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									Senior Crew 2008-2009 Crew Syllabus
1) To fall deeper in love with Jesus Christ and the work of his Kingdom. 2) To become a servant-leader with clear ministry objectives. 3) To invest in and grow through a ministry community with Senior Crew members and adult leaders.

Schedule for Crew:
*Our first Crew meeting will be on August 13th, then our normal Crew schedule will begin on the 3rd of September.
September 3rd – Crew 10th – Crew 17th – Crew 24th – Crew October 1st – Crew 8th – No Crew, Fall Break 15th – Crew 22nd – Crew 29th – Crew November 5th – Crew 12th – Crew 19th – Crew 26th – No Crew, Thanksgiving break December 3rd – Crew 10th – Last Crew of 2008! January 7th – No Crew 14 th – Crew starts back 21 st - Crew 28h – Crew: Student Led February 4 th – Crew 11 th – No Crew 18 h – Crew 25th - Crew March 4th - Crew 11th - Crew 18 th – No Crew, Spring Break 25th - Crew April 1st - Crew 98h - Crew 15 th – Crew 22nd – Crew 29th – Last Crew

Time and Location: All Crew meetings are Wednesdays, 6:30 PM at the Lodge,
unless otherwise notified. NOTE: Crew is experiential learning, therefore, on some nights we will be taking field trips.

1) Crew members must be on time for every Crew meeting. 2) You must call Ken or Jake if you will be late or absent from a Crew meeting. ALL CREW MEMBERS CAN MISS NO MORE THAN 2 MEETINGS EACH SEMESTER. Each absence must be approved. 3) All Crew members will abide by Crew standards, and as brothers and sisters in Christ we will keep each other accountable at all times.

Prime Elements: Our meetings each week will have one or more of these elements:
1) 2) Fellowship/Adventure The Word/Prayer 3) 4) Training/Service Conflict / Resolution

Ministry Focus:
1. 2. 3. 4. Senior Crew members. A leadership role outside of Southwood. The Sunday evening Senior High-Life Meeting. Designated 9th and 10th grade students.

Life Goals:
1) To develop a mission statement for your ministry and life mission 2) To interpret scripture in order to teach others in a formal setting 3) To articulate the Gospel and Reformed Faith in a winsome manner 4) To practice silence and solitude along side of the other spiritual disciplines 5) To articulate your own strengths and weaknesses 6) To sharpen one another through encouragement / accountability, conflict / resolution 7) To grow in focus and maturity as you transition to college 8) To identify both Paul and Timothy in your life 9) To minister as an agent of transformation in a Peer environment 10) To build on the foundational goals and concepts of Junior Crew

Ideas and Theological Concepts:
1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) What are the differences between contemporary worldviews? What are the basic principles of Bible interpretation? What is the Gospel? Aspects of Salvation? Kingdom of God? What are the characteristics of a Presbyterian? What are the basic principles of peacemaking? How do we practice these principles? What does it mean to be a fully devoted follower of Jesus? What does it mean to make disciples?

Required Readings
1) The Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible, General Editor: Richard Pratt ($25, purchase from High-Life by August 13th and bring it to the first Crew meeting) 2) Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps, and Timelines, Rose Publishing ($20) 3) Essential Truths of the Christian Faith, by R.C. Sproul ($10) 4) The Attributes of God, by Arthur W. Pink ($7) 5) Worldviews: Think For Yourself About How We See God, by John M. Yeats and John Blasé ($9)

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