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									Registration Form for Teen Camp 2009
Name: ____________________ Male or Female
Age: ______ Date of Birth: ____/____/_______
Address: ______________________________
City:________________________State:______                 Sponsoring Church:
Zip:__________ E-Mail:___________________
Church Name: __________________________
Father’s Name: _________________________
Emergency phone:_______________________
                                                         Bible Church
Mother’s Name: _________________________                 15 Washington Street
Emergency Phone:_______________________                   Sinking Spring, OH
Signatures Required                                              45172
“I have read the general information section in this
brochure, and I agree to comply with the dress and
conduct regulations while at camp.”
Signature of camper                              Date
                                                          Please send
“I understand that in the event medical treatment is
required, every effort will be made to contact me. I
give my permission to the staff to secure the services
                                                          and fees to:
of a licensed Physician to provide the care that is
necessary, including anesthesia, for my child’s well
being. It is agreed that the camp sponsors or
directors will not be responsible for injuries by
accident or otherwise. I also understand that our
                                                             Scott Miller
                                                              GBC Youth
                                                                                   Youth Camp
child must obey all rules as set forth by the camp
directors.”                                                 P.O. Box 49
                                                          Seaman, OH 45679
Signature of parent or guardian

Medical Information
Allergies: __________________________________
Medication taken regularly: ____________________
                                                           If you have any
                                                           questions, please
                                                                                 Being held at: Southern
Medical problems: ___________________________
__________________________________________                      contact
Insurance company: _________________________
                                                         Scott or Paula Miller         Ohio Church
Policy Name Holder: _________________________
Policy Number: _____________________________               937-386-2058.               of God Camp
Emergency contact:__________________________                                        2429 Moore-Saur Road
Emergency Phone: __________________________                                          Morrow, Ohio 45152
                                                                                        513 599-3087
Candy Bar Wars: Are you                         General Information                   Meals: A sack lunch will be
                                                                                      needed for Monday. All other
                                            Arrival: Check in will begin at 12:30
ready for a thrill packed week of           pm on Monday.
                                                                                      meals are included through
                                                                                      breakfast on Friday.
adventure? This year’s camp is going to     Departure: Camp ends at 11:00 am
be a delicious and nutty competition        Friday following the award service.
between the “Almond Joys” and the           What to bring: KJV Bible, bedding,
“Snickers”. Join the fun at GBC Youth       pillow, towels, toiletries, flashlight,            Information
                                            spending money (for canteen), one-
Camp! The action will be non-stop with      piece swimsuit, and jacket.                  Early Bird Discount!
plenty to do – swimming, individual
                                            Campers Should Remember: As a               Teen registrations and camp
challenges, crafts, group competitions,                                               fees received or postmarked by
                                            Christian organization, our camp
wiffle ball, sand volleyball, basketball,   maintains high standards of conduct       June 21 s t are entitled to $10 off
paddle boats, hiking trails, and a          and separation. Do not bring cell         ($105).     Final   deadline     for
                                            phones, electronic and media              registration and fees is June 28 t h .
bonfire. There will also be an optional                                               Paintball is an additional $15 fee.
                                            devices, magazines, alcohol,
paintball activity ($15 fee). Each event    tobacco, drugs, knives, firearms,
will be exciting and full of challenge.     fireworks, or clothing with                  Speaker Information
However, camp is more than just             inappropriate graphics or lettering.
                                            Physical contact between boys and           Our main speakers this week
exciting activities; it is a week of        girls is not allowed. There are           will be Evangelist Phil Gabbard
spiritual, life-changing decisions. Sign    separate swim times between girls         and Pastor Bruce MacDowell. It
up today for GBC YOUTH CAMP 2009!           and guys. Any non-cooperative or          is our camp’s desire that your life
                                            noncompliant campers will be subject      will be impacted and changed
                                            to dismissal.                             through the ministry of their

         When is it?
                                                                                      preaching. Over the years God
                                            Ladies/girls’ note: Any fashion worn
                                                                                      has used the preaching at camp
                                            must come at least to the top of the
                                                                                      to bring teenagers to Christ and
         July 13-17
                                            knee and cover the mid-section and
                                                                                      challenge them to serve the Lord.
                                            shoulders. Low necklines (front or
                                                                                      God has always used preaching
                                            back) are not acceptable camp attire.
                                                                                      to impact tender hearts. Come
                                            Loose-fitting pants, jeans, or knee-
     How much is it?                        length fashions may be worn. Please
                                            bring a knee-length skirt or dress for
                                                                                      and join the fun at GBC Youth
                                                                                      Camp 2009 with the intent to
                                                                                      seek Christ and with a heart
         $115                               the Thursday evening service.
                                                                                      prepared to allow God to speak
                                            Men/boys’ note: Any fashion worn          to you.
                                            must come at least to the top of t he
      Who can come?                         knee. Sagging pants and
                                            inappropriate holes are not
                                                                                               Phil 4:4
  Grade 7 - Age 19                          acceptable camp attire. Please
                                            bring long pants and a collared
                                                                                         “Rejoice in the Lord
                                            shirt for the Thursday evening              alway: and again I say,
                                                                                             Rejoice. ’’

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