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                   Manpower Employment Outlook Survey Indicates Weak Hiring Plans
                            in Greece for the First Quarter of 2010

                Greek Employers Post a Cautious Net Employment Outlook of +1%

Athens, December 8 , 2009. Manpower Greece released today its quarterly Manpower
Employment Outlook Survey, revealing that employers are anticipating a cautious job market for
the first three months of 2010. However, despite the reported limited employment opportunities
for job seekers, the overall climate returns to positive after three consecutive quarters, with a
Net Employment Outlook of +1%. The Survey is conducted by interviewing a representative
sample of 751 employers across Greece.

Greek employers interviewed report mixed hiring intentions for the quarter ahead, as 14 percent
said they expect to hire more people, a further 13 percent of the employers expect to reduce their
workforce, while 71 percent anticipate no change over the coming quarter. The survey data
reveals a slight improvement of 1 percentage point in the Net Employment Outlook over the
previous quarter’s hiring projections. However, on a year-over-year comparison, hiring intentions
decline by a slight 2 percentage points. The Net Employment Outlook is derived by taking the
percentage of employers anticipating total employment to increase, and subtracting from this the
percentage expecting to see a decrease in employment at their location in the next quarter.

“Overall, cautiousness is the word that will characterize the Greek employment market in the
quarter ahead. Changes in hiring plans will be moderate, both in cases of hiring and laying off, as
                                                               Manpower Employment Outlook Survey 1Q 2010 / Page 2

for most businesses the hard work and decisions of aligning their strategies and operations with
the conditions of the global downturn was done during the previous year,” stated Dr. Venetia
Koussia, Managing Director of Manpower Greece. “The slight upward trend that was first
observed in the previous quarter is continued. However, the nature and dynamics of the labor
market do not allow for over-optimism. The recovery of the job market to a pre-recession pace will
be delayed until business see more demand for their services,” added Dr. Koussia.

Industry comparisons
Employers in six of the nine industry sectors surveyed in Greece predict headcount growth for the
coming three months, but optimism varies across the sectors surveyed. Agriculture, Hunting,
Forestry & Fishing sector employers report the country’s most optimistic hiring intentions, with an
upbeat Net Employment Outlook of +13%, followed by employers in the Finance, Insurance, Real
Estate & Business Services sector, who report a +10% Outlook. The gloomiest Outlook stands at
-18% and is reported by the Construction sector employers.

On a quarter-over-quarter comparison, hiring projections are weakened for three out of nine
sectors, with sharp decreases of 21 percentage points in the Construction sector and 12
percentage points in the Public & Social sector. On a year-over-year comparison, hiring intentions
are weakened in seven out of nine sectors, with the exception of the Tourism sector and the
Agriculture, Hunting, Forestry & Fishing sector, where employers report Outlook improvements of
22 and 12 percentage points, respectively.

“The contraction experienced in almost all sectors of the Greek economy is manifested in the notable
slowdown of hiring in the Construction sector. This sector will continue to suffer, as long as overall
unemployment rates go up. With regards to the notable improvement reported in the hiring plans of
employers in Agriculture, Hunting, Forestry & Fishing, it could be attributed to a series of measures
announced by the new government, aiming to reinforce this specific sector,” said Dr. Venetia Koussia.
“Another notable finding is the different course of action manifested in the hiring plans of the Finance &
Business Services sector and the Transport, Storage & Communication sector. The former was among
the first to adapt to the needs of a declining labor market and now, over a year later, is showing signs of
notable improvement (rightsizing). Employers in the latter, a sector fueled by continuous demand for
web-based products, services and applications, did not show the quick reflexes needed to adapt in the
crisis and is reporting a negative Outlook for the fourth consecutive quarter. However, as this is a highly
dynamic sector, with significant room for growth, it could be said that this quarter’s much needed re-
organization will be the basis for the sector’s improvement over the quarters to come,” added Dr. V.

Regional comparisons
                                                               Manpower Employment Outlook Survey 1Q 2010 / Page 3

On a regional level, employers in Greater Attica forecast some slow-paced hiring activity in
Quarter 1 2010, with a Net Employment Outlook of +2%, while in North Greece, employers report
a cautious Outlook of +1%.

Quarter-over-quarter, employer forecasts are unchanged in Greater Attica, but there is a slight 3
percentage point improvement in the Outlook for North Greece. Year-over-year, employers in
North Greece report a relatively stable hiring climate, but in Greater Attica, the Outlook has
declined by 4 percentage points.

International comparisons
Nearly 71,000 employers have been interviewed across 35 countries and territories to measure
anticipated employment trends between January and March 2010. Hiring activity is expected to be
mostly positive throughout the Asia Pacific and Americas, but employer forecasts in the Europe,
Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region are mixed. Employers in 25 of the 35 countries and territories
Manpower surveys expect to add to their workforces in Quarter 1 2010. Where quarter-over-
quarter comparisons are available, Outlooks improve in 25 of 35 countries and territories. Hiring
expectations are also stronger in 19 of 33 countries and territories where year-over-year
comparisons can be made.

Quarter 1 employment forecasts are most favorable in India, Brazil, Singapore, Taiwan, Costa
Rica, Australia and Peru. Conversely, employer hiring expectations are weakest in Ireland,
Romania and Spain.

The next Manpower Employment Outlook Survey will be released on the 9th of March 2010 to
report hiring expectations for the second quarter of 2010. The Manpower Employment Outlook
Survey is available free of charge to the public through Manpower Greece.

To receive e-mail notification when the survey is available each quarter, interested individuals are
invited to complete an online subscription form at

Note to Editors
Commentary is based on seasonally adjusted data where available. Full survey results for each of
the 35 countries and territories included in this quarter’s survey, plus regional and global
comparisons, can be found in the Manpower Press Room at In
addition, all tables and graphs from the full report are available to be downloaded for use in
publication or broadcast from the Manpower Web site at
                                                                Manpower Employment Outlook Survey 1Q 2010 / Page 4

About the Survey
The Manpower Employment Outlook Survey is conducted quarterly to measure employers’
intentions to increase or decrease the number of employees in their workforce during the next
quarter. It is the most extensive forward-looking survey of its kind, unparalleled in its size, scope,
longevity and area of focus. The Survey has been running for more than 45 years and is one of
the most trusted surveys of employment activity in the world. The Manpower Employment Outlook
Survey is based on interviews with nearly 71,000 public and private employers worldwide and is
considered a highly respected economic indicator.

The Manpower Employment Outlook Survey is currently available for 35 countries and territories:
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech
Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy,
Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Spain,
South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the United States. The
program began in the United States and Canada in 1962, and the United Kingdom was added in
1966. Mexico and Ireland launched the survey in 2002, and 13 additional countries were added to
the program in 2003. New Zealand joined the program in 2004, China, India, Switzerland and
Taiwan were added in 2005, and Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica and South Africa joined in 2006.
Colombia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Guatemala, Poland and Romania joined in 2008 and
Hungary and Brazil were added in 2009. For more information, visit the Manpower Inc. Web site at and enter the Research Center, or contact Bruce Bock, Sr. Global
Communications Manager at

About Manpower Inc.
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