Make sure you upload photos of your sporting                   MARK YOUR
activities on Studywiz too. If you require more                CALENDARS!
equipment please let me know.

NAPLAN results have arrived at the school and                         aaaa
we are in the process of reviewing, filing and
                                                          DATES TO REMEMBER
sending the results to families this week. The
                                                    •   Last Day of Term 3 – Friday 25th
results will include a Parent Information Guide,
however if you wish to discuss the results
further, please contact your teacher or myself.
                                                    •   First Day of Term 4 (students) –
                                                        Tuesday 13th October
The CSOTA outdoor activity area is nearly           •   Sports Day Friday 16th October
complete as part of the Federal School Pride        •   Year 4/5 Group B Assembly – Friday
Project funding (see photos in newsletter). This        30th October
will be a perfect area for Home Tutor’s             •   School Dentist open - Monday 19th
Seminars and student activities. We look                October until Week 9
forward to sharing it with you soon (hopefully      •   Cyber Safety On Air Guest –
graduation time).
                                                        Wednesday 11th November
                                                    •   Staff PD Cyber Safety – Thursday
The CSOTA Sports Carnival will be held on
Friday the 16th of October in the first week
                                                        12th November
of term four. This year it will be held at the      •   Year 4/5 Group A Assembly – Friday
newly developed Festival Ground. Please let me          20th November
know if you are able to help with making lunches    •   Year 7 Assembly – Friday 4th
at the canteen on the day. I look forward to            December
seeing everyone there and it will be a fantastic    •   Graduation Concert – Monday 7th
opportunity to meet our new families. Please see        December
the flyer in the newsletter for more details.       •   CSOTA Open Day – Tuesday 8th
Thank you to Joyce McKay (Home Tutor/School
                                                    •   SOTA Muster campers depart
Council Member) for organising the first Home
Tutors Network meeting over Centra on
                                                        Carnarvon – Tuesday 8th December
Thursday the 24th of September. This followed       •   SOTA Muster campers return from
the P&C meeting. It was a brilliant opportunity         Perth – Tuesday 15th December
for home tutors to discuss issues and canvas        •   Last Day of Term 4 – Thursday 17th
ideas relevant to their vital role in the school.       December
This is designed to be an ongoing support           And, just so you can plan your well-
strategy, so all home tutors and teachers are       deserved holidays:
encouraged to join in.                              •   First Day of Term 1, 2010 (students)
                                                        – Monday 1st February 2010 to be
That wraps up my ‘slightly too long’ report. I
                                                        confirmed. See
wish everyone a safe and refreshing break and I
look forward to catching up with you again in
term four.                                              /termdates/

Yours sincerely,
Jim Peletier

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