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									16             December 2009


Calendar touts tractor icons
      EVERAL of the antique tractors                                                           calendar is a 1921 Frick 15-28,
      featured in the 2010 Classic Farm
                                              Key Points                                       pictured at the Rough &
      Tractors Calendar are connected         ■ The 21st edition of famous calendar ties       Tumble Engineers Historical   l
to specific historical events involving          tractors to history.                           Museum, Kinzers, Pa. The      e
Deere & Co. and International Harvester,      ■ The 2010 calendar includes a tractor           tractor weighs 6,100 pounds.
two famous tractor icons in America.            owned by a former president.                      For more information      n
    The cover photo matches the cal-          ■ It also features a picture story of Farmalls   or to buy the Classic Farm   m
endar year with a tractor model. Thus,          at a now closed factory.                                                       88 8979
                                                                                               Tractors Calendar, call 800-888-8979 or      Source: John Harvey Classic Tractor
the John Deere 2010 tractors are pic-                                                          see              Fever
tured with owners Walter and Bruce
Keller from Wisconsin.
    All three 2010 models are rare. One
is a diesel crawler, formerly owned by
Washington State University. Another
is an LP wide-front with an extremely
rare John Deere Model 52 stacker from
California. The third is a 2010 Hi-Crop,
one of only 133 built. The August page
of the 2010 calendar features another
John Deere from the Kellers’ cache, a
1960 4010.
    In that month, 50 years ago (Aug.
30, 1960), Deere introduced its “New
Generation of Power” with four- and
six-cylinder engines in newly designed
tractors — a complete surprise to the
5,670 John Deere dealers invited to the
extravaganza staged at the Cotton Bowl
in Dallas. The 4010 proved to be the pick
of the litter of the 10 series, and the un-
veiling of the “New Generation” was one
of the best-kept secrets in history.
    The November tractor, owned by
former President Dwight D. Eisenhower,
is a 1955 Cockshutt Black Hawk 40. The
Canadian tractor is pictured in front of
the barn on Ike’s farm near Gettysburg
National Military Park in Pennsylvania.
    A 1954 Farmall Super M appears in
June, pictured in the famous Farmall
Plant where it was made. The factory in
Rock Island has since been demolished,
but pictures were taken when a group
of IH enthusiasts drove their Farmalls
down the assembly line where the trac-
tors were built. A picture story of the
memorable event is included in the 2010
Classic Farm Tractors Calendar, with
Max Armstrong driving the Super M.

Family heirloom
A 1959 Oliver 880 is an Iowa tractor on
the April page, one of only 249 like it.
It’s painted Mist Green rather than the
more common Meadow Green. The Mist
Green did not appeal to Oliver owners,
but in this case, the tractor was hunted
down by the grandson of the original
owner, after numerous phone calls, ads
and e-mails. It’s a family heirloom.
    Both the December and January trac-
tors are pictured in snow. A 1951 Ford
8N with a Dearborn snowplow doing
its thing in Illinois graces the January
page. For December, a huge pile of
snow in Wisconsin is the backdrop for a
1956 Case 500, restored by a father and
daughter, Darrell and Pam Jahnke.
    An Arizona crawler, a 1938 Allis-
Chalmers WM, shares the spotlight with
a peacock on the February page, while a
1943 Minneapolis-Moline ZTS shows its
stuff in March. This Minne-Mo is owned
by a former University of Missouri vice
chancellor who has a passion for an-
tique tractors and steam engines.
    A tractor made in Australia is
May, a handsome 1960 Chamberlain
Canelander that rates 60 horsepower.
    The oldest tractor shown in the 2010

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