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Amazon Xmas Cash On Autopilot How To Make Hundreds Of Dollars Setting Up Simple One Page Sites On Complete Autopilot Imran Naseem – My Blog

Hello and welcome a special report on how you can use the power of Amazon and cash in and make money. Now if you are familiar with Affiliate Marketing or CPA Affiliate marketing then I am sure you have tried to promote a bunch of Clickbank products in the past and made a few sales – that is fine and can make you steady income if done right. However, this report is not on Clickbank or how to promote E-books. This report is simply a no fluff report on how you can promote physical products and make lots of commission. I mean let’s face it. Physical products have a much higher perceived value than intangible products such as an E-book. For example, take a look at these two products.

Iphone – Physical product has a much higher perceived value – My Blog

Gift Voucher

Gift Voucher – once used its perceived value goes

As you can see clearly from these two products the Iphone is a tangible product and its perceived value will always be there because of its quality. If you take a look at the Gift Voucher you should notice that although it is a tangible item (a product you can touch and feel) it becomes intangible and its perceived value goes once “it is used up”. The same principle can be applied online. For example, all you have to do is take a look at Ebay and you will see millions and millions of users are always buying and selling physical products. Now generally people are much more inclined to buy a physical product as opposed to anything else. For example, buying a car or booking an expensive holiday is an indication of a person’s decision. Person A would be happy to purchase a car because its value will always be there whereas; once a person returns from their holiday then the value disappears. – My Blog

Before I get into the meat of this report the first thing you should familiarise yourself is that you are not restricted to just one method of making money online. For example, when people talk about Affiliate Marketing the first thing that comes in their head is promoting Clickbank products or implementing CPA Affiliate marketing. However, there is more to Affiliate Marketing. The strategies I outline in this report can sky rocket your earnings on a monthly basis if you follow these steps. In this report I am going to talk about how you can utilise one of the most under used Affiliate programs on the Internet – Amazon and how you can create simple one paged websites and start cashing in. Niche Affiliate marketing has always been lucrative – especially for physical products. In this report I am going to give away one profitable niche which is simply going to blow you away – the competition for this niche is minimum and it is very very profitable. This is why I also intend to limit copies of this report. I discovered this niche whilst selling a few physical products on Ebay over the last month or so. Anyway, I am not going to bore you with a long history of Affiliate marketing nor am I going to give you any backend offers  However, I am going to ask you to sit comfortably and read this report. (Oh by the way I hope you like my new blog at  Anyway, I will see you on the other side! Enjoy the report! – My Blog

Getting Started Now the first thing to do is simply get started. So head over to Amazon Affiliate program If you are from the US then you simply head over to For the purposes of this report I am going to stick to UK as I reside in the UK. So what you need to do firstly is register on Amazon’s Affiliate Program.

Simply click on the “Join Now for FREE” link. Now the way Amazon’s Affiliate program works is pretty simple. Amazon provides you with several high quality Links and Banners. – My Blog

Amazon let’s you place their banners and links on your website – and if someone clicks on your Amazon link and makes a purchase - then you effectively make the commission. You make 10% of every sale that is generated from your site. So for example, let’s say someone bought an Iphone for $1000 from your website (through your Amazon link) – you will make $100 from the sale of the Iphone. Now let’s assume people are constantly making a purchase from through your affiliate link. So for example, if 4 different people bought an Iphone from your website then that is an easy $400 in your pocket  Next when trying to register you will be taken you a screen where you answer a series of questions. I am going to show you the step-by-step procedure in how to go about in getting accepted to Amazon’s Affiliate program. – My Blog

Now the first screen should basically include information about your website. So for example, if your website is on dogs then simply put down the title of your website. In this example I am going to use my Blog. Make sure you also select a relevant category for your website. – My Blog

Next you will be asked the type of Amazon items you “intend to list” on your website. Simple select the relevant one. For example, if your website is on sports equipment then simply select the “sports and outdoors” section. Next select the “type of site” – I always put down “content or niche website”. – My Blog

The next question will ask you how you intend to drive traffic to your website. (As you can see joining Amazon’s Affiliate program seems much easier than joining a CPA Network). I usually select Email and Forums. Answer the other questions on “building links” and the number of visitors your site receives – I always put down a figure from 501-5000. Once you have completed all the relevant questions Amazon will take usually 1-2 days to get back to you until they approve your Application. Once you are approved simply log in and start browsing their different links.

Simply click “Add Product Links now” and then you should be taken to another page that looks like this (see below). – My Blog

Here you can search for the different products you wish to promote and add on your website. Now before I go on to explain the most profitable products I am now going to take you how you can go about setting up your website in order to promote these products. – My Blog

Setting up your website You do not need to worry about any complex HTML coding or configuration. Simply head over to and create a free account.

Once you have registered simply log in to your account. Next you are going to create your Blog. – My Blog

Now for this example I am going to name my Blog “GHD Hair Straighteners”. As for the blog address you can choose to have a “keyword rich” BlogSpot name for now ~ (for search engine ranking purposes). However, Blogger also gives you the option to link your own domain name to your account. Once you have included your information simply click the continue button. – My Blog

Next simply select the template you would like to use on your page. For the purpose of this example I am going to use the Black theme.

Once your blog is created you will need to find a product on Amazon you wish to promote. So for example, in the case of this example we are going to be promoting “GHD Hair Straighteners” – My Blog

So head back to your Amazon Affiliate page and search for “GHD Hair Straighteners”

As you can see several products that are related to GHD Hair Straighteners appear on the Amazon search results. Now when deciding to promote the right one always make sure you look at the “Sales Rank”. Now in this case I have highlighted the product that is number 2 in it’s sales rank. The price is in pounds as I am using the UK Amazon Affiliate page. – My Blog

So if someone makes a purchase for £93.50 that means every sale made through my website can make me £9.35 (just over $20). This might not seem much but if 5-7 people make a purchase on my link a day then this figure adds up easily. The beauty of this method is that you can simply leave your blog on complete Autopilot and you can start making money. Once you have selected the type of product you wish to promote simply click the “Get Link” button. Next you will be taken to a screen that gives you the option to customise your link.

I would try to match my link to my blog. So for example, if your blog has a white background then you can try to blend in the ad with a white background. Once you have decided on the colour you need to simply paste the HTML code that is provided to you. – My Blog

So the next thing to do is head over to your Blog page. Now the first thing you will need to do is add some unique content. Make sure the content is unique – even if it is a paragraph. Here is an example I have already done for you. – My Blog

As you can see the ad is in the middle and the content is 100% unique and straight to the point. Make sure the content includes the main keywords that are being searched for on Google. I usually use Google Keyword Selector tool to see which keywords are being searched for. For example, here are all the keywords related to this niche that are currently being searched for a lot of times. – My Blog

As you can see here there are lots of different keywords you can target. Some have high competition whilst some have low competition. The aim is to use “Long-Tailed keywords” on your blog. So for example, we can see that the keyword “Cheap hair straighteners” is searched for just over 8100 times a month. Now let’s see the competition on Google and see how many people are competing for this keyword.

As you can see there are just over 3 million results for this keyword which means that competition is too high. However, we can use “Long Tailed Keywords” to narrow down this competition. So for example, an example of a long-tailed keyword is “tips on the best cheap hair straighteners” (Notice in our long tailed keyword we are still using our main keyword) – My Blog

Now let’s see the competition for our long tailed keyword. “Tips on the best cheap hair straighteners”

As you can see this time competition is low and therefore, if we include good content with this keyword in your website then you can have a good chance of being on the first page of Google and enjoy all the free organic traffic. Now going back to our website you can also have the option to blend in your ad. Here is an example I have already done. – My Blog

Either way it is entirely up to you as to if you want to blend your ad with your website background. I am now going to reveal my exact method of looking for killer niches and how you can virtually dominate any market 

I am also going to reveal a hot niche that you can dominate today. – My Blog

My Exact Strategy On How I Look For KILLER Niches
This strategy that I used has really helped me to look for killer “hot” niches that have virtually low competition. Now as explained earlier on in the report physical products always have a high perceived value as opposed to things like e-books and information digital products. People are most likely and willing to spend up to $2000 for a high quality physical product. So how do I look for these “hot” killer niches? Simple. I simply head over to Ebay Pulse and look for what people are searching for on Ebay. Now before you start shaking your head – remember this report is not on Ebay but this strategy can help you identify which product is “hot” right now. – My Blog

As you can see Ebay Pulse gives you a breakdown of the most popular searches right now. Now this is a very useful tool because it gives you an indication as to the type of things people are typing on Ebay. Now I am going to reveal to you my exact profitable niche. People are making a lot of money selling this physical product. This psychical product is called a “Cow Hide Rug”. For those of you who are not familiar with this here is a picture of a Cow Hide Rug.

Now because it is winter for these would be ideal for people to buy. According to Ebay Pulse cowhide rugs or “rugs” is searched for and is listed as one of the most searched terms. – My Blog

Now if we go onto Ebay you will see there are lots of people selling Cow Hide Rugs. Now as you can see considering this search term is being searched a lot of times there is still less competition for this – just look at the number of people selling this. There are just over 447 listings (at the time of writing this report). – My Blog

Now we are not going to be selling on Ebay but the purpose of this example was to show you the potential of this niche. Next head over to Google Keyword Selector tool – My Blog

Now as you can see here are all the different keywords that relate to the niche “cowhide rugs”. As you can see people are typing lots of different keywords in relation to this niche. Next head over to Google and look at the competition for this keyword. – My Blog

As you can see there are just 111,000 results for this keyword! This is excellent because there are not many websites competing for this keyword. Also notice the number of advertisers who are advertising for this keyword. Now you can focus on typing different long-tailed keywords. For example, The keyword “Cowhide rugs for sale” has less competition. – My Blog

As you can see there are just 22,000 results for this keyword!

Now type in “buy cowhide rugs” – My Blog

As you can see there are just over 115,000 results for this keyword! Now because we know that this is a profitable niche you need to head back to your website and add content in relation to cowhide rugs and different types of rugs in general. Make sure your content contains the main keywords that are being searched for. If you need a good high quality writer you can always contact Shana Adams from Warrior Forum – you can reach her on Now sticking to this niche example we are going to head back to Amazon Affiliate page and look for “cowhide rugs”. – My Blog

As you can see there are seven cow hide rug products. I have highlighted the high priced ones – the ones that would make me a lot of commission. Once you have selected the type of product you wish to promote click “get link”. – My Blog

Once you have customised the colours and your ad then simply add it to your blogger page. Now Blogger also gives you an option of registering your own domain name and link it to their site. So for example, if you registered a domain name called (which is available) at the time of writing this report then you can link it to your Blogger page. For more information about this go here 3 Now registering a keyword rich domain name would ensure you would be generating autopilot traffic to your website – the targeted the traffic, the more money you will make for your website. – My Blog

The purpose of this method is simply to set up lots of pages like these and leave them on complete autopilot. If you had 5 websites that made you $50 each from each site then that is $250 a day! Directing traffic to your websites There are lots of different ways to direct traffic to your website. One of my favourite tactics is to use the power of Gumtree Simply head over to the website and you will see lots of different categories.

Once you are on the website simply click “Post an Ad”. (Sticking to this example I am going to post an Ad for the “Cowhide Rugs”) – My Blog

Next you need to create your ad. Now make sure you choose a title that would be helpful in search engine rankings too. So in this case I have chosen “Buy Cowhide Rugs – Dirt cheap”. Next where it says price simply enter a price that you think this would be a rough estimate of the main product. And then simply enter the description making sure you keep it short and unique and straight to the point. Also make sure it does not sound spammy. The last thing you want is for your ad to be deleted. I would also recommend you use a picture for your ad as a picture can really help. Once you have filled all the relevant information simply click “post ad”. – My Blog

Gumtree also provides you with a unique Ad Reference number. In this case you can check the status of the Ad by entering this number on the search bar.

In this case as you can see the ad has gone live.

As you can see above the ad has gone live and the URL link is Clickable. This is good for search engine ranking purposes and it also means you have a FREE Backlink from this site. Not only are Gumtree ads well ranked on Google but your ad stays on the site for a period of up to a month before you can “bump” it. – My Blog

What is also interesting is that this same ad has ranked me on the first page of Google for the main keyword! (After a few hours) Here is the link. a=&aq=f&oq=

I am also on the first page for keyword “Buy Cowhide rugs”. This strategy is powerful. Imagine if you had 100 Backlinks pointing to your website for this keyword. This is autopilot traffic. Other ways to generate traffic to your website would be to use sites such as Stumbleupon and Digg to get quick links to your site. The more links you have the higher you will rank on the search engines. And if you have a good keyword rich domain – then that is even better! – My Blog

You can further increase traffic you to your website by submitting articles to good article directories. Now many people talk about Ezine Articles but I have had excellent results from the following article directories.

ArticleBase - GoArticles - ArticleDashBoard - There is also another way to generate good traffic to your website. This is by submitting a press release. I recommend using a free press release site and the best one which gets you on the first page of Google 90% of the time is Also using Youtube for your long tailed keyword would also work well. Video is hot right now and you have to take advantage of it. For example, if you type in the keyword “cowhide rugs” on Youtube you only get 14 videos! You can go out there and start dominating this niche  There are hundreds of profitable niches like this out there! – My Blog – My Blog

I hope you enjoyed this report. I always make sure I offer the highest quality reports. Once again I want to thank you for purchasing this report – I hope you take action and start making money. Set yourself a goal for 2010. Please visit my blog on and feel free to leave comments.

Imran Naseem