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Dec 13 2009 by byrnetown74


									                 WESTMINSTER UNITED CHURCH
                 SUNDAY, DECEMBER 13TH, 2009                                                                          Westminster United Church
Day     Date     Time         Event                                   Location
                                                                                                         Advent and Christmas Schedule of Events
Mon     Dec 14 6:30 pm        Divorce Care Meeting                    Founders’ Rm
                                                                                      Event                             Date              Time             Place
                 7:00 pm      Foodman Group                           Kitchen
                                                                                      Sunday School Christmas           Sun, Dec 13th     10:30 am         Sanctuary
                 7:00 pm      Yoga Class                              Large SS Rm     Pageant
Tues    Dec 15 1-3 pm         Stroke Recovery Meeting                 Founders’ Rm    Carols at Westminster             Sun, Dec 13th     7:00 pm          Sanctuary
Thurs Dec 17 9:30 am          WHAM Planning Meeting                   Founders’ Rm    Christmas Sunday Service          Sun, Dec 20th     10:30 am         Sanctuary
                 7:00 pm      Baptism Preparation Meeting             Founders’ Rm    with Baptism
                                                                                      Christmas Eve Family              Thurs, Dec 24th   2:30 pm          Sanctuary
                 7:30 pm      Choir Practice                          Sanctuary
                                                                                      Services – 18th Annual Youth                        4:30 pm
Fri     Dec 18 6:30 pm        Christmas Movie: St. Nicholas – A       Sanctuary       Production “Any Church in a                         6:30 pm
                              Story of Joyful Giving (a VeggieTales                   Storm” with live animals
                              Christmas production)                                   including Yahoo, the camel
Sun     Dec 20 10:30 am       Christmas Sunday Service with           Sanctuary       and friends.
                              Baptism                                                 Christmas Eve Candlelight         Thurs, Dec 24th   10:00 pm         Sanctuary
                 12:00 pm     Christmas Eve Play Rehearsal            Sanctuary       & Communion Service

Mitten Tree: The cold season is here. Please help decorate the                                     Please note the preparations that have been made for the Advent
mitten tree in the Narthex. As in the past these items will be                                     and Christmas season; Advent, meaning preparing, of which
donated to 5 local schools. For further info please contact Barbara                                waiting is a part. The four Sundays of Advent are November 29,
Auchterlonie, 905-430-1715.                                                                        December 6, 13, and 20. The following symbols are a part of this
                                                                                     tradition. The wreath, a circle reminding us of God's endless love and the
Did You Know That Sharing YOGA with Children helps                                   greenery reminding us of new life. The colours of purple and blue remind us of
them: to be loving, feel loved, and to get in touch with themselves and learn        royalty and of hope. The colour white reminds us of Jesus Christ. You will notice
to trust their instincts. There will be a new eight week session of parent/child     in the Narthex and the Sanctuary the following symbols. A mitten tree, a Glory
yoga for 8-12yr olds beginning January 9th—March 6th, 2010. The new sign             Banner, a white Nativity scene, tissue stained glass, candles, poinsettias, large
up sheet is on the welcome table. Namaste.                                           banners, life sized Mary and Joseph, and yes an empty manger. Ponder the light
                                                                                     these symbols call forth and ponder the light within yourself this Christmas
Memory Box Project: Small sensory items from home, shoeboxes, old                    season. Blessings to all. The Sanctuary Committee.
cards, and wrapping paper are needed to create memory boxes for local
nursing homes. Donations can be left in the designated box by the Welcome            Our Stroke Recovery Support Group is looking for a donation of an
Table until Dec 20. For more info, contact Alissa Sallans/Kathleen ffolliott at      overhead projector. Please contact Maureen Dingman 905-576-3151 if you can
905-430-2797.                                                                        help.

Christmas Gifts of coffee, tea, hot chocolate and chocolate bars are now             Milk Bags for Mats: Please save the outer bags when you buy the 4-litre
available in the gym after church. Orders accepted.                                  bags of milk and drop them off in the box in the narthex. These bags will be
                                                                                     crocheted into sleeping mats for use in third world countries. For more
                                                                                     information, please contact Susan Scherbak (905) 430-9600.

 1850 Rossland Rd. E Whitby, ON L1N 3P2                     Tel: (905) 723-6442        1850 Rossland Rd. E Whitby, ON L1N 3P2                  Tel: (905) 723-6442
 E-mail:                   Website:        E-mail:                Website:
                                                                                         Christmas Angels are in! All who placed an order may pick
                                                                                         them up in the gym after service today. Thank you to Cheryle Artymko
                                                                                         and Beth Mah who made this fundraiser possible, and to all of you who
                    Carols at Westminster!                                               bought angels to support our youth retreat!
        is this year’s version of Lessons and Carols, and we are gearing up for
        a lot of family Christmas fun with some classic carols. The sing along                      Amped Youth INC… present for your tastebuds:
        will take place on THIS EVENING, at 7:00 pm. Please bring along                       Spaghetti Dinner and Good Deeds Auction
        some food for our food bank or a monetary donation can also be                        January 10th, 2010 Dinner service 5-7pm
        made. This year we have added a little twist—the carols selected will
        be based on those that had the most votes. We will be offering a brief
        history of the origins of the carols as well. Of course, what
        are carols without some hot drinks and cookies? Hang
        around after and your Health Cabinet and Youth group will                  Delicious 3 course meal, prepared and served by our senior youth group plus the
                                                                                   opportunity to bid on the time and talents of our youth and congregation in our new
        treat you to some well deserved yummies. Looking forward                   silent auction! Freewill offering gratefully accepted – ALL are welcome!
        to seeing, and hearing all of you TONIGHT!!

                                                                                  Youth Central
Come join Westminister’s Book Club: Review the following books…                   Junior Lights (Grades 4-6)
           Jan 20th: “The Secret Life of Cee Cee Wilkes” by Diane                 Amped! Youth Inc (Grades 7-12)
           Feb17th: “Audacity to Hope” by Barack Obama                            Wednesday, December 16th, 2009, 6:30-8pm: Christmas Caroling at Lakeridge
                                                                                  Health. All youth and their families are invited to attend and spread some good tidings!
These are 2 great books, very interesting. Bring with you choices of books you
would like to read. We would like to include them as we compile a list for the    Friday, December 18th, 2009, 6:30-8 pm: The whole congregation is invited to come
next few months of reading. If you have any questions please contact Shirley      out and watch “St. Nicholas – A Story of Joyful Giving” a VeggieTales Christmas
Penny, (905)430-8122.                                                             production. Freewill donations gratefully accepted. ALL welcome.

                                                                                  Amped! Youth Inc (Grades 7-12):
                    CHRISTMAS HAMPER PROGRAM
                                                                                  Thursday, January 7th, 6:30-8pm: What Do We Have To Give?
                                                                                  Sunday, January 10th: 5-7pm (dinner service) 3-8pm (youth helpers needed)
                                                                                  Annual Spaghetti Dinner and Good Deeds Auction
                                                                                  Sunday, January 17th: Full Retreat Payment Due
                   Again this year, the Westminster congregation
                      is reaching out to many needy families                      Thursday, January 21st, 6:30-8pm: Guest Speaker TBA.
                     through our Christmas Hamper Program.
                                                                                  Fri, Jan 29th - Sun, Jan 30th: Weekend Retreat at Fair Glens Youth Retreat Centre
                       10:30 AM—2:30 PM                                           Junior Lights! (Grades 4-6):

                We still need more drivers to deliver this afternoon!!            Sunday, January 17th, after service: Location TBA. Tobogganing/Tubing! Dress
                     Please see the Outreach folks in the gym                     warm, bring a lunch to church, and enjoy some hot chocolate together!
                            after the service to volunteer.                                 Questions or comments, please contact Anne Tiffin at

 1850 Rossland Rd. E Whitby, ON L1N 3P2                    Tel: (905) 723-6442     1850 Rossland Rd. E Whitby, ON L1N 3P2                          Tel: (905) 723-6442
 E-mail:                  Website:     E-mail:                        Website:

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