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									                                                                              October 26, 2009

                CRID PHARMA

                Saint Gely du Fesc (France) – CRID PHARMA, the French leader in CMC
                development and clinical supplies, is proud to announce a partnership with CSM
                (Clinical Supplies Management), a leading supplier of innovative clinical trial
                services, to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.
                With a combined 34 years of providing clinical supply services, the partnership
                brings two companies together looking to broaden their expertise and address a
                growing customer demand. The companies will share resources and assist one
                another with global distribution allowing clients to expand their clinical trials.
                Jean-Pascal Conduzorgues, Chief Executive Officer of CRID PHARMA, said “We
                have found a forward-thinking partner in CSM. CRID PHARMA’s growing business
                with the US biotechs and pharmaceutical companies interested in clinical trials in
                Europe will be comforted by this partnership.”
                “CRID PHARMA’s European clients will find an excellent level of competence
                and quality in North America with the help of CSM.”

                Jean-Pascal Conduzorgues also explained “We will offer competitive technologies
                from CMC development and On-Demand distribution through manufacturing
                capacities dedicated to clinical trials.” Gerald Finken, Chief Executive Officer of
                CSM, says the commitment to providing expert clinical trial solutions to reduce time
                and costs is the driving force behind the partnership.
                “This is a unique partnership, one that will be transparent to the client,” Finken said.
                “This allows us to double our service capabilities and ultimately provide On-Demand
                packaging and labeling in Europe.” Finken also states that they have found a
                company with the same integrity and stability as CSM and that he is excited to see the
                synergistic effects of the two companies coming together.
                “Even though a study becomes more complex when it goes International, working
                with CRID and using On-Demand in Europe will allow us to continue to ‘Make
                Trials Less Trying’ for our clients.”

                Quality is imperative when performing clinical trials overseas, and both
                companies have spent time and resources reviewing each others’ processes to
                ensure a seamless working relationship.
                About CRID PHARMA

                CRID PHARMA, a European Contract Pharmaceutical organization, is committed to
                Investigational Medicinal Products and Pharmaceutical Development for human and
                veterinary medicines, and has been helping for more than 20 years Worldwide
                Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies to develop their drug products.
                CRID PHARMA is recognized for its large experience in:
                     - integrated Clinical Supplies services: importation, control and QP release,
                        manufacturing of clinical batches, packaging and labeling, monitored
                        storage, worldwide distribution;
                     - and Pharmaceutical Development: formulation, analytical development,
                        scale-up studies and validation of industrial processes, ICH stability studies,
                        quality control, pharmaceutical writing.
                With a team of more than 45 scientists and technicians who have proved their
                efficiency and level of quality and reactivity, CRID PHARMA is in a continuous
                process of growing to satisfy its clients and partners.

                About CSM

                CSM was founded in 1997 by Gerald Finken and is a clinical trial support services
                company committed to advancing clinical trials for pharmaceutical and
                biotechnology companies. The clinical services CSM offers include, but are not
                limited to: On-Demand packaging and labeling; storage and distribution; returns,
                reconciliation and destruction; controlled substance handling; phase I-IV; and
                traditional packaging and labeling. CSM is the clinical trial innovator behind On-
                Demand packaging & labeling services, an industry breakthrough that allows
                companies to start a study in as short as two weeks — two to four months faster than
                traditional processes. CSM also has the ability to provide secure, controlled
                substance handling. They provide controlled room temperature storage (cold and
                frozen), shipment of temperature-sensitive products worldwide, licensed controlled
                substance handling (CII-CV), and qualified person (QP) release. CSM employs
                licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who know the importance of
                providing quality clinical supplies to clinical sites and their patients. They are
                dedicated to improving timelines, decreasing costs and improving clinical study
                quality for clients.

                                                           Press Contact and Information:

                                                                       Lorie Benedicto
                                                       Business Development Manager
                          17, Parc des Vautes – F-34980 Saint Gely du Fesc - FRANCE
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