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November 2009 Volume 1, Issue 3 Susan Whittemore, Principal 885-5154 swhittemore@ssdvt.org

Health News - Mrs. Reeves
The second school based H1N1 immunization clinic will beheld on December 3, 2009 at Park Street School. This clinic is for children 9 and under who have already received one dose at the previous school based clinic only. Unfortunately it is necessary to limit participation to those children due to a limited supply of vaccine. If you no longer wish your child to have the second dose, you must notify us IN WRITING that your child will not be receiving it. There will not be any other registration/permission forms to fill out, as the first form provided consent for both doses. CHILDREN WHO WILL BE RECEIVING THE SECONDDOSE MUST BRING THE IMMUNIZATION CARD THAT WAS GIVEN TO EACH CHILD AT THE FIRSTCLINIC. The cards can be sent in to the health office on or before the date of the clinic. Call the health office with questions. With cold weather around the corner, please be aware that head lice season is also upon us. You are encouraged to make head checks a routine part of your child’s hygiene each time your child bathes or showers, or when brushing his/her hair. Those with long hair should keep it contained with braids or ponytails, and kids should be reminded not to share hats or combs. If live lice are found, treatment is required before returning to school. Please keep us informed of any issues your child may have so that we can do our best to stay ahead of this nuisance problem. Thanks in advance for helping. With cooler weather upon us, children need to dress appropriately for school. Please help children remember their outdoor clothes and sneakers each day.


Our families have been wonderful about following recommended guidelines for illness. The following reminder may be helpful to determine if your child should stay home from school: CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE SENT TO SCHOOL IF they have a temperature over 100 degrees, or if they have diarrhea or vomiting within 18hours before school. If they have a rash that may be contagious, or if they have been diagnosed with a bacterial illness such as pink eye or strep throat, they MUST have been on antibiotics for 24 hours before returning to school. They need rest to get better. If your child has a mild illness such as a head cold, they can attend school, but profuse runny noses and severe persistent coughs need to stay home. If a child needs to take prescription medicine at school, an adult must bring the medicine to school with a signed form from the doctor and parent, per district policy. TO STAY HEALTHY, REMEMBER THESE IMPORTANT TIPS: Hand washing: Remember, hand washing (using warm water and soap for at least one minute) is the single most important thing that can be done to prevent the spread of germs and disease! Breakfast: It is VERY important that your child start his/her day off with a nutritious breakfast. Remember, breakfast is available at school if circumstances do not permit eating at home. Research has proven that children are more successful learners when they have had a healthy breakfast. Rest: Children need 8-10 hours of sleep each night, even if they don’t think so! When sleeping, our bodies have the opportunity to heal, grow and prepare for the next day.

Upcoming Events

Apple Blossom Cotillion Children Elementary school children in grades Kindergarten through 4th are invited to participate in the 54th annual Apple Blossom Cotillion. These younger performers, always a real crowd pleaser, are introduced in couples, just like the high school participants and escorts, and they perform several singing and dancing numbers. The theme of this year’s Cotillion, which is on Friday and Saturday, April 30 and May 1, is “Summer Daze” featuring songs of summer. The directors of the Cotillion are Carrie Jewell and Pam Church. Applicants who submit a completed application by the due date of December 9 are eligible to participate unless the number of applicants exceeds the capacity of the production. In that case, a random public drawing will be held to determine the participants. “We encourage children to apply in couples – a girl and her male escort – just like the high school participants,” says Larry Kraft, Director of Springfield Hospital Foundation, and emcee of the Cotillion. “If a public drawing is held to determine participants,” Kraft explains, “preference will be given to children who apply as couples.” Parents who would like their children to participate may obtain an application form at the hospital’s website, www.springfieldhospital.org , or from Springfield Hospital Foundation, 885-7644, lkraft@springfieldhospital.org .

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Nov. 25-27 Thanksgiving Break Dec. 3 - 2 H1N1 Clinic Dec. 3 Elm PTO Meeting 6:00 Dec. 4 Picture Retakes Dec. 5 Breakfast with Santa 8:00-11:00 Dec. 16 Early Release 12:20

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Grade Level News

School Newsletter

Kindergarten News - Mrs. Post
In our continuing study of the forest, we have started learning a little about the animals who live there. We've made trips up to the forest up at the top of the hill beyond the playground, looked at the forest floor, and looked for living and dead trees (with holes that animals have made and used). We've examined pelts and skulls of many furbearing animals from a kit from the Vt. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife and have watched a puppet show about meat-eating and plant-eating animals. You might hear the song "Habitat, habitat" from our room, or "This Bark on Me is My Skin." We've

also left some Indian corn in the woods to see if any animals would eat it (they have!). Rick, the Clerk of the Works, has come to talk to us about various topics with the school construction such as how the workers stay safe, how they work in the winter, how they build with concrete block, and what the parts of the metal frame of the building are called. This week we have also met a rabbit puppet that pops out of a hat. He introduces "Magic C", so called because C can turn into other letters, such as O, G, and Q!

First Grade News - Mrs. Dexter
In the First Grade we have read some Thanksgiving stories and done some activities about our celebration of this national holiday today as well as a bit of the history about the first Thanksgiving. This year the children are very interested in the pilgrims long ago. We will be having a costumed speaker next week to help us learn about life long ago. We have made some beautiful place mats for the Elm Hill School


Thanksgiving feast and we are practicing a thankful poem that we will recite for everyone at the school feast. We made pilgrims out of geometric shapes to go along with our recent study of shapes in Math and we have learned several Thanksgiving songs and poems. This week we made cranberry relish for the school feast. We love to grind up those oranges and cranberries! It makes our room smell so yummy! tcarter@ssdvt.org Her class is learning conversational Spanish and practicing by conversing with each other and by playing BINGO games with the phrases they have learned. "No quiro ir a la tienda." They will be shaking heavy cream to make butter for the feast and making cranberry/orange bread from scratch.

2nd / 3rd Grade News - Mrs. Carter
T. Carter's 2nd/3rd graders are learning about dinosaurs. They are researching and writing reports about their adaptations, predators, prey, habitats and where their fossils were found. They were inspired by their trip with the first graders to the Montshire Museum to see the dinosaur exhibit. They got to touch an actual fossil there.

2nd / 3rd Grade News - Mr. Neronsky
What Would You Do? Our second and third graders have been studying the Pilgrims’ journey to the new world (America). They left King James’ England for religious freedom. Here are some facts you may not know about their journey. • • • • They actually went to Holland first for religious freedom. They lived there for 12 years. There were TWO ships (the Speedwell and the Mayflower) that sailed to the New World (America). The Speedwell sprang a leak and had to return to England. There were 32 children on the Mayflower. Two of them almost blew up the small ship by throwing a lit firecracker near some gunpowder kegs. The trip lasted 66 days. During the trip they wore the same clothes and ate the following food: hardtack (dried hard biscuit), moldy cheese, and salt horse (dried aged beef). • •


The ship ran out of drinking water so everyone, including the kids, drank beer and wine. Over half the Pilgrims did not survive that first winter.

The Kindred Spirits were adventurous and sampled the food (blue cheese, hard tack, and salt horse) the Pilgrim lived on during their long Atlantic voyage. Most of the kids liked the food but wouldn’t want it for 66 days. If you were a Pilgrim parent, would you want to put your family in danger for your religious freedom? Don’t forget, half of your family in America would have died from “fever” that first year. The kids are organizing a debate. The teams are: STAY in England and be safe but not free versus GOING to the New World to be free, but knowing many people in your family would not survive the first winter.

School Newsletter

Grade Level News
eankuda@ssdvt.org & Mrs.

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Fourth Grade News - Mrs. Ankuda
The students in Mrs. French and Mrs. Ankuda’s class have read, discussed and experimented on concepts around the survival of populations in an ecosystem. Using the scientific method, students planted bean, corn, barley and radish seeds to determine the effects of certain variables on the growth of their plants. Exposure to light

or dark environments and moist or wet soil content were isolated and tested. We have seen some interesting growth patterns and are recording data in charts. We hope to compare results with our predictions that were made and design a further investigation based on these results.

Fifth Grade News - Mrs. Fry
Each year, Mrs. Fry’s class at Elm Hill School raises money for charity. Funds are raised with bonus points - each worth a penny - earned with scholarship and good behavior. The class also has an annual raffle offering a hand-made afghan and other prizes. Since 2005, the class has raised over $2000 to donate to charities like The American Red Cross, T.A.R.P.S., Garden of Angels and The CJ Foundation for SIDS. Each of the students in class researches a charity and writes a persuasive piece that is presented to the class on Town Meeting Day. The class conducts a “Town Meeting” and votes to determine which charity will receive the funds raised that year. This year, the class will be researching charities and needs close to home. Maybe you can help us decide where to donate our funds. Please feel free to speak to one of the class or send your opinion to us at Elm Hill. We are looking for the answers to the following questions:



Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you to the PTO and everyone who helped to make our Thanksgiving Feast so enjoyable

Physical Education News - Ms. Cioffi jcioffi@ssdvt.org
It is the goal of Elm Hill Physical Education to expose each child to a variety of physical activities, in a non-threatening, yet individually challenging way. By introducing skills at the K-2 level, and reinforcing those skills at the 3-5 level, the optimal end result will be that students will find some type of activity that they enjoy and/or are proficient at performing. Blue 72! Blue 72! Hut, hut, hike! Football was a hit! All classes, at different developmental levels, have performed the duties of Quarterback, Running back, and Center. They also learned the terms and practiced the skills of hand offs, laterals, hiking, and running while protecting the ball. Students participated in Fitness Gram testing, which we call “assessments,” not “tests” as one does not pass or fail, it is simply a measure of where one is at this point in time. Congratulations to the “Golden Sneaker” recipients: Christian, Gillian G., Brandon F., Laken and Abby and the classes of Mrs. Fry (x2), Mr. Post, Mrs. Carter and Mrs. Ankuda.

We’re on the Web!
http://ehs.ssdvt.org New clubs are forming and brochures will be going home with students the week of November 16th. If you have a suggestion for a club please let us know and we will try to form this new club or make it happen! Upcoming clubs for December are Drama, Mad Science, Guitar, Cooking Fun, Video, Forest Detectives and hopefully more… watch for brochures! Clubs start November 30th and run until December 23rd, 2009. All day programming on November 25th for All-4One will be at Elm Hill School this time. Times are 6:30 am until 5:30 pm. If you are a current LEAPER there is no charge for this day, please sign up on the door of Room 121. If you are not a current LEAPER and want to attend please call 885-5154 ext. 2121 for more information. If you would like more information on any afterschool program please call 885-5154 ext 2121 and speak with Tami Stagner.

Elm Hill School 10 Hoover Street Springfield, VT 05156 Phone: 802-885-5154 Fax: 802-885-5159 E-mail: swhittemore@ssdvt.org or jspaulding@ssdvt.org

Springfield Wellness Committee
Your school wants your input regarding school nutrition. All interested school staff, students, teachers and parents are invited to join their school district’s nutrition committee. If you would like to have input and/ or have suggestions regarding school foods and the health of the school community, let your voice be heard. The Springfield Wellness Committee will meet on the following dates: Dec 10, 2009, February 18, and May 6. These meetings will be held 3:45-5:00 at Park Street School in room 209. Nancy Schaefer 30+5 Program Coordinator 365 Summer St Springfield Vermont 05156 802-885-2126 Ext: 206 nschaefer@svahec.org_



The Elm Hill students have been problem-solving, creating, and using their imaginations to complete fantastic works of art. The Kindergarteners are working on autumn leaf mobiles. The first grade students are finishing their farm animal masks and are looking forward to making their own Polar Express inspired trains made out of recycled materials. The second and third grade students are working hard to finish their “Who am I?” books and are looking forward to playing a “Who am I?” game with them very soon. The fourth grade students are putting the finishing touches on their individual community maps and are preparing to create a historical map/mural of Springfield inspired by the collage artist Romare Bearden. The fifth grade students are in the midst of completing their Admirable American portraits. Soon after completing the portraits, the students will be learning about the artistic style of Fauvism. Please visit the Elm Hill Arts website at http://elmhillarts.terapad.com/ to see student artwork and while you are visiting the website, don't forget to check out the Fun Art Links section to discover new artists and learn more about the visual arts. In addition, on December 21st at 6:30 PM the Art Department is presenting at the Springfield School District School Board Meeting. We will be discussing the importance of art education in the curriculum and its significance to the 21st century learning initiative. Even though the arts play a vital role in the cognitive development of our students, the arts are still one of the first programs to go when cuts are being made. Please come to show your support for the arts program, our students and their future.

Each week an energetic group from Elm Hill heads to Springweather Nature Area to do some running and walking as part of the Many Milers Program. The Elm Hill Many Milers group is a youth running/activity/nutrition program of RUN Vermont for kids grades 2-5. The program teaches kids how to set and achieve goals, builds self-esteem and educates about fitness and nutrition. Kids receive a logbook to track fitness and nutrition activities. The goal is to earn 26.2 miles or more. For every 10 miles earned, up to 70 miles, kids will receive a mileage incentive award. A special award will be given to those who complete 100 miles or more. The group hopes to attend several competitive running events before the program ends in May. The Elm Hill Mountain Biking club hopes to get one more session in before the weather turns wintry. This fall the group has been travelling the trails of Springweather Nature Area, enjoying the outdoors and practicing trail-riding skills. We have also explored local dirt roads. The group includes new riders and those with some riding experience, as well as some amazing dads! We will be starting again during mud season in the spring. Join us!