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									              Case 0:05-cv-01420-RHK-AJB      Document 5-2    Filed 08/10/2005   Page 1 of 4

                                         State of Minnesota

                Christopher Roller
                     (Plaintiff)                     Judicial District: 4
                         vs.                         County: Hennepin
                                                     File Number: 05-6530
               Allina Health Systems                 Cast Type: Civil

                                  Amended Complaint - Conspiracy

In the original complaint, I was missing federal violations, so let me summarize a couple of federal
statutes that were violated...

    q   Discrimination against my First Amendments religious freedoms.
    q   Conspiracies to Interfere With Civil Rights (42 U.S.C. § 1985)
    q   Conspiracy Against Rights of Citizens (18 U.S.C. § 241)

According to, 75% of American's are Christians. This means that three
out of every four people are very familiar with the Bible and what it preaches. The remaining 25% are
familiar with most of the basic concepts, like the second coming. You would think that with the year
2000 approaching, that people would be looking out for the possibility of the 2nd coming making his/her
way to the stage. Well that's exactly what happened to me. I made my showing to Allina (United
Hospital) in April (Easter) 1999. I was told I was crazy, bi-polar, and mentally ill.

Sounds familiar, right? After all, everybody thought Jesus was crazy, and they later crucified him. It
turns out he was godly according to Christians. "Passion of the Christ" shows the pain and suffering
Jesus endured as a result of people's intolerance toward godly beliefs and the perceived crazy.
Following the movie's showing, there was hate of discontent because of what the Romans did to Jesus.
Everybody's mad because Jesus died. Everybody's wondering what did happen 2000 years ago, and
what would've happened if Jesus would have lived on and had a family. Who knows? With all the
questions lingering, you would think people would learn by now to be a little bit more accepting of
people that say they're the Second coming, especially near the year 2000. Since 3 out of 4 psychiatrists
are Christian, you would think that they would not want to condemn somebody who says they're Jesus.

The Bible also preaches to be aware of the Second coming because he might be a false profits, the devil
in disguise - Satan. Now could the mental health profession be using their religious beliefs to conspire
with the mob to keep Chris Roller down? A notion mentioned in case 05-446 (#18) against David
               Case 0:05-cv-01420-RHK-AJB      Document 5-2     Filed 08/10/2005    Page 2 of 4

Remember, religion is faith - belief without fact. It has no place in any profession and in the legal
system. But, our religion is ingrained in our very nature, and despite not admitting it in our profession,
we all believe our faith, and definitely use it in our job.

From case 05-446 (#18) against David Copperfield, I've mentioned that the mob has infiltrated every
profession, especially the more lucrative ones, like psychiatry. I'm assuming it's possible that the mob is
helping to socially crucify Chris Roller via the mental health profession, before he can come to the
surface and finally claim credit for his godly powers currently being used throughout the planet. Some
body/group is making financial gain from Chris Roller's godly powers, and trying to keep Chris Roller
from coming forward. I believe psychiatrists are using their religious beliefs in their profession and in
the legal system - a conspiracy with the mob to keep down the 2nd coming, despite knowing/believing,
according to the Bible, that he might show up. They would continue the Jesus-is-crazy legacy despite
2000 years of education of the blunder, and despite "Passion of the Christ's" portrayed suffering. Now
why would the mental health community be so against me that they don't want to give me a chance in
this world. If we look at the current world, it looks like it's going to hell. So what's the harm in letting
Chris Roller have a chance to make the world a better place to live.

I want to define a term called type 9 - a person who enjoys the pain and suffering and hardships of other
people. These people say something for pro-chaos, but buffer it with a phrase that socially acceptable
and sounds innocent - a dualism. The best example is "Jesus died for our sins", can actually mean to the
type 9, "Go ahead and sin because you'll be forgiven." And since sin is undefined, that leaves the door
open for anything evil, like the actions the mob exhibit. Non-Type 9 would say, "Wow, I'm glad Chris
Roller is on Social Security because people and companies have been wronging him." Type 9 instead
say, "Chris Roller is mooching off the system and should go out and get a job, the bum!"

These people may not be evil/hateful in their actions, but in their thoughts and words, and who they say
it to. Their sole is tainted with evil. Their heart has grown cold - their internal light has grown dim.
These people hate everything my web site stands for, and will call me the evil
one. I.e. "Don't trust him - he's a false prophet. Don't give him a chance to do good he claims, cause
he's just fooling you". These people actually enjoy the current war, but they buffer it with a common
pro-war/non-type-9 phrase, "We need to fight for freedom and democracy throughout the world."
Another common neutral statement is "For our safety and fear of a very few terrorist groups, lets take
the war against terrorism overseas before it reaches us." But type 9s will think, "Lets go out and kill
people because war turns people into type 9s". Ironically, suffering and hardship turns people's internal
light off, in turn, making them want other's to suffer - in sort-of a contagious spiritual virus one that I'm
not sure can be cured. Once the heart grows cold, I'm not sure it can be warmed with much security of it
staying warm.

Type 9 loves to be rich and does not like to suffer, and when they see a veteran on the side of road
homeless with sign, instead of giving them $10, they say, "Wow, I'm glad I'm not him." Or when
              Case 0:05-cv-01420-RHK-AJB       Document 5-2      Filed 08/10/2005   Page 3 of 4
somebody dies, they say, "Wow, I'm glad that's wasn't me." Or when they hear about a soldier that dies
in Iraq, they say, "Wow, I'm glad we're rich so our kids don't have to enlist, and can stay out of that
mess", or "I hope he took 10 Iraqi's with him", instead of something more caring/respectful like, "Wow,
I feel for the parents of that soldier. I wonder if this war is worth it." They promote fear in the public,
then use the fear as an excuse/catalyst to go to war and start killing. That when I say I'm the 2nd
coming, they say "You are not, but the devil in disguise". Or psychiatrists saying, "you're crazy Chris",
or "You're experiencing an episode, Chris" shortly after showing court papers that godly powers are on
the planet. Or "Chris, you're manic because you speak fast" instead of "you speak fast because you're
mind is so quick and smart".

The only time type 9 will give anything (like charity) is when it's of a public nature - so that's everybody
knows that they're a good guy, even though, internally, they're thinking "this sucks". Type 9 would best
be described as a good-guy con-man.

I recently saw a psychiatrist on July 15, 2005. He is well-aware of my suit with David Copperfiled, and
knows my web site. In the conversation, shortly after proving/showing the existence of godly powers
via DC court papers, I asked him if he was shocked about DC having godly powers. He acted like this
was no surprise to him (had no comment). He said nothing good about me or my web site or my law
suit. He insisted that I was manic and having another episode. He declared me manic/bipolar/crazy/
mentally ill again. This is no joke, but proof of the conspiracy against me. I think it goes deeper though
- I believe psychiatrists knew about DC's godly powers, and knew I'd come to collect the fruits of my
wonderful powers - a religious and psychiatric conspiracy by type 9 perpetrated and funded by/with the
mob to keep Chris Roller down.

I believe the caging on Oct 28, 2004 (Quello/Fairview complaint - 19-C7-05-6586), was also conspired
by religious/mob type 9s, perhaps in a quest to commit (cage) me permanently, but God didn't have that
in his plan that week. The judge dismissed my slander lawsuit because of MN statute 253B.05, ignoring
Fairview's slanderous ways, who's calling me psychotic and mentally ill again, helping to promote and
protect the continuous loop of Chris Roller's loser status, similar to the Circle-of-Life, but in my case,
Circle-of-Insanity and Circle-of-Fear/Mistrust in everyone who hears about me and my web site.
Psychiatrist are making me into a false prophet, and I really haven't done anything to deserve it.

Minnesota statute 541.15(a)(2) states that on a disability occurs during the statute of limitations, that the
limitation is extended for five years. I was declared disabled on February 18, 2002. The statute extents
this statute of limitations to Nov 1, 2007.

In Allina's original complaint, I mentioned how someone at the CIA/FBI was playing a joke on me,
where I'm the butt of the joke. I do believe that the joke was played by someone at Allina, who turned
my intended joke into something serious. I do believe there is a conspiracy against me, Chris Roller, the
second coming, a godly entity, to call me mentally ill, psychotic, bipolar, etc, to keep me from coming
             Case 0:05-cv-01420-RHK-AJB       Document 5-2    Filed 08/10/2005   Page 4 of 4
forward to claim the fruits of my godly powers. This very harmful name-calling hurts my feelings
(essentially calling me a loser) and causes people to be afraid of me (because I'm mentally ill). It also
discriminates against my First Amendments religious freedoms I express at
(shown in Quello/Fairview complaint - 19-C7-05-6586). This also violates some statutes, namely,
Conspiracies to Interfere With Civil Rights (42 U.S.C. § 1985), and Conspiracy Against Rights of
Citizens (18 U.S.C. § 241). I am suing Allina Health Systems for $1 billion (reserve $ increments based
on future evidence) for conspiracy against a godly entity.

Respectfully submitted,

Date: _______________________                   _________________________________
                                                Christopher Roller (pro se)
                                                13150 Harriet Ave. S #273
                                                Burnsville, MN 55337

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