BUDGET UPDATE by byrnetown78


									                                   BUDGET UPDATE
                                                Azusa Unified School District
                                   December 17, 2009                                                         Issue 10

                                 Superintendent’s Message
        This last Sunday as I accompanied my 10 ½ year old son on our annual ritual to see Santa for what might be the
last time, I found myself contemplating the joys of childhood. There were so many mysteries, happy endings, myths and
wonders to completely immerse ourselves in when we were young. The sunny side of the street was always just around
the corner.
        In this second Budget Communication, as we approach the holidays, I pine for the days of our youth. I would love
to dwell in the illusion that Santa or Kris Kringle will leave a big red sack full of money on the doorstep of the District office.
I want to imagine that there will be a courageous and brilliant, publicly educated legislator that will ride in on a white horse
and save the day for all of the schools and students in the State of California. After all, how much more can we be
impacted and haven’t we been rescued before?
        Alas, I am forced, we are all forced, to focus on reality and strive to make the best of a sad and unprecedented
situation in public education. Nothing much has changed with regard to the District’s budget situation since the last com-
munication in October. The State however has indicated that they are at a greater deficit than initially reported with a $21
billion shortfall. We have no idea how this will impact school districts. We can only speculate while preparing ourselves
for what more may come our way in the form of budget reductions.
        The District and the Associations have all worked hard in negotiations to realistically address the budget cuts we
must face. We are intentionally in a much better place in our relationships than we were last year. We have all made very
conscientious efforts to be transparent, candid and focused in our conversations and in our work together.
        When we return from the holidays, all of the members of Superintendent’s Cabinet will be attending the
Governor’s Budget Workshop scheduled for the middle of January. The leadership of the Associations has been invited to
attend as well. While we all certainly hope for the best, the information is not expected to be the news we would wish it to
be. Rest assured that we will continue to provide you information pertaining to the budget as it comes forward.
        As we close out 2009 and the first half of the school year, I am so appreciative of the donations of supplies that
have been sent to our schools from the community. I am proud of all of the efforts made by all sites and all employees to
reduce costs as much as possible. And most of all, I am grateful for all of the efforts made every single day to give our
students a good education regardless of the budget situation.
        During this winter break, take time to enjoy family and friends. Replenish yourselves; read a book, go to a movie,
laugh and relax. Have a happy new year and I will see you in 2010!



                                         FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Q. If enrollment is down by 266, why did we hire Principals? Why couldn’t one or two schools share a Principal? There
has only been 1 management position that has not been filled. All other positions that have not been filled are classified.
When are we going to see more cuts from the top?

A. The direction received from the Board of Education for the current school year was to utilize all budget flexibility
possible to preserve as many positions as possible. Positions that have been vacated voluntarily have been evaluated as
to the impact it would have if they were left unfilled. This evaluation is done on a case by case basis and has resulted in
several classified positions as well as the referenced management position remaining unfilled.

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