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									    Meet New Friends and Renew Old Friendships                               OPTIONAL EXTENDED SUPERVISION: 8:00 to
Campers form new and lasting friendships at Summer Super Stars.              9:00 AM and/or 4:00 to 6:00 PM for convenience of work-
Social interaction is actively encouraged and supported by all SSS staff.    ing parents. Building will be locked before 8:00 AM and
The camp fosters an atmosphere of spirited camaraderie that makes for        promptly at 6:00 PM.
a great summer for all.
                                                                             TRANSPORTATION: Optional at-cost bussing from
                                                                             Teaneck and Paramus. Parent responsibility from other
                                                                             areas. Office will assist with car pools.
                                                                             LUNCH AND SNACKS: Full day campers must bring
                                                                             their own bag lunch which will be refrigerated. All
                                                                             campers should bring a morning snack. An afternoon
                                                                             snack will be provided for full day campers.
                                                                             MEDICAL FORM: Society’s medical form will be
                                                                             mailed with registration confirmation to be completed by
                                                                             the pediatrician and returned by June 1, 2010. Forms must
                                                                             be on file in order for campers to begin program.
                                                                             DISCLAIMER: Although every effort will be made to
                                                                             provide the program in this brochure, the Society does not
                                                                             accept responsibility for staff, curriculum or equipment
                                                                             changes which are beyond its control.
                                                                             FINDERS FEE: A $25 certificate redeemable for any
                                                                             future Society program will be given to members that
                                                                             recruit first-time families, who complete a minimum of
               Friday Trips and Special Events                               one three-week session.
Every Friday, campers go on a trip or attend a special event. Trips and
events supplement and enrich the camp’s academic programs. The cost is       DRIVING DIRECTIONS: Take Rt. 17 to the Allendale
included in tuition for all campers. Parents are welcome to participate as   Exit. This puts you on W. Allendale Road. Follow to traffic
chaperones. An End-of-Summer picnic will be provided on the last day of      light. Go through light and through the center of Allendale.
camp for all campers.                                                        Bear right at the town clock to the end of the road. Make a
                                                                             left onto W. Crescent Avenue. At the first light, turn right
                                                                             onto Hillside Ave. School is about 1/2 mile on the right.

                             “Meeting new (and old)
                             friends and having great
                             teachers made it very enjoy-
                             able. My primary camper
                             has grown socially because
                             of camp.”

   This was the only camp
   my daughter attended
   where she was not
   bored! The classes and
   clubs were great.
                                                                             The Gifted Child Society is a non-profit parent organiza-
                                          “My children had so                tion that has served more than 65,000 children and their
                                          much fun, they didn’t              families since its founding in 1957. Its goals are:
                                          realize how much
                                                                                1. Educational enrichment and support services
                                          they were learning!”
                                                                                   specifically designed for gifted children;
                                                                                2. Assistance to parents in raising gifted children;
                                                                                3. Professional training for educators of gifted
       Parent Quotes from
                                                                                4. A greater effort to win public recognition and
            SSS Surveys
                                                                                   acceptance of the special needs of gifted children.
                                                                        Non-Profit Org.
            Gifted Child Society, Inc.                                  U.S. POSTAGE
            190 Rock Road                                                    PAID
                                                                         Permit No. 49
            Glen Rock, New Jersey 07452-1736                            Ridgewood, NJ

                                                            FIRST CLASS

A Summer Program for Gifted Children

                  STARS 201                    Academically Challenging Curriculum

      Recreational Programs
                                                       Special Friendships
                                        REGISTRATION FORM
Gifted Child Society, Inc., 190 Rock Road, Glen Rock, NJ 07452-1736             Phone: 201-444-6530 Fax: 201-444-9099

Child’s Name:                                                         Birth Date:                        Male       Female

Grade COMPLETED June 2010                                New Member? Yes             No        Check if New Address       o
Parent’s Name:

Street Address:                                                  Town:                                        Zip Code

Day Phone/Cell:                                     Email Address:

PROGRAM DATES AND TUITION:                                           FEE CALCULATION:
Check One:                                                           Registration Fee (non-refundable)          $ 60.00
 ____ June 28 – August 6 – Full Day                  $2475           Tuition                                    $_____
 ____ June 28 – August 6 – Mornings                  $2110           Membership ($20.00 unless paid 2009)       $_____
 ____ June 28 – July 16  – Full Day                  $1520           Swim Instruction* 3__ or 6__ weeks         $_____
 ____ June 28 – July 16  – Mornings                  $1440           Extended Supervision**                     $_____
 ____ July 19 – August 6 – Full Day                  $1520           Amount Due                                 $_____
 ____ July 19 – August 6 – Mornings                  $1440           Credit(s) toward tuition ***(deduct)       $_____
                                                                     TOTAL AMOUNT DUE                           $_____
*SWIM INSTRUCTION will be available during the after-                Amount Enclosed                            $_____
noon recreational program. A licensed water safety instructor
will provide small group instruction twice a week at $150/6         ***CREDITS: (full day campers only)
weeks or $75/3 weeks. Program is Red Cross certified. Swim          6 wks: $50/sibling or registration postmarked 2009
Instruction is available on a first come basis.                     3 wks: $25/sibling or registration postmarked 2009

**EXTENDED SUPERVISION: Available at $40/week (AM                   CAR POOLS: Please check ___ if you wish to be included
or PM till 5) or $60/week (AM and PM till 5 ) or $60/week           on list of families interested in car pools.
(PM only till 6) or $90/week (AM and PM till 6) for campers
who arrive 15 or more minutes early or are picked up 15 or          FRIDAY TRIPS: Included in tuition for all campers.
more minutes late. My child will need supervision:                  Morning only campers may also attend all trips.

8 to 9 AM ___ and/or 4 to 5 PM ___ 4 to 6PM ___                     CAMPER T-SHIRT SIZE:
                                                                    Adult:  Small ____ Medium ___ Large ___
BUSSING: Available from Teaneck and Paramus.
At-cost fee will be set when demand is known.                       Children:   Small ____ Medium ___ Large ___
Bussing Option: Yes _____       No_____
                                                                MEDIA CONSENT: Occasionally we take photos during class for
                                                                use in our catalog and other public media. Do we have permission
Recommended by Gifted Child Society member:
                                                                to use your child’s image?
                                                                                           Yes _____ No _____

REGISTRATION: Mail registration form and $60.00 non-refundable registration fee to:
                        Gifted Child Society
                        190 Rock Road, Glen Rock, NJ 07452-1736
Full tuition bill will be mailed to registrants May 1, 2010. Full payment is due no later than June 1, 2010.
Registrations postmarked on or before December 31, 2009 are eligible for discount. (See Credits above.)
REFUND POLICY: No tuition refunds will be given once camp has begun.

                   QUESTIONS? CALL THE GIFTED CHILD SOCIETY 201-444-6530
                                or e-mail to
                      2010 SUMMER SUPER STARS

      Enhanced Gifted Curriculum                                 WHO: Children who are four years old by June 28, 2010
                                                                 through current eighth graders. Campers must meet eligi-
      Varied Recreational Activities                             bility requirements of the Gifted Child Society. Eligibility
                                                                 forms are available on line at, or by call-
Summer Super Stars is a summer camp that is uniquely
                                                                 ing 201-444-6530.
tailored for gifted kids, with plenty of just plain fun activ-
ities plus the enrichment of academically challenging
                                                                 WHERE: Northern Highlands Regional High School,
classes. Classes are small (10 to 15) and include group
                                                                 298 Hillside Avenue, Allendale, NJ. See back for driving
and individual projects designed to stimulate imaginative
participation, hands-on creativity, and the development of
higher order thinking skills. The afternoon recreational
                                                                 WHEN: June 28 to August 6, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
program has been expanded to include a wide choice of
                                                                 Campers may enroll for entire six weeks or scheduled
supervised activities, including swimming, sports, games,
                                                                 three-week sessions. Optional mornings only, 9:00 AM to
recreational computers, crafts, and other fun activities.
                                                                 12:30 PM, is also available. Camp is closed in observance
Our Friday trips and special event programs augment the
                                                                 of July 4th on a date to be announced.
academic curriculum for increased learning opportuni-
ties. Summer Super Stars offers challenging enrichment,
                                                                 WHAT: The Academic morning consists of four periods.
stimulation, discovery, great friendships, and loads of
                                                                 The enhanced SSS curriculum includes explorations in
summer fun.
                                                                 science, technology, arts, and the humanities. A variety of
                                                                 courses may include physical, chemical, and biological
                        DIVISIONS:                               sciences, math and logic problem solving, computers,
                                                                 writing, engineering, art, foreign language, and culture.
 EARLY CHILDHOOD: Age four to current kinder-                    All classes are new for returning campers.
 garten students are placed age-appropriately in self-con-
 tained groups led by teams of early childhood teachers,
 CITs and counselors. Emphasis is placed on individual
 instruction, student involvement and social skills under
 careful supervision.

 PRIMARY: Current grades 1 – 3
                                                                 THE RECREATIONAL AFTERNOON includes
 INTERMEDIATE: Current grades 4 – 8                              swimming at Crestwood Lake (down the block), Monday
                                                                 to Thursday afternoons. All swim activities are supervised
 Primary & Intermediate Divisions consist of sub-                by water safety personnel and supported by Summer
 groups based on age and grade level emphasizing indi-           Super Stars staff. Other afternoon activities include recre-
 vidual potential, group skills and fun.                         ational computers and various team and individual sports
                                                                 as well as sand castle building contests, bookclub, sudoko,
                                                                 origami and more.

                                                                 STAFFING: The Camp Director and Curriculum
                                                                 Coordinator will provide experienced leadership and
                                                                 supervision of the academic and recreational programs.
                                                                 Staff includes master teachers, experienced teachers of the
                                                                 gifted, mature and capable counselors and responsible
                                                                 C.I.T.s. All are especially sensitive to the unique needs of
                                                                 gifted children. An experienced registered nurse is on the
                                                                 premises daily.

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