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					                                                                                                        Fall, 2009

    WestCoast Children’s Clinic
   Postdoctoral Fellowships in Professional Psychology

                Committed to training the next generation of
                   Child & Community Psychologists
Thank you for your interest in our Postdoctoral            theoretical approach is from a psychodynamic and
Fellowship Program. This brochure, along with our          systems perspective.
website, is designed to answer most of your
questions about our program. As you read through           If after reading through these materials you still have
the information, think about whether one of the            questions, please ask!
postdoctoral positions offered at WestCoast
Children’s Clinic would be a good match for you.
                                                                For more information and to
We are committed to training community
psychologists; expanding our own and our interns’               submit an application, contact:
consciousness with regard to race, culture, and
                                                                Margaret Nettles, PhD
social class; training psychologists to work with
foster children and youth, meeting them in the                  Intern Training Program Director
systems in which they live, and advocating for them             WestCoast Children’s Clinic
when needed. We work with children, youth and                   3301 E. 12th Street, Suite 259
families who often have very difficult life                     Oakland, CA 94601
circumstances and may have very serious symptoms.
                                                                Phone: (510) 269-9047
Many of the children we see are in the foster care
system. We see clients at our clinic offices as well as         email:
in the community – at their schools or homes. Our

Overview                                 Fellowship Tracks                       Training
Agency mission and overview,             Specialized tracks offered in           Training goals, objectives and
Postdoctoral Fellowship                  therapy and psychological               activities; evaluation process
Program                                  testing.

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Postdoctoral Fellowship Brochure                                                                Fall, 2009

                               Agency Overview
                               We are a private, non-profit         shown in the following table.
                               community psychology clinic
                               that provides comprehensive              Gender                  %
                                                                        Male                    45
                               psychological services to                Female                  55
                               children, adolescents, and
                                                                        Age                     %
                               their families. Our clients              4 & younger             21
                               come from disrupted and                  5 – 12                  31
                                                                        13 – 17                 46
                               vulnerable families, and many            18 & over               01
                               are in foster care. The range
                                                                        Race/Ethnicity          %
                               of presenting problems                   African-American        49
                               includes: behavioral                     Caucasian               14
                               difficulties; learning                   Latino/Latina           11
                                                                        Asian & Asian America   04
                               disabilities; sexual, physical           Multi-ethnic            08
                               and emotional abuse; neglect;            Other/Unknown           14
                               depression, and anxiety
     Mission                   disorders. In the 2008-2009
                               WestCoast provided services
                                                                        Top 10 Cities Served
                                                                        Berkeley                05
                               to more than 1,600 children              San Leandro             05
                               and families in all clinical             Freemont                04
                               programs. Our clients                    Richmond                03
WestCoast Children’s                                                    Union City              03
                               represent a variety of racial,
Clinic is committed to                                                  Alameda                 02
                               ethnic, cultural and                     Livermore               02
providing psychological                                                 Vallejo                 02
                               socioeconomic groups as
services to vulnerable
children, youth and
families regardless of
their ability to pay, and
                               Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
to expanding the reach of
                               Graduates accepted into our          Fellows are embedded within one
psychological services         Postdoctoral Program must have       or two of the agency’s major
through practice and           completed all doctoral               clinical programs, described
research. To ensure the        requirements prior to the start of   elsewhere in this brochure under
ongoing availability of        the Fellowship. They must have       three Training Tracks. In all
these services,                received a doctoral degree from      tracks, fellows work alongside
                               an APA/CPA-accredited                staff clinicians to provide services.
WestCoast is dedicated         program, and completed a
to training the next           predoctoral APA, APPIC or            WestCoast Children’s Clinic is a
generation of mental           CAPIC internship. Fellows            member of the California
health professionals.          contract for a 12-month, 40 hour     Psychology Internship Council
                               per week commitment. The             (CAPIC) and the Association of
                               Postdoctoral Program exceeds the     Psychology Postdoctoral and
                               1500 hour post degree supervised     Internship Centers (APPIC).
                               professional experience
                               requirement of the California
                               Board of Psychology.
Postdoctoral Fellowship Brochure                                                                      Fall, 2009

                     Fellowship Training Tracks
   Training tracks designed to develop expertise in child therapy & assessment

Track 1. Outpatient Therapy Program                        Track 2. Therapeutic-Collaborative Assessment
Postdoctoral fellows provide direct services               Program
including individual therapy with children and             We view assessments as a therapeutic intervention
adolescents, family therapy; parent, kin and other         that includes the child or youth and the important
caregiver guidance; and consultation to community          people in their lives. In our selection of test
agencies. They meet with clients at our main clinic        instruments and in interpretation of test data and the
site in the Fruitvale district of Oakland, our satellite   young people’s experiences, we attempt to remain
clinic site in El Cerrito, and they provide flexible,      aware of and sensitive to the impact of cultural and
mobile psychological services within the community         racial identity and environmental factors that may
– at schools and homes. Providing services in the          affect performance and behavior. Interns are trained
community enhances the partnerships between                to develop skill in writing reports that are accessible
WestCoast and clients’ community support systems.          and thus helpful to the child or youth being assessed,
                                                           as well as to parents, schools, physicians, therapists,
Fellows receive two hours of individual supervision        and social workers.
each week and attend a weekly two-hour case
conference. Grand Rounds and All Staff trainings           Our cases are challenging. The diagnostic questions
(2-3 hours) occur twice monthly. Fellows also              raised often necessitate examining the traumatic
participate in a weekly seminar that includes clinical
topics and professional development discussions.                                                   Continued…
Postdoctoral Fellowship Brochure                                                                      Fall, 2009

Tracks Continued …
underlying causes of behavior problems, and making         During the year, fellows will learn theory, techniques
differential diagnoses regarding attention and             and     practice     of     Therapeutic-Collaborative
learning, depression, and post-traumatic stress            Assessment. In addition to two hours of individual
disorder. Our psychological evaluations are based on       supervision, fellows attend a weekly two-hour
Therapeutic Assessment, a method that is                   advanced assessment case conference. Grand Rounds
collaborative, guided by the questions of the child        and All Staff Trainings (2-3 hours) occur twice
and caregivers, and uses psychological testing as a        monthly. Fellows also participate in a weekly
short, intensive intervention. We involve the              seminar that includes clinical topics and professional
caregivers, and children or youth themselves in            development discussions.
generating questions that they want answered. We
make multi-system links to the child or youth and          Track 3. Combined Outpatient Therapy and
potential support people and services that are part of     Therapeutic Collaborative Assessment
their lives. The child or youth assessed receives
                                                           Fellows are placed in our Combined Outpatient
feedback and answers to their questions, as do the
parents, caregivers, social workers, and therapists as     Therapy and Therapeutic-Collaborative Assessment
appropriate.                                               Programs. (Please see the descriptions of Tracks 1
                                                           and 2 above.) In the combined track, the fellow’s
A standard assessment battery includes: cognitive          time is evenly divided between the two programs.
measures, achievement tests, behavioral checklists,
measures of attention and neuropsychological               Fellows receive two hours of individual supervision
processes, projective tests, depression inventories,       each week and attend a weekly two-hour case
personality profiles, and play interviews.
                                                           conference in each track. Grand Rounds and All Staff
Assessments are done in various settings. Fellows          Trainings (2-3 hours) occur twice monthly. Fellows
may meet with clients at our main clinic site in the       also participate in a weekly seminar that includes
Fruitvale district of Oakland, our satellite clinic site   clinical topics and professional development
in El Cerrito, and in the community at schools and         discussions.
homes. Fellows are expected to complete 9 to 10
assessment batteries during the year.

Postdoctoral Fellowship Brochure                                                                       Fall, 2009

       Competencies Developed in the Fellowship Year
Skills at the independent practice level will be           aware of one’s own cultural and ethnic background.
developed in the following areas:
                                                           Community-based therapy. Including
Clinical assessment and diagnosis. Including               maintaining professional demeanor while
comprehensive clinical assessment and accurate             conducting psychotherapy in community settings;
diagnosis.                                                 showing flexibility and appropriately adapting to
                                                           challenging or unusual situations encountered
Theories and methods of effective assessment               working in the field; maintaining the psychological
and/or psychotherapeutic intervention.                     frame of the therapy; and thinking both theoretically
Including patient risk management and                      and practically about the client leading to
confidentiality; case conceptualization; assessment        interventions that are in line with the client’s needs.
and treatment goals; therapeutic interventions;
effective use of emotional reactions in therapy            Working with children and youth in the foster
(countertransference).                                     care system. Including understanding and
                                                           effectively using the concepts of attachment theory
Professional conduct, ethics and legal matters.            and trauma theory when intervening with foster
Including professional interpersonal behavior; use         children and their caregivers; fostering effective
of supervision/consultation; use of positive coping        working relationships with the multiple systems in
strategies; professional responsibility and                which foster children are embedded; and
documentation; efficiency in time management;              establishing collaborative relationships with Child
knowledge of law and ethics; and administrative            Welfare Workers, group home staff and others
competency.                                                involved with the child.

Professional consultation. Including assessment            Tracks 2 and 3: Advanced Therapeutic-
consultation and consultative guidance.                    Collaborative Assessment and Combined Outpatient
                                                           Therapy & Advanced Therapeutic-Collaborative
Scholarly inquiry and application of current               Assessment (in addition to the above):
scientific knowledge to practice. Including
seeking current scientific knowledge and employing         Theories and methods of psychological
it in clinical settings as appropriate; a commitment       diagnosis and assessment. Including selection,
to lifelong learning.                                      administration and interpretation of psychological
                                                           tests and measures; strengthening assessment writing
Individual and cultural diversity. Including               skills; giving recommendations and feedback
developing client rapport; demonstrating sensitivity       regarding the assessment findings.
to client diversity; and becoming increasingly

                        Training Model
                                                                       sequentially, with increasing complexity
                        We work from a practitioner-scholar            of subject matter requiring increasing
                        model in which fellows are engaged in          sophistication of skills. During the year,
                        advanced training in one of the above          training increases in complexity building
                        tracks. Each track is organized to build       on and integrating earlier learning.
                        on previous experience and education.          Efforts are made to include community
                        Teaching occurs through a combination          clinicians     and     professionals    as
                        of case-based and didactic presentations,      consultants and instructors for specific
                        observational and experiential learning,       topics. Training and experience in
                        and supervisory and consultative               cultural awareness is embedded within
                        guidance.    Training    is    organized       all training components.                  5
Postdoctoral Fellowship Brochure                                                                  Fall, 2009

                                   Training Goals & Objectives
                                   The overarching goals of WestCoast’s postdoctoral program are:

                                      To train psychology fellows for independent practice in a community
                                       mental health setting; to provide outpatient psychological services
                                       and psychological testing to children, youth and families;
                                      To develop advanced knowledge and skills to work with children,
                                       youth and families involved with the foster care system;
                                      To develop advanced knowledge and skills to provide services with a
                                       culturally and ethnically diverse population of children, youth,
                                       families and other caregivers in a clinic setting as well as in the

                                   Training Activities
                                   Individual Supervision (2 hours/week). Licensed psychologists provide
                                   primary and delegated supervision. Specialized consultation is available.

                                   Case Conference (2 hours/week). Fellows take part in a staff case
                                   conference within their Track. Each case conference is led by a licensed
                                   Grand Rounds (2-3 hours/month) is a formal clinical or psychological
At the beginning of the            assessment case presentation discussed by an invited expert or master
                                   clinician in the field. One or more fellows present in Grand Rounds
training year, the fellows’        during the course of the year.
and      their     supervisors
                                   Agency-Wide Trainings (2-3 hours/month) address various areas
develop goals and objectives       including topics such as Collaborative Assessment of Children and
for the year. They are given       Families, Complex Trauma, and Race as Adaptive Challenge. Presenters
a copy of the WestCoast            have included Drs. Kimberlyn Leary, Stephan Finn, John Briere and
Fellow Competency Form             Etty Cohen.
during orientation, and            Postdoctoral Seminar (2 hours/week). The postdoctoral seminar includes
receive written feedback on        readings, discussion, case presentation and consultation. The seminar
their progress toward their        focuses on issues such as working with un-playful clients. In addition, one
                                   week per month is devoted to facilitating the integration of various facets
goals and the competencies
                                   of becoming a professional psychologist. Topics addressed include
twice a year. In addition,         licensing, applying for jobs, holding the responsibility of independent
Training Progress Meetings         practice, balance of work, family and other interests, and loan repayment.
are held twice during the          Fellows also develop providing mental health oriented trainings and
year (coinciding with the          workshops that are presented in the community.
written feedback forms). In        Process group (2 hours/month; optional). The process group provides an
this meeting, the fellow and       opportunity to address the experience of working with highly traumatized
                                   persons in complex settings.
his/her supervisors, case
conference leader, & ITPD
discuss learning progress
and identify strengths as
well as areas for growth.
Postdoctoral Fellowship Brochure                                                                          Fall, 2009

  Training Schedule
Postdoctoral Fellows participate in two hours per week of individual supervision, a two-hour program specific
case conference, a postdoctoral seminar (that includes a monthly professional development meeting), Friday
morning agency-wide Grand Rounds and trainings, and program-specific meetings. Fellows are responsible for
scheduling appointment times with their clients. A breakdown of weekly hours for each track is noted in the table

                                                         Outpatient          Assessment       Outpt & Assmnt 
                                                          Track 1              Track 2            Track 3 
  Direct Service                                                          
    Psychological Services                                   26                  26                  26 
                                         Subtotal         26 (65%)            26 (65%)            26 (65%) 
    Individual Supervision                                   2                    2                   2 
    Case Conference                                          2                    2                   4 
    Clinical Seminar/Prof Dev Group                          2                    2                   2 
    Agency‐Wide Training                                     3                    3                   3 
                                        Subtotal         9 (22.5%)            9 (22.5%)          11(27.5%) 
    Training/Workshop Development                            4                    4                   2 
    Administrative                                            1                    1                 1 
                                        Subtotal         5 (12.5%)            5 (12.5%)           3(7.5%) 
                                         TOTAL               40                   40                40 

  Typical Weekly Schedule
   Mondays                                                   Fridays
   9:30-11:30 Postdoctoral Seminar                           9:00 – 12:00 Grand Rounds; All Staff Trainings
              (Weeks 2-4; All fellows)                                    Various Program Meetings
   9:30-11:00 Professional Development Seminar                            (All fellows)
              (Week 1; All fellows)
                                                             Individual supervision is scheduled at mutually
   1:00-3:00 Assessment Case Conference                      agreed upon times by individual fellows and their
             (Assessment and Combined fellows)               supervisors.
   Tuesdays or Wednesdays
   11:00-1:00 Case Conference
              (Outpatient and Combined fellows)

Postdoctoral Fellowship Brochure                                                                     Fall, 2009

                          WestCoast Clinic Sites
  Serving Clients Where They Are: Community, Schools, Homes and Clinics

Main Office. Our main office is located at the            stations.
Fruitvale Village – 3301 East 12th St., Suite 259 in
                                                          All WestCoast facilities are Medi-Cal/Medicare
Oakland, California. All training occurs at this site,
                                                          certified and are handicap accessible.
which is centrally located for the majority of
Alameda County clients. It is easily accessible by
public transit. It has nine fully equipped playrooms,
three family counseling rooms, two group
counseling or seminar rooms, two large training
areas, more than thirty computer terminals for use
by clinicians, a copy room, and a staff
room/kitchen. Training activities take place at this
site. Individual supervision may take place at this
site or the satellite office. Fellows in the Outpatient
Therapy Program and in the Therapeutic-
Collaborative Assessment Program may meet with
clients at both the main site in Oakland and the
satellite site in El Cerrito. Fellows in all programs
may meet with clients in the community as needed.
During times fellows meet with clients, their
supervisors are available to them. Supervisors and
fellows are able to work at all WCC sites.
Satellite Office. The satellite office is located at
545 Ashbury Avenue in El Cerrito California,
approximately 13 miles from our Oakland site, to
serve clients in Northern Alameda and West Contra
Costa Counties. It is located within walking distance
of Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) and a bus route.
This site has five playrooms, and four family/group
rooms as well as a large room that can be used for
play. It is equipped with more than 10 computer

                                          Stipend and Benefits
 The annual stipend for post-doctoral fellows is $28,000. Fellows receive 20 days paid time-off (which includes
 sick time and vacation). In addition they receive the 10 official WestCoast Holidays.
 WestCoast is an equal opportunity employer. Central to working at WestCoast is the idea that we are all part
 of a learning community, where the pursuit of personal and professional development stands as a constant
 challenge to match our clients’ desire for change in their lives. We are committed to diminishing the
 influence of privilege and discrimination in our field and our workplace, whether due to differences
 concerning age, citizenship, color, disability, marital or parental status, race, religion, gender or sexual
 The WestCoast Training Program has a written due process procedure that will be adhered to in the event of
 a grievance.
      Selection                                                                                       Fall, 2009

Applicants to the WestCoast
Children’s Clinic Postdoctoral
                                      Application Process
Training Program are selected
based on criteria that include        To apply for a postdoctoral fellowship, please submit:
academic preparation,                 •   Cover letter specifying the track to which you are applying. If you are
successful completion of a                applying to more than one track, you must specify your order of
predoctoral internship program            preference for the tracks. In your letter, describe your interest in the
of at least 1500 hours, clinical          position and why you think it is a good match for you including how
experience relevant to the                it will contribute to your development as a psychologist.
population we serve, diversity
                                      •   Curriculum vita. CV must include whether your doctoral program
and multicultural experience,
                                          was APA accredited, date (month, day, year) of doctoral degree
experience with the foster care
                                          completion, your dissertation title, languages spoken (other than
system, match with the mission
                                          English), and your email address (this will be a primary way of
of the agency, and strong letters
                                          communicating with you and scheduling interviews.).
of recommendation. Applicants
are expected to have a high           •   Three letters of recommendation.
level of general training at the      •   A completed Summary of Intervention and Assessment Experience
predoctoral level and some                with Children, Adolescents and Families Form that accompanies this
training in the area of their             brochure.
desired track. Applicants to the      •   For Tracks 2 & 3: Therapeutic Collaborative Assessment and
assessment program must have              Combined, you must submit a copy of a psychological assessment
strong professional writing               report done by you with confidential information deleted.
skills. Racial and ethnic
minorities and men are strongly       Application Timeline: Rolling starting December 1, 2009. Applications
encouraged to apply. A second         will not be considered before this date.
language is a plus.

     3301 E. 12th Street, Suite 259
     Oakland, CA 94601