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									INTERVENTION AND                             How does the I&RS work?                                       Schedule I&RS Meeting

REFERRAL                                                                                                   The initial problem-solving meet-

SERVICES                                     Problem Identification                                        ing is scheduled and processed by
                                             The overall process begins when a staff member or parent      the I&RS Team and the parent is
                                             concludes that he or she needs assistance with a student      invited.
                                             who is having a learning, behavior, emotional, or health
                                             problem that is interfering with successful learning.
                                                                                                           I&RS problem solving meeting:
                    The Riverfront
                    School Intervention      Complete the Counselor Interview and                          •    Describe the problem
                    and Referral Ser-
                                             Request for Assistance Referral Packet                        •    Select and state the prior-
                    vices Committee has
                    been organized to        The involvement of the I&RS team only begins when a                ity problem
                    help teachers and        referring staff member talks with the assigned counselor
                                                                                                           •    Develop a behavioral objec-
                    parents in assisting     and completes the Request for Assistance Referral Packet
                    students who are         (verbal request will not be processed). Prior to referral,
 having difficulty in school. It is a pro-   the teacher is required to have tried six strategies to       •    Review prior interventions
 active process that enables the school      ameliorate the problem, many of which are detailed in the
                                             referral packet. Examples include: talked with student,       •    Brainstorm solutions
 to address concerns that are inter-
 fering with student achievement.            contacted parent, networked with colleagues, and notified     •    Analyze and evaluate
                                             the student’s counselor. The teacher turns in the com-
                                             pleted packet to the assigned counselor and the case is       •    Agree upon a solution
 The intervention is comprised of all of     scheduled.
                                                                                                           •    DEVELOP AN ACTION PLAN
 the actions and steps a team takes to
                                             Review the request for Assistance Form
 intercede with a problem. Research                                                                        •    SUPPORT EVALUATE, AND
 indicates that change is most likely to     The assigned counselor reviews the Request for Assis-              CONTINUE THE PROCESS
 occur when interventions are appro-         tance Referral Packet which includes:
 priate, family-supported, individual-       •   Initial Request for Assistance
 ized, coordinated and monitored.
                                             •   Prior Interventions Checklist

                                             •   Student Self-Assessment Sheet
 The I&RS team views each action plan                                                                      Florence Riverfront School
 as a work in progress, rather than an       •   Teacher Information Form
                                                                                                          500 East Front Street
 end product.                                •   Attendance record, Discipline file                       Florence , NJ 08518

                                             •   Additional staff information if indicated
                                             •   Nurse’s Form                                             jfulton@florence.k12.nj.us
   Riverfront                                            Florence
     School                                               School
Te a m M e m b e r s

Mr. Daniel Dooley

Mrs. Jennifer Fulton

Mrs. Sara Trombly

Mrs. Laura Galgoci

Ms. Rachel Taylor

Mrs. Susan Nanfeldt
Ms. Elyse WilleyMr.                                        And
Mr. Joseph Frappolli                                     Referral
Mrs. Nadine Dadonna
                       Florence Riverfront School

                       500 East Front Street         Teachers, parents
                       Florence , NJ 08518           and students
                       609-499-4647                  working together for
                       Contact:                      academic success.
                       Fax: 609-499-8356

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