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									The Iowa School Nurse Newsletter
Formerly The Wellspring Quarterly Publication February 2008

The President’s Message
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Trisha Swartzendruber, RN, BSN, NCSN

I hope everyone is staying warm and keeping up with all of the coughing, sniffling, runny nosed children of Iowa. We have had some really wacky weather this winter; snow, wind, snow, cold, more snow, warm, some more snow, sleet, a little more snow, rain, still more snow, ice, and even more snow. It’s amazing how true the saying is “If you don’t like the weather in Iowa, wait 5 minutes and it will change.” Well, change it has and change it will and I can’t wait for it to change again to warm, sunny spring! So those of you that say you don’t like change… I guess you will be stuck in the piles of snow! Change is inevitable! And change is a process! I wrote last year at this time about changes in ISNO and since we are still changing, I am going to do it again. Jodie Sample has stepped down from co-membership chair as she is pursuing her Master Degree from U of I. We wish her well. We have had co-chairs for membership for 1 year now and it has worked wonderfully. Kathleen Osterman from Sibley will be taking Jodie’s place and joining Marilyn as co-membership chair. They will be contacting you about your membership throughout the year. (I will ask you again to help ISNO reach out to our members by encouraging you to share personal stories in yours or your colleague’s lives. You can contact one of the board members, your regional leader or Kathleen or Marilyn. ISNO wants to be there for you, to not only support you professionally but as a person also.) Deb Johnson has been the CEU chair for one year and has found that the job is getting more challenging as we offer more and more CEU’s. So we have welcomed Sally Immerfall from Cedar Rapids aboard to be a co-CEU chair. President’s message continued on page 2

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NASN Call for Nominations: 2008 Recognition and Distinguished Service Awards
Application Deadline March 1, 2008
For the application to nominate individuals or organizations for the Recognition and Distinguished Services Awards, please visit: x?tabid=97. Nominations must come from NASN Officers, Board Members, and/or NASN Members. All applications should be submitted to: NASN's Vice President, c/o the NASN Eastern Office, P.O. Box 1300, Scarborough, ME 04070

The President’s Message Continued…
The ISNO newsletter has been produced by Rachel Francios for the past two years. Rachel just had another baby and took a new position outside of school nursing, so has let the newsletter go. Karen Roode from Clinton will now be our newsletter editor. If you have an idea for a news article or would like to submit one, please contact Karen at It has been the past-president’s duty to collect, organize and maintain the historical documents of ISNO, including lists of officers, pictures, organization achievements, etc.. This task has been on the back burner for sometime. Marcia Lippert from Council Bluffs has volunteered to take on this task and will help us organize ISNO’s past! ISNO is looking to provide more opportunities and benefits for our members, so we have happily welcomed Amanda Herrmann from Albia as our Grant Coordinator. She will be taking a grant writing course and helping find and write grants for ISNO. Membership has been changing every month. Last year at this time, we were at 169, we are now at 211. That is a 20% increase in one year! However, with approximately 900 school nurses in Iowa, we have a long way to go, but we are definitely going in the right direction. Please help us welcome all of the new ISNO leaders. Thank you for your time and talents that you will be bringing to this great organization. Iowa is very lucky to have such amazing leaders in the profession of school nursing. So as the weather outside has changed yet again today, (now to sleet!) it reminds me of the ever-changing and growing needs of the students in Iowa. ISNO will continue to grow and change to continue to provide support to the school nurses across Iowa who meet the needs of our children. Thank you for providing such an incredible service and STAY WARM – soon the weather will change!

SAVE MONEY… Become An ISNO Member
If you are not an ISNO member and are interested in saving some money on your conference registration fees, go to to join today!


Asthma Inhalers
Andrea Hoffman, MPA, LBSW

hydrofluoroalkane (HFA) inhalers offer a safe and effective alternative propellant. Even though the chemical used to propel the medicine from the inhaler is changing, the medicine inside the inhaler is not. But there are some differences. For example, the spray force of the inhaler is different. The HFA inhaler spray will be less forceful than the CFC inhaler. A few differences and similarities between the inhalers are outlined below: o o o o Same? safe and effective for the same FDAapproved uses shape size convenience Different? o ozone-friendly o slightly different smell and taste o different cleaning and care needs

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have mandated that people in the United States stop using chlorofluorocarbon-based (CFC) asthma inhalers by December 31, 2008. CFC inhalers will not be produced or distributed after December 31, 2008. They will be replaced by the environmentally friendly hydrofluoroalkane (HFA) inhalers. For more information on the FDA mandate, go to difaqs.htm.

The new HFA inhaler may cost more. HFA inhaler manufacturers are offering patient-assistance programs to ensure that patients who cannot afford HFA inhalers can get them. For information contact: Schering-Plough’s SP Cares 1-800-656-9485, GlaxoSmithKline’s GSK For You 1-866-GSK-4YOU, or Ivax Consumer Hotline 1-305-5756000. Patients needing financial assistance can contact The Partnership for Prescription Assistance by calling 1-888477-2669 or visiting Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) have traditionally been used to propel the medicine in asthma inhalers into the lungs. CFCs have been removed from almost every product in the U.S. since 1978. CFCs harm the environment by reducing the ozone layer that surrounds and protects the earth against the sun’s harmful rays. Loss of ozone can increase the risk of skin cancer, cataracts, and other health problems. CFCs have been allowed for certain medical uses, such as asthma inhalers, until safe and effective alternatives were created. The Asthma requires daily management and focus. Asthma patients should talk with their doctors about asthma treatment plans and transitioning to an HFA inhaler. A new prescription from the doctor will be needed for an HFA inhaler.
For more information, please contact Andrea directly at:

Andrea Hoffman, MPA, LBSW
Iowa Asthma Program Iowa Department of Public Health Des Moines, Iowa 50319 515.281.4779


Promoting Healthy Minds In Healthy Bodies
This two day Spring Conference will be held on March 13-14 at Park Place Event Centre in Cedar Falls. The program is designed to offer educational opportunities to school nurses, nurse practitioners, community health nurses, and other professionals who work with children of all ages in the school or community setting. The topics presented offer updates and information on a variety of health and prevention issues prevailing in school health services. You may choose to attend one or both days of the conference. For more information, please visit the ISNO website at for the conference registration.

Outreach Report
Sandy Wells, RN, BSN, NCSN

The current Regional Leaders are listed below. If anyone in AEA 15 & 16 would be interested in the Regional Leader position, please contact Sandy Wells. One of the responsibilities of the Regional Leader is to send information to all school nurses in their area via email. If you are not receiving correspondence from your Regional Leader, please contact her immediately at the email or phone number listed below. The Regional Leaders continue to collect data from the school nurses in their area. Information they are requesting from school nurses is: AEA, School District, School Building, Name, Credentials, ISNO Member, School Address, City (School), State, Zip, School Phone/Cell Phone, Fax, School E-Mail, Home Address, City (home), State, Home Zip, Home Telephone, Home email, Preferred e-mail, Cell phone. If you have not provided this information to your Regional Leader, please contact her and provide the requested information. A list of School Nurse Resources will be posted on the ISNO website soon. It would be very beneficial for every school nurse to have access to these resources as recommended by other school nurses. You can help all Iowa School Nurses stay connected by contacting your Regional Leader with any questions, comments or concerns. With the new law of mandating a school nurse in every district, it is imperative that we support each other so that the school nurse does not feel alone in her school system and the best health care is given to our students.

AEA AEA 1 AEA 4 & 12 AEA 2, 6, & 7 AEA 8 AEA 9 AEA 10 AEA 11

AEA 13 AEA 14 AEA 15 & 16

ISNO REGIONAL LEADERS As of January 2008 NAME PHONE E-MAIL Sheila Knapp 563-744-3371 Jennifer Mars 800-572-5073 Angie Beenken 319-273-8250 Sandy Wells 712-288-6586 Kathy Andresen 563-326-8658 Susan Rumelhart 319-558-3473 Jean Phillips 515-242-7618 Barb Allen 515-986-9594 Melanie Hicklin 515-278-5553 Nancy Osborn 712-236-3106 Stacey Andresen Need volunteer

Time to Vote for new ISNO Leaders!
ISNO members watch for an email before March 1, 2008 to vote for President-Elect and Secretary. If you do not receive an e-mail with instructions for voting by March 1, 2008, please contact Sharon Yearous, or 319-5336290, so a paper ballot can be sent to you.

The President Elect’s Message
Tami Leavens, RN, MSN

I hope to see you all the ISNO Annual Spring Convention in Cedar Falls, Iowa on March 13th and 14th. The speakers and vendors are anxious to meet the school nurses and advocates of Iowa. If you have any questions or comments please contact me at Last year we strived to be invited to gain acceptance from the Iowa Department of Education at receiving entitlement to Teacher Compensation Pay. We succeeded, but we realize this is just one small step to reach the top floor. Nationalized testing is stressed and advocated in many professions. National testing is gaining attention in the media both of professionals and of our children. Becoming nationally certified is a personal decision at present, but it equals the playing field to school nurses throughout the nation. I can only stress the importance and need for gathering the knowledge and skills to attempt to take the NBSCN exam. Interested parties can link to the testing center at . The NBSCN exam is offered to school nurses throughout the country. If you ever attend a national convention, it is an honor to have the ribbon on your badge, most importantly it is an honor to your school, families, and other key players in Iowa, because it represents key professionalism and expertise. Note to test in the summer the registration deadline is 5/31/08. Computer testing is now set up on an individual basis, at a location of preference decided by the applicant. This spring we offered study sessions through IPTV via the ICN with fantastic turnouts. Stay tuned for future ISNO intentions to assist nurses. As we continue to grow we continually invite new ideas and appreciate any feedback.

ISNO Mission Statement
“The Iowa School Nurse Organization supports school nurses in the delivery of health services designed to improve the health and academic success of children.”


Giving Back to Our Members - $$$$
You may or may not know but ISNO has money to give back to ISNO members for various projects, education and legislative efforts. Research/Project Grants: ISNO has up to $500/year to be given away for a research project or some other project that you are doing in your schools. Look for the application process to be posted on the web page as soon as we get things in order. Professional Advancement Grant: ISNO has one $250 grant to be awarded for someone that is advancing their professionalism through CEU’s, higher education or national certification. Again look for the application process to be posted on the web page. Legislative Grant: ISNO would like to encourage our members to go to Des Moines to lobby or do other legislative efforts. We realize that many of your schools will not let you leave for a day to do this, so ISNO will pay for a sub for you for the day, so you can help advocate for school health. We have $500 set aside and these will be awarded on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested in any of theses, please contact the president, Trisha Swartzendruber, at

New: School Laws and Policies
Together with colleagues at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Division of Adolescent and School Health and Public Health Law Program, the Centers for Law and the Public's Health: A Collaborative at Johns Hopkins and Georgetown Universities is pleased to announce the publication of: A CDC Review of School Laws and Policies Concerning Child and Adolescent Health. Laws and policies are important tools that can be used to improve the health and safety of children and adolescents in schools. Education and public health leaders can use specific laws and policies to promote programs and strategies that foster an environment in which children and adolescents can thrive and learn. CDC's Division of Adolescent and School Health and Public Health Law Program engaged legal scholars and researchers at the Centers for Law and the Public's Health: A Collaborative, to review the use of law as a tool for improving and protecting the health and safety of children, adolescents, and staff in public elementary and secondary schools. The culmination of the project is an extensive report which uses a Coordinated School Health Program model as a framework to review critical laws and policies regarding the health of children and adolescents in schools. It is intended to help practitioners and policymakers in public health and education at the federal, state, and local levels enhance their knowledge of relevant laws and policies. The full report is published in the February 2008 issue of the Journal of School Health and is available for download from the American School Health Association website: Please also see CDC's website at, and the Centers' website at: ols for more information.

Information for this article was taken from the Iowa State Legislative website:


School Health Alert

Reflections on Learning and Leading
Sharon Yearours, PhD(c), ARNP, CPNP, NCSN Past President ISNO

As I finish my leadership as Past President for ISNO I want to reflect on my journey with you, my peers, who have supported my leadership and tirelessly and continuously advocate for the students in your schools. A lot has happened in the last six years and together, as an organization, we have made huge strides ahead for the profession of school nursing and children in Iowa. Learning and Leading Lesson #1: Get involved: I reflect back to the day in 2002 when Lois Pavelka (ISNO Past President at the time) called me and asked if I would be willing to run for President-Elect of ISNO. “Sure”, I responded. Little did I know what I was about to embark on. Learning and Leading Lesson #2: Learning curves expand your mind: I was inducted at the ISNO conference in Council Bluffs and over the course of the next year, 2002-2003, the learning curve was steep, but with great mentors I learned more about ISNO and developed passion for the leadership I had assumed. Learning and Leading Lesson #3: Learning is for your lifetime: The learning continued into my role as president. I was privileged to have a practice in school nursing that allowed variability with my clinic hours and therefore allowed me to attend several state level meetings and continually make ISNO visible. Learning and Leading Lesson #4: never underestimate the power of mentors: Throughout my role as president, there were always other ISNO leaders there to discuss questions with and share frustrations and joys. The past-president role led me into yet another new territory, the public policy arena. I would be the first to admit that I knew little about public policy and state government (never my favorite subject in school). Again with the guidance of mentors both in ISNO and from other organizations, I learned first hand how a bill becomes a law. All of this visibility and opportunity to demonstrate my leadership has now opened the opportunity for me to serve as a Commissioner on the Lt. Governor’s Commission on Wellness and Healthy Living. Learning and Leading Lesson #5: Find your passion and live it: It has been a remarkable experience and opportunity to serve ISNO. I believe in each of you and look forward to continuing my advocacy for children through the role of the school nurse.

A Free Resource
A free resource! School Health Alert recently launched a free weekly email newsletter as a complement to School Health Alert. It provides links to breaking news stories and events of interest to school nurses. To begin receiving this alert, simply follow these steps: (1) Go to (2) Click “sign up” at the bottom of the page. (3) Enter your email address, first name and zip code. That’s it! It’s that simple! You may opt out at any time, and your email address will not be provided to anyone else. You can call 866-370-7899 (toll free) if you have any questions.

Member Highlight
In each publication, an ISNO member will be highlighted. Information does not have to be detailed, but allows other members to be “introduced” to you. If you know someone to highlight, please send the contact information via email to the newsletter editor at Karen Roode: Currently I am a school nurse in the Clinton Community School District in Eastern Iowa. Over the past twelve years I have been the Neighborhood Nurse (high risk case manager) and then the school nurse in the same building. Over the years I have come to know the families very well and am now taking care of second generation students. Last year I joined ISNO. Being an ISNO member gives you great access to educational opportunities specifically designed for school nurses and support so that we may provide the best health care for school children to reach their academic potential. This is my first volunteer position with ISNO. As the new newsletter editor, you will see, I changed the format of the newsletter which will hopefully allow you to quickly scan the front page for an article. If you have any information you would like to see in the newsletter, or changes you would like, please contact me via email at .

Iowa Nurse Task Force
Kimberly Cisna, RN BSN

The charge of the Iowa Nursing Task Force as excerpted from Governor Culver’s Condition of the State: Let’s take up the challenge of making health care affordable and accessible to all Iowans…Let’s start with the people who take care of them, our nurses. It is time to get more nurses and to pay them better. The U.S. Department of Labor ranks Iowa as the 49th lowest paying state for registered nurses. This is unacceptable and we need to do something about it now! So, I’m appointing a task force to meet and make recommendations by March 1st on how we can best increase nurse’s pay and address the shortage. As a former nurse, Lt. Governor Judge is the perfect person to lead this effort, and she’s agreed to do so. The Lt. Governor opened the meeting of 30 distinguished nursing and health care leaders across Iowa attending. Lt. Governor Judge stated that a great deal of work has occurred to date utilizing preceding task force input, but stressed that a great deal remains to be completed, and in a very short time frame. This task force is to have completed its mission and submitted a final recommendation report to the governor by March 1st. Lt. Governor Judge laid out the charge by the governor and expanded it to include: Wages, Shortage, Education and Rural Nursing. Lt. Governor Judge discussed the scope of what is deliverablenot looking for more data, not looking for implementation plans, but looking for doable solutions and an outlining of the problem(s). Detailed organization and pre-planning were evident from the commencement of this meeting until completion. Specific time frames for continued meetings and consensus building occurred within sub-committees and the task force at large. ISNO representative, Kimberly Cisna, was placed by the Lt. Governor’s office, on the wages sub-committee. Lt. Governor Judge did challenge all task force partners to focus comprehensively on the four areas versus a singular minded approach to appointed subcommittees. Presenters and topics included in the Iowa Nurse Task Force meeting included: Current Nursing Data: Lorinda Inman of the Iowa Board of Nursing; Previous Nursing Shortage Task Force: Julie McMahon of the IA Department of Public Health; Current Education Picture: Lorinda Inman of IA BON/Uof I; Rural Nursing: Cheryll Jones of the Board of Public Health; Direct Care Workers Task Force: Julie McMahon of the IA DPH/DIA.

ISNO Board Members
President: Trisha Swartzendruber, RN, BSN, NCSN H: 319-365-1793 W: 319-558-2251 C: 319-721-6357 Past President: Sharon Yearous, PhD(c), ARNP, CPNP, NCSN H: 319-447-9683 W: 319-533-6290 President-elect: Tami Leavens, RN, BSN H: 563-243-4318 W: 563-243-0466 National Director: Patrice Lambert RN, MSN H: 563-852-7070 W: 563-552-3084 Secretary: Erica Luebbers, RN, BSN, NCSN H: 563-578-3440 W: 563-578-3354 Treasurer: Melanie Hicklin, MSN, ARNP, CFNP, NCSN H: 515-278-5553 W: 515-226-2634 Legislative Committee Chair: Barb Allen, RN, BSN, NCSN H: 515-986-9594 W: 515-986-0931 C: 515-577-2194 Outreach Committee Chair: Sandy Wells, RN, BSN, NCSN H: 712-288-6586 W: 712-732-8080

Membership Committee Co-Chair: Marilyn Knauss, RN H: 712-323-9600 W: 712-328-6481. Membership Committee Co-Chair: Kathleen Osterman H: 712-754-2542 W: 712-461-1779 Continuing Education Committee Co-Chair: Deb Johnson RN, BSN H: 319-832-1364 W: 319-447-3416 Continuing Education Committee Co-Chair: Sally Immerfall, RN, BSN, MEd, NCSN H: 319-377-9761 W: 319-558-1239 Public Relations Chair: Becky McKibben RN, BA H: 641- 752-2002 C: 641-751- 6949 Special Education Resource Nurse: Twyla Kleen RN, BBA, C, CRRN, CDDN H: 712-3354769 W: 712 299-2406 Historian: Marcia Lippert H: 712-322-1696 W: 712-487-3422 C: 402-490-8953 Grant Coordinator: Amanda Herrmann H: 641-932-7932 W: 641-777-1200 Newsletter Editor: Karen Roode, RN, BSN, MBA H: 563-522-2665 W: 563 -242-5546, ext. 1137


ISNO Financial Report
Checking Account Balance as of June 30, 2007 Income:

June 30, 2007 to December 31, 2007 $40,143.10

NASN/ISNO CEUs Interest Earned ISNO Conference – Spring 2007 Reimbursement – Marilyn Knauss (Spring Board meeting hotel) ISNO Clothing U of I – New School Nurse Conference
Total Income 1st Half (July-December) 2007: Expenses: $6,546.65

$3,459.00 $1,835.00 $7.90 $180.00 $51.36 $.00 $1,013.39

NASN Affiliate Dues INA dues Printing Newsletter Postage CEU Expenses National Directors 2007 NASN Conference Expenses Board Meeting Regional Leaders Expenses Conference Spring 2007 Conference – Spring 2008 Entertainment ISNO Clothing Web Page Expense US Bank – CD Investment #2 US Bank – Trish Swartzendruber, “Continue to Learn” – U of I Fall Conference 100 Great Nurses – Contribution

$100.00 $.00 $107.60 $.00 $16.40 $113.25 $2101.48 $1,705.27 $1361.13 $.00 $.00 $.00 $.00 $.00 $226.00 $5,000.00 $190.00 $100.00

2006-07 Financial Audit (Patty Jansen) Bank Charge for Intuit Software (ISNO checks) Total Expenses December 31, 2007: Checking Account Balance December 31, 2007: US Bank – Investment CD = $5,290.63 US Bank – Investment CD #2 = $5,000.00 Total ISNO Assets December 31, 2007:

$35.00 $78.88

$11,135.01 $35,554.74


***CD #3-964-0095-3974 matured on 9/9/05 – balance at maturity = $5,290.63 – renewed for another 25 months and next maturity date will be 10/9/08. Contact US Bank 24-Hour Banking for questions – 1-800872-2657. ****CD #396401868940 was purchased for $5,000.00 on July 19, 2007 for 20 months (matures on March 19, 2009) at an annual percentage yield of 5.20%. ***November 18, 2007 – sent the following NASN memberships obtained at the U of I Fall conference: Monica Tibben Lisa Miller Janie Neeley Suzanne Gettman Kathleen Beckman

*****On 11/18/2007 – paid $190.00 US Bank for Trish Swartzendruber for “Continue to Learn” – there is no receipt from Trish at this time to categorize this expense. *** This is for the U of I Fall 2007 Conference registration.

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