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									                                                     You survived a stressful week at
    BOOK US FOR YOUR EVENT                           work; you deserve to unwind with
    You can book us for a private show for           your family and a bunch of Idiots!
    your business, celebration, organization,
    brith, etc (at your venue or ours, subject to
                                                     You could plop yourself on the couch
                                                     and watch reruns on television. You
                                                                                                   Live Improv Comedy
    availability). A show can be customized to

                                                                                                          Since 1995
    suit your needs. Cost is dependent on show       could go to the movies and see the
    format, venue, and other factors.                same story over and over again with
    We can be the center of your fund-raising
                                                     different actors and some special
    event too. You can book us for a private         effects.                                     If you’re the type of person
    show and then you can market and sell
                                                     Or you can enjoy a live comedy
                                                                                                  that likes to yell at the screen
    tickets for the event. All your profit goes to
    your organization or cause. And you can          performance, created before your             in the movie theater; if you’re
    do it as often as you like, because no two
    shows are the same.
                                                     eyes, where you are one of the               the type of person that nudges
                                                     directors, writers, and even a guest         your date and says, “That’s
    WHAT ABOUT TEAM BUILDING?                        star!
    Improv is an excellent tool for team building.
                                                                                                  not how I would have done
                                                     You can participate by giving
    Teamwork is the essence of what we do. The
                                                     suggestions from the safety of your          it.”; if you’re the type of
    Idiots will gladly teach a team-building
    workshop for your company or organization.       seat, or by taking the plunge if we ask      person that wants to know
                                                     for volunteers to join us on-stage for       that you’re seeing something
                                                     selected improvisations during the
    $8 GENERAL ADMISSION                             show.
                                                                                                  fresh and new, not another
                                                                                                  rehashed plot from a 60s
                                                                                                  sitcom . . . You’re the type of
                                                                       Appearing monthly at the
                                                                       North Raleigh Arts and    person who will love improv.
                                One Free                                  Creative Theatre
                                Admission                                 7713-51 Leadmine Road
                              With Each Paid                                Raleigh, NC 27615
                              $8 Admission                                 Phone (919) 866-0228
                                                                            Fax (919) 756-0260

          This coupon is good for one FREE                  CONTACT INFORMATION
         admission with each paid admission
         (limit 5 free admissions with 5 paid
           admissions) for any 2010 improv                E-mail:
          revue. Visit our site for schedule.
                                                           Phone: 919-880-1683
                                         A Brief History of Raleigh’s Village Idiots        In October of 1999, Raleigh's Village Idiots
                                         Al Herr founded the Village Idiots in 1995.        participated in the national improv project
                                         The Idiots went through several cast               against violence "Don't Hate Us Because
                                         changes before the group finally coalesced         We're Funny: The Improv Community's
                                         and began doing regular performances in            Benefit Against Violence and Hate Crimes,"
                                         1997 at the Art in Motion dance studio.            which led to performing public shows
                                                                                            throughout 2000 at the Clara Barton Hall.
                                         In early 1998, the troupe decided to
                                         concentrate primarily on the local market,         To celebrate the new millennium, the troupe
                                         and changed the group's name to Raleigh's          split in 2001. Half the troupe explored more
                                         Village Idiots. At this time, many of the          gimmick-based comedy by forming a troupe
                                         traditions that set the Idiots apart were          called The Product and the rest of the Idiots
Al Herr (Founder)                        established. They used few props or                explored more artistic and scene-based
Founded the Village Idiots in 1995.      costumes, the show format was heavily              directions. Unfortunately, or fortunately as
                                         scene-oriented (trying to avoid the easy gags      it turned out, two halves didn’t make it
         Current Cast                                                                       alone.
                                         and gimmick-heavy format of many other
Matthew Krevat (Director)                short-form improv groups), and had live            Many of the troupe members reunited in
Discovered he was an Idiot in 1997.      musical accompaniment at points                    March 2002 with the formation of Midlife
Wade Newhouse (Asst Director)            throughout the show.                               Crisis at the North Raleigh Arts and
Discovered he was an Idiot in 1997.      The Idiots also established themselves as          Creative Theatre.
                                         risk-takers; exploring the boundaries of their     It didn’t take long before we realized Midlife
Mikey West (Producer)                                                                       Crisis wasn’t our true identity and we
Discovered he was an Idiot in 2000.      art; always refining the types of scenes that
                                         they performed; adding new forms to their          resumed the mantle of Raleigh’s Village
Romni Rossi                              repertoire–sometimes in the middle of the          Idiots, combining the games and scenes we
Discovered she was an Idiot in 1998.     show!                                              had perfected separately into our current
                                         Starting in 1998, the Idiots also began to         format.
John Vettel
Discovered he was an Idiot in 2000.      offer free workshops to the public. In these       Come see us combine long- and short-form
                                         workshops, anyone could learn the basics of        improvisation with an emphasis on narrative
                                         improv and have a great time doing it.             and scene work . . . and a good dose of
           *Show Format*                 Those who chose to do so for more than a           slapstick and wit.
1-Act Show                               few weeks joined the ranks of the Half-Wits
  90 minutes of comedy while we’re       (who else would study under Idiots?).              January 16       A Bird in the Hand
  on our best behavior. Bring your       Advanced students from the workshop were           February 20      Add Fuel to the Fire
  kids, grandma, and your boss.
                                         asked to perform in some of the shows.             March 6          A House Divided
  Heck, bring anyone with $8.
                                         These workshops continued until the                April 10         A Penny Saved
BONUS SET                                middle of 2002.                                    May 1            An Axe to Grind
 After a minute to catch our breath,
                                         Afraid of Y2K, the Art in Motion theater           June 12          Alive and Kicking
 we’ll do 15-20 minutes of comedy
                                         closed in 1999 and the Idiots were forced to
 with the filters off. You may want                                                         July             To be announced
 to send the kiddies out to the car to   temporarily relocate to Cary. The Idiots
                                         returned to Raleigh to perform at Raleigh          August           To be announced
                                         Little Theatre's Comedy Under the Stars. Shortly   September        To be announced
                                         thereafter, the Idiots began to perform            October          To be announced
                                         regularly at RLT.                                  November         To be announced
                                                                                            December         To be announced

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