Rotary for their Rotary Auction this weekend. Try and support them if you can. Did everyone forget about the photo contest? Have few entries. Winners will be announced at the General meeting. Good prizes. Please attend the General Meeting Nov 28 @the Northern Motor Inn. Someone will call but you can confirm with any bridge member. Santa Claus parade is also coming up. We would like your help in decorating the boat for the parade.

Please consider becoming a member of the bridge. All it takes is a commitment to help. All of us that started 9 years ago had no experience so it is not difficult. We need you as we are all getting old and tired!!!

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Riverboat Days Parade 2009 thanks to Neids for donating use of their boat.

Winter Layup checks. All the clamps, zincs, hoses, rubber outdrive bellows etc should be checked. Props check for damage. Hull check through hull fittings. This will give you time to scout for parts befor the next season starts. Check hull for stress cracks, blisters, distortion etc. Check cables, wiring, battery terminals, battery charge. Fuel stabilizer in the fuel tanks. Make sure your water tanks are inspected and winterized. Pull all the old food out of the cabinets to keep mice etc out. Photo Contest. Photo Contest closed on Nov 9 with judging to take place shortly thereafter. The winners will be announced at the general meeting Nov 28.

Boat Insurance. Everyone should make sure they have liability (protection and indemnity) coverage for at least
$1Million. If the policy only has property coverage the policy would not respond for damage to someone else's boat. Below is a typical wording from a marine insurer. Resulting pollution clean up is covered as long a you are legally liable for the damage. PROTECTION AND INDEMNITY INSURANCE

 Under this section we will reimburse you if you become legally liable for damages arising from the ownership or use of the   vessel for:   1. bodily injury or death;   2. property damages including collision damages with another vessel;   3. costs that result from the attempted or actual raising, removal or destruction of the wreck of your vessel if required by law;   4. the rescue of you, your passengers and members of your volunteer crew;   5. sudden and accidental discharging or releasing of any fuel, chemicals, waste or other pollutants from the vessel.   Payment for Losses: Regardless of the number of insured persons the most we will pay for any losses arising out of any one   accident or occurrence caused by the same event is the amount indicated on the Policy Declaration Page.   Claims That Are Not Covered: We will not cover you for:   1. any liability assumed under any contract or agreement;   2. any liability, fee or cost or any act whatsoever that might be construed as an admission of liability;   3. any liability for bodily injury or property damage intentionally caused;   4. any liability for bodily injury to yourself;   5. any liability for damage to property owned, leased, rented or operated by you, or in your care, custody and control ;   6. any liability for bodily injury to or the death of workers, or bodily injury to or death of persons employed in any capacity   whatsoever by you on or about or in connection with the vessel or other scheduled item, if benefits are required or   available under a workers compensation law;   7. any fine or other penalty which any government body requires you to pay;   8. any liability arising out of the ownership or use of any trailer even if the trailer is shown on the Policy Declaration Page;   9. any liability arising from any incident unless notice in writing is given forthwith by you after you first learn of any such   incident.   10. liability to and of scuba divers whilst diving. 

Older boats typically need to have a survey done before the insurance company will provide coverage. If there has been a change in the value it is up to the insured to make sure they have a new survey completed to verify the value. The insurance company will only pay out the agreed value insured. Boats are insured to an agreed value unlike vehicles that are insured to the depreciated value. Bottom line is Ask your agent

about your coverage and see if that is acceptable to you.
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Trip of the Year. Robin Pasacreta here… thought I would let you know about an opportunity to sail the British Virgin Islands aboard a 41 foot yacht! I have chartered a 43 foot Beneteau monohull sailboat for the period noon November 14 thru noon December 13. This boat has 3 cabins each with its private head (toilet). This year, I have a block of time from about November 28 to December 13 where space is available. This creates an opportunity for others to participate in a fully flexible sailing adventure in the best cruising area in the world!
This year the fee will be $1000 (Canadian) per person per week. The actual amount charged is by day, (actually I count nights aboard…) and this daily rate is $140. The currency in the British Virgin Islands is the US dollar and the cost includes an estimate of the exchange but no additional money will be charged for that. (Canadian dollars are not easy to spend and lots of small bars and restaurants only use cash so I recommend that people bring US cash and travelers cheques for their own expenses.) Increasingly ATM machines are available in certain towns but not everywhere and it is not uncommon for them to be out of order for days at a time. Interac is best but most others can be found.

Contact Robin Pasacreta

Projects The squadron is looking at getting involved in fixing up a public boat launch near the north end of Kalum Lake. Dominic has met with MOT to submit application and with 16/37 to request project funding. Could have permit next week. Project located 2.18 km north of Maroon Creek. For more information contact Dominic Ignas or Ron Anderson. More info at the General Meeting. This is still ongoing with getting approvals.

There are a number of local merchants that are offering discounts to Terrace Power and Sail Squadron members. They are supporting us and please support them. Neid Enterprises Misty River Tackle

If shopping in Prince Rupert ask the merchants if they offer any discounts. Ken's Marine Northwest Sportsman Fishtails Command Marine- Kitimat Marine Plus in Prince George Fountain Tire Terrace Aqua Clear Bottlers

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