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                       Instructional Technology Request Form
Instructions: Please fill out this form if you would like to request software, hardware or create a form that will
assist you in your instructional needs or support your work at the School of Pharmacy. This form can be filled out as
well for research requests for new technology or applications.
Process of request for purchase of hardware/software:
STEP 1: Faculty/Staff (F/S) determines a particular technology need with their Department Chair or Dean. F/S submits form to Instructional
Technology Specialist (ITS-Angie). Please Cc your Department Chair or Dean to make the request known to them.
STEP 2: ITS will make sure that request complies with College standards, obtain pricing information and return the information to faculty/staff
and Cc Department Chair or Dean. If request does not comply with campus standards, alternatives will be proposed.
STEP 3: Department Chair will work with faculty/staff to assess need along with cost. If approved, Department Chair will send to Dr. Lin for
STEP 4: Dr. Lin will send signed approval or email approval to Angie.
STEP 5: Angie will process the request and work with IT to make purchase and installation.

Type of Request:                                                                                Date of Request:

Full Name:                                                      Email:                                                            Phone Ext:
FORMS: Please attach a sample of
your form or describe in the space
provided what you need.

RESEARCH: Please describe the
technology you would like more
information about or describe the
instructional need that you would like
to use technology for.

describe your technology need (what
you would like to do) and how will
this technology help support your
work at the School.

PRICING AND INFORMATION ABOUT TECHNOLOGY REQUEST (To be filled out by Instructional Technology Specialist)

    This complies with College technology standards and I approve of this request with the above specifications.
    This does not comply with College technology standards. Alternatives need to be researched to meet
    technology need and further discussion needs to be made. Please schedule an appointment with ITS to move ITS Initials                                   Date
    request forward.
DEPARTMENT CHAIR APPROVAL                                                                 DEAN APPROVAL
    I have reviewed and discussed the request with the faculty member.                         I have reviewed and discussed the request with the Dept. Chair. This
    This request complies with the faculty's job function at the                               request complies with the faculty's job function at the
    SOP and I approve of this request.                                                         SOP and I approve of this request.

    Request Denied                                Initials        Date                         Request Denied                                 Initials    Date
                             College of Notre Dame of Maryland | School of Pharmacy | 4701 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21210 | 410.532.5584
                                                                          Last Revised: 7/30/2009

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