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					                   Week of Sacrifice
                           By W. A. Spicer

        F all the dates in our annual calendar, none I think is more
          generally and joyjully anticipated and prepared for than
          the Week of Sacrifice. At the end of this week, brethren
 and sisters oj the Blessed Hope in all the world will be bringing in
their offerings oj sacrifice for missions.
    All the days of giving are good. We rejoice in them. We know
well that giving is the law oj the kingdom oj heaven and the law oj
every heart that is bound for the kingdom.
    But the Week oj Sacrifice somehow mellows the heart in a
special way. All over the earth it sets men and women and children
studying how to save something here and there for the sake oj
Christ, with a glow oj joy in the heart when the effort meant genuine
sacrifice. Somehow, it brings us closer to the One who made the
great sacrifice for us. By that sacrifice we have the gift of life
eternal. In the same spirit oj sacrifice, we give to send the mes-
sage oj eternal life to souls in all the lands.
    Not as an obligatory rule, workers in the cause are invited on
this week to give the week's salary back to God. At the end oj a
year oj giving it means real sacrifice to many a worker's home and
loved ones, but thousands will do it with a glow oj joy in the heart.
We invite many thousands oj brethren and sisters to join the work-
ers in this dedication oj the week's income.
    This year we have seen wonderful things in this dark world.
We have seen the latter rain jailing in showers here and there, and
wherever it jails, all heaven is surely looking to us to enter in and
reap the fruitage springing up.
    Pray for the fields. Talk it over in every church and in every
home. No one can tell another just how to sacrifice, but Christ
who sacrificed for us, will help us to know the way this year.

Christ gave His all for you.       What will you give for Him ?
                  Answer the question during
           WEEK OF SACRIFICE, MAY 3-10.
                                            AFRICAN DIVISION OUTLOOK                                         APRIL 14, 1930

        Week of Sacrifice                   workers in this special gift to the       Small amounts piled up into large
                                            Lord's treasury.                          sums and many a deserving object
     EVIDENCE on every hand assures            May the spirit of sacrifice be ex-     benefitted thereby.
  us that God is leading His people on      tended to every Advent home                  We are far from being a wealthy
  to victory, and that this is our day      throughout the entire field, and thus     people, but God has blessed us in
  of opportunity. The blessing of           the largest Week of Sacrifice offering    many ways. Worldly wealth counts
  heaven, which has been with the           in the history of our work be received    for naught unless it is used to benefit
  workers in the evangelistic campaigns     during the week of May 3-10.              others. True happiness comes to
  in South Africa during recent months,        May heaven bless our believers         those who are seeking ways and
  has greatly cheered our hearts. Sure-     throughout the field in connection        means to help others.
  ly, the arm of God has been made          with this important endeavour.               The Week of Sacrifice will afford
  bare in the saving of souls in the ef-                         N. C. WILSON.        us an opportunity of giving liberally
  forts just closing at Ermelo, Germis-                                               to help further advance the work of
  ton, Salisbury and Woodstock. A                                                     God. May the privilege of giving be
  volume of interesting and inspiring                                                 taken advantage of by all of God's
  experiences could be written by the         She Hath Done What She                  dear people everywhere at this time
  faithful workers connected with these                                               so that the blessing of God may fur-
  efforts, which would again assure us                 Could
                                                                                      ther attend our ways and strengthen
  that God is today leading the host of         THOSE who truly love and serve the    us for the battles of life until finally
  Israel.                                    Lord are willing to make any sacrifice   all shall receive their reward in
     Then, we think of how God is            for Him. Only those, who like Judas,     heaven for faithful service rendered
 blessing in the preaching of the Word       have no appreciation of the worth of     in this life.
  all through the mission fields. Most       Christ will find cause to complain.                           J. E. SYMONS.
 encouraging reports and experiences         When Mary Magdalene came with
 could be passed on from every mis-          her box of precious ointment, ob-
 sion field, from the South African          tained at great price, to anoint the
 fields to the Congo and Ruanda, and         feet of Jesus, Judas grumbled. "The       Sacrifice Means Christian
 from Nyasaland across the Zambesi           money," he said, "might have been
                                             spent to better advantage."                         Growth
 Union to Angola.
     This is no time for discouragement,        How many times we consider our            WHEN Noah was commissioned of
  dear brethren and sisters, for God         own interests and really believe that     God to deliver the last warning mes-
  is going before us all through the         these should receive first considera-     sage to the antedeluvian world, it was
  Division in opening hitherto closed        tion. The trouble is that we are so       no easy task to prove faithful to the
 doors, and is giving a rich harvest of      wrapped up in ourselves that we are       solemn trust. The message was not
 souls in all the fields. Truly, a great     unable to appreciate the needs of         a welcome one, nor was Noah pro-
 shout of gratitude and praise should        others. All around us are those in        claimed a deliverer of his people.
 go up from the camp of Israel today,        need, and God's message of eternal       Though a degree of curiosity and in-
 for we are living during wonderful          salvation must go everywhere.             terest may at first have been shown,
 and stirring times.                            The feet of Christ were often weary   yet public opinion was deeply stirred
                                            as He trod the dusty roads of             against Noah. Scorn and scoffing,
     And now we have come to another         Palestine, yet He never thought of       prejudice and active persecution were
 Week of Sacrifice—a week of oppor-         Himself. Wherever there was a soul        levelled at him in turn; but, despite
 tunity and blessing. Angels of heaven      in need of His help, Christ was ready     it all, Noah persisted in his mission.
 would be glad to do the work given         to give it. He counted not His life       His confidence in the outcome was
 to our hands, and be honoured if           dear unto Himself. He, though He          unbounded. He cared not for repu-
 given the privilege of making the sac-     was rich became poor, that we             tation, for goods, or for lands. To
 rifices we have the privilege of mak-      through His poverty might be rich.        those about him it must have seemed
 ing. We can never afford to become         He gave all to help us. Like Him,         a tremendous sacrifice. But, regard-
 weary now, dear brethren and sisters,      it is our privilege to empty ourselves    ing it as we do in the light of subse-
 in our giving and sacrifice, for we are    that others might be helped to gain       quent events, it was well worth while.
 too near victory—too near the finish-      a knowledge of Him who has done               It must have been a tremendous
 ing of our heaven-appointed task, too      so much for them.                         undertaking for Abraham in response
 near our heavenly home.                        Do we appreciate the real worth of    to God's call, to leave home and coun-
     Surely our workers, without excep-     Christ's great sacrifice on our behalf?   try, and to go out not knowing
 tion, right throughout the conferences     If so, then we will know and feel for     whither he went. It might have
 and mission fields, will rally to the      others in need. All heaven is in-         seemed sacrifice, too, when he gave
Week of Sacrifice call. Let us make a       terested in the work of God upon          to Lot the rich, well-watered plains
 100% response this year. The times         earth. Angels are ministering spirits     of Jordan and took the less fertile
 call for it; we cannot afford person-      sent forth to minister to help those      region for himself. But, viewed from
 ally to be deprived of the blessing to     who here below are faithfully doing       the distance of the intervening years,
be derived from this annual sacrifice.      service for God.                          the seeming sacrifice was amply re-
    And this privilege of sacrifice is by       During the great war, there were      warded. In every generation there
no means confined to the conference         many appeals for help and we re-          have been those who, in answer to the
workers, for an earnest invitation is       member how all were urged to "give        call of duty, have made tremendous
•extended to our faithful people            until it hurts." Many gave willingly      sacrifices that their God-given re-
throughout the Division to join our         in those days of stress and trial. -      sponsibility might be faithfully dis-
APRIL 14, 1930                               AFRICAN DIVISION OUTLOOK

charged. But, as with better per-            Week of Sacrifice plan seems to have wind greeted my entrance. Loose
spective, we view the field of their ac-     come to stay and not only is its influ- papers had fallen to the floor, the at-
complishments we readily recognise           ence being felt in foreign lands, but tendant's hair was dishevelled and
the adequacy of their reward—their           the personal experiences of those who some flowers were bending in the
own personal salvation and that of           take part in the sacrifice are greatly gay breeze. At my request, the clerk
others of their generation, and the          enriched. It has, therefore, become removed the fan and attached a
joy of bequeathing to posterity an           not only a blessing to the field, but a heater. What a difference! The air
influence that through all time would        blessing to those who give.              immediately became quiet and in
be a mighty power for good.                     May 3-10 has been set apart as the place of wind there was warmth.
    A whole-hearted response to the          Week of Sacrifice in the -African Di- Radiant heat emanated, which warm-
call of God demands a degree of sacri-       vision, and our workers and members ed the room and cheered us.
fice. It always has done and it al-          throughout the field are earnestly in-      I took a lesson from these two
ways will. The achievements of men           vited to unite with our members in friends—the fan and the heater. The
of God in all ages offer abundant            all parts of the world in contributing fan blew a chilling blast; the heater
proof of this. The church of God was         one week's income to the Week of gave cheering comfort. Which am I
purchased by blood—the supreme               Sacrifice Fund. Last year, there was going to be during the Big Week
sacrifice of the Son of God. Sacri-          contributed during that week, £607- Campaign? I may be a fan setting
fice has marked its every advance.            7-8 by the workers and members of up a blast of wind which blows no-
Nor is this restricted to the church, as     the South African Union. This was body any good. This wind may be a
a body. It is true of its individual         a record offering, and represented wind of excuse, a wind of grumbling,
members; no advance is made in               nearly twice as much as any other a wind of unwillingness. Excuses will
spiritual experience, no growth in the       mission offering during the year, ex- fall. to the floor. Grumbling will
 Christian graces without a spirit of        cept Sabbath School and Harvest In- crumble under the Master's invitation
 self-surrender, a dying to self; and        gathering. Can we not do even bet- to work. Unwillingness will only
this not in spasmodic efforts, but in         ter this year?                          chill others and make our own lives
 the constant trend of one's daily ac-           Never in all history has there been cheerless. I may be a heater and
 tivities. It is the spirit of sacrifice      a time when world events have been from me may radiate warmth;
 that counts, and in the little self-de-      as fraught with meaning for the warmth which will encourage others
 nials this spirit is most often ac-          church of God as they are today. to be heaters and not fans. From
quired. We cannot expect to make              Not a day passes but the news of me as I go from door to door may
 big sacrifices some day and yet with-        current events seems crowded with emanate a cheery, warming atmo-
 hold from God today the smaller              the evidence of fulfilling prophecy. sphere, and the books which are sold
 things.                                      We are living in the time of the end. may certainly warm the hearts of
    Sacrifice may become a habit, a           Jesus is soon to come. Every day those who are cold.
 tendency like anything else, and it          brings us nearer the time, and should       What will I be, and what will you
grows by exercise. Every opportunity          be marked with an increasing spirit be during Big Week—a fan or a
 to exercise it should be welcomed by         of earnestness and sacrifice on the heater?
 those who would make it supreme in           part of God's people. Remembering
 their lives.                                 the supreme sacrifice that was made
                                              for our salvation, and the sacrifices               Why It Pays
    In the Week of Sacrifice, we have         made by God's people in all ages of
 a small beginning, a reminder, as it         this world's history, and the spirit        AN invitation has come to me to
 were, of the sacrifices that have been       of sacrifice which we ourselves must tell why it pays to have an active part
 made by others and of the further            develop if we are ever to go through in our annual campaigns and par-
 sacrifice which we ourselves expect to       to the Kingdom, let us take part with ticularly in the Big Week Campaign.
,makev The week was first observed            gratitude in the plan of sacrificing        During the nine years I spent as a
 in 1922 when a special emergency             one week's income, May 3-10, toward      soldier, and later as a commissioned
 faced the Denomination, and it               the finishing of the work.               officer, on active military service, I
 seemed necessary for workers to be                               A. FLOYD TARE.       always found that the men who en-
 withdrawn from the world-wide field                                                   joyed the best experience, who were
 for lack of funds. Our members                                                        the happiest, the most dependable
 throughout the world, on learning of                                                  when danger closed around, were
 the crisis, responded nobly to the call,-                BIG WEEK                     those who were always found stepping
 and donated one week's income to a                                                    to the front first when volunteers
 special fund which would keep the                       CAMPAIGN                      were called for any special work.
 workers in the field and not retard                                                      The same men were in evidence
 the work of God. So important a                            June 1-7                   whenever the call came for volun-
 place in the mission field programme                                                  teers and the nature of the call did
 has the Week of Sacrifice come to fill                                                not matter much either—a dangerous
 that it is now regarded as one of our                                                 night reconnissance, a risky scouting
 regular offerings, and is contributing               Wind or Warmth                   party, a lone vigal at some outpost,
 thousands of pounds each year to-               WHAT a difference there is between the storming of some almost impreg-
 ward the funds of our world-wide             an electric fan and an electric heater! nable position, it was all the same to
 work. To eliminate it from our pres-            A fan was whirling and spinning them. They left the ranks immedi-
 ent programme would precipitate a            as I entered an electric shop. The ately the call was made and "got on
 crisis such as existed in 1922. The          air had been stirred and a breezy with the job."
                                           AFRICAN DIVISION OUTLOOK                                              APRIL 14, 1930

    It was good to see those men step      enter in by the Heart, the Soul, the         profits on all literature sold are going
 out smartly with clear eye and reso-      Mind; but we can all enter by the            to assist in urgent enterprises in the
 lute look, each determined to uphold      way of our Strength, and after a time        field. The light which we ourselves
 the honour of the regiment. They          the fact of doing things for Christ will     have received must still be carried to
knew the risk they were taking.            induce love to Him.                          others. Our own devotion to the
They were ready to face the opposi-           "Do not try to feel love: just prac­      Truth, our own appreciation of its
 tion, the privation, yes, perhaps suf-    tise the doing of little things for love's   blessings, must be reflected in our
 fering, and even death.                   sake; and as you pursue this purpose,        earnestness in directing its rays to
    And when they came back—those          you will find yourself beginning to          those who in darkness are groping
who escaped—it was a real tonic to         love for love's sake."—T. B. Meyer.          for the light. This third great need
all to note the look of happiness and                              F. E. POTTER.        is one that can be answered by all.
content on their faces. The very fact                      <|> *S>                      Even those who for some special rea-
 of duty done, and done willingly,                                                      son are unable to go out personally
 self-sacrificingly, was their reward,
                                           How Our Workers and Mem-                     can join with the others in contribut-
and that reward brought joy to their       bers Can Co-operate in the                   ing one day's income to the Big Week
 soul, added courage to their heart,           Big Week Campaign                        Fund. Every member, therefore, may
 and radiating from their faces, sent                                                   in some way have a definite part in
a glow of inspiration and encourage-          THE Big Week Campaign is of               this unique opportunity for mission-
ment into the lives of their comrades.     three-fold importance. Any one of            ary activity.
                                            the three main purposes that it serves         As workers and members, we can
    Why did it pay those men to volun-     would make it deserving of our whole-
 teer for special service? Because it                                                   only co-operate with the maximum
                                           hearted support.                             enthusiasm in the Big Week Cam-
 enriched their own courage and               First of all we need it. As mem-
strength and inspired their comrades.                                                   paign as we recognise the wonderful
                                           bers of the church, to which God has         opportunity it affords for missionary
They toned up their own lives and           entrusted the most solemn and im-
introduced a better tone into the                                                       service, and as we determine that we
                                           portant message ever committed to            —you and I individually—will enter
whole regiment.                            man, our own experience must be
    Do you see the application of this                                                  into it whole-heartedly as those who
                                           kept fresh by a constant outflow as          look for the Lord's return.
little story, brethren and sisters? Of     well as inflow of divine truth. Our
course you do! "Big Week" is a                                                                               A. FLOYD TARR.
                                           own reception of the truth has kin-
special campaign for which volunteers      dled a fire in our own experience,
are needed. In God's service there is      which to be kept burning must be
no compulsion. God wants you to            fanned with the performance of acts               "Signs of the Times"
•volunteer for service in this important   of service for others. We must find
campaign. You are not to think of                                                                 Campaign
                                           avenues of activity in the exercise of
failure, you are not to anticipate op-     that God-given ambition to "go and              OUR readers, and especially those
position, not to fear ridicule. You        tell others," that always comes with         who took an active part in the recent
are to throw off all pride, self pity,     a genuine acceptance of the Mes-             campaign in the interests of the Signs
and fear of man. Step out of the           sage.                                        of the Times will be pleased to learn
ranks when the call comes for volun-          Our salvation depends upon our at-        of the results of the special efforts
teers. Step out smartly, head up,          titude toward this question. And in          made in the interests of our good
eye clear. "Get on with the job."          the Big Week Campaign is an organ-           paper.
Go through with it until the cam-          ised avenue of service that will enable         Subscriptions sent in to the Sentinel
paign is over.                             us riot only to discharge our obliga-                   Publishing Company
    Then when you come back, your          tion to others but to enjoy that rich
face will advertise the joy and courage    experience ourselves, that can only          Port Elizabeth Book Depository 701
your heart has received, and the com-      come from the flowing of grace               Johannesburg Book Depository ~ 389
rades behind will note it, and from it     through our own lives into the, lives        Rhodesia-Bechuanaland Conf.    118
gain incentive to step out themselves      of others.                                   Congo Union Mission             31
when the next campaign comes                  Our neighbours need it. The truth-        South Rhodesia Mission Field    24
around.                                    laden leaves of our literature contain       Bechuanaland Mission Field      12
    Thus you enrich your own experi-       a message of solemn import for every         North Rhodesia Mission Field    10
ence and obey God's command—"Be            one of our neighbours. Who knows
thou a blessing"! Yes, it DOES pay         but what you may be the only one                            Total               1285
to go out and sell "Big Week" books        whom some neighbour will ever be                 We expect there were many who
—it always will pay, pay you, pay          privileged to hear? If you knew that          had good experiences during the cam-
your timid brother or sister in your       the only opportunity your neighbours          paign, and we ask for the encourage-
church, and pay the dear souls who         would have of receiving the Message           ment of others that you send to the
still grope in the darkness from which     was;,, through..your, yisit .during this.,   .PUTLOOK: a report of your : work.
Jesus, out of his wondrous love, drew      Big Week Campaign, would you stay             This is what Brother F. R. Stockil,
you.                                       at home? You do not know but that             of Rhodesia, says: "Wishing to can-
    You are going out this year, are       there are some in your own com-               vass for subscriptions for the African
you not? Of course!                        munity whose only opportunity of              Signs in Fort Victoria, when visiting
    "It is a great comfort to realise      hearing this Message will be through          the town for this purpose, the writer
that there are four gateways into the      some effort of yours.                         wondered where to commence, and
city of Love. We may not be able to           The mission, field needs it. The           finally decided to begin by canvassing
APRIL 14, 1930                             AFRICAN DIVISION OUTLOOK

  the manager of one of the principal                                                 hi life is, to pass on to others the
  stores in Victoria.                                                                 blessings which have come to him.
       "Upon approaching this place of
  business, the devil seemed to say 'no
                                                    H. M. Dept.                       We cannot, we dare not, withhold
                                                                                      from those in need the blessings
                                                     L. A. Vixie, Secretary           which this Truth has brought to us.
  use trying here, he will only ridicule
  the idea of subscribing to such a small                                             Missionary endeavour brings life and
  paper.' On the other hand another                                                   warmth to our own hearts, and peace
  conviction urged 'try anyway, it will The Evangelisation of the                     and salvation to others.
   be worth while.' Not wishing to be                                                    The hope of a soon-coming Saviour
   turned from the decision already                World Our Task                     and of a finished work urges us on.
   made by any thought of failure, I ap-      "Go the whole world over, and pro-      Soon the "blessed hope" of our Savi-
   proached the manager, who fortun- claim the Good News to all mankind.              our's return is to be realised, and so
   ately for the time being was disen- He who believes and is baptised shall          let us send on the good word to our
   gaged, and explained the purpose of be saved, but he who disbelieves will          neighbours and friends by words of
   my visit, at the same time showing be condemned." Mark 16: IS, 16.                 hope and courage and by distributing
   him a copy of the Signs. Without (Weymouth's translation.)                         the truth-filled printed page.
   the least hesitation he replied, 'Yes      These are our marching orders,             The great ambition and goal of
   certainly, I will subscribe, and please dear fellow-believers throughout the       every Christian should be to win
   also secure for me, if possible, all the African Division. The people of God,      others during these closing days of
   back issues for 1929, because I am symbolised by the Angel in Rev. 14,'            probation. We dare not present our-
   very interested in the literature you were seen carrying the good news of          selves empty-handed when Christ ap-
   people put out. I have no time for a crucified, risen and soon-coming              pears. We can all bring some sheaves
   novels and senseless papers, 'and will Saviour to all mankind around the           as an offering to Christ. Let us stand
   be glad to get something good to world circle. In fulfillment of this              shoulder to shoulder dear fellow-be-
   read.' No wonder the devil was prophecy, and in harmony with the                   lievers, wherever we may be—rin the
   anxious that I miss this gentleman. command of our Divine Leader, we               cities, in business, isolated on the
   This little experience certainly en- are going—ministers, teachers, col-           farms, or scattered throughout the
   couraged me to press on.                 porteurs, fellow-believers throughout     mission fields—in telling the world of
       "At another place, while canvassing the churches, all of us—as fast as we      the "blessed hope" which has cheered
   a prominent official in his office, the can to those who need Christ. The           our own hearts. "Freely ye have re-
   following occurred: After looking at charge to take the ."good news" to            ceived, freely give."
   the paper he said, 'You are a Seventh- others is Christ's message to every                            . N. C. WILSON.
   day Adventist?' This was said in Christian today.
   rather a strange way, and appeared         "The gospel commission is the great
    to convey the idea that he had no missionary charter of Christ's king-                    Father Explains
    time for our denomination. 'Yes,' I dom. The disciples were to work                  A YOUNG girl who dearly loved to
    replied, 'I have been a Seventh-day earnestly for souls, giving to all the        read and look at pictures, said to her
   Adventist for seventeen years and invitation of mercy. They were not               father, "Daddy, who was the first
    more.' 'Well, I was acquainted with to wait for the people to come to             man to think of making books?"
    Seventh-day Adventists twenty-six them, but they were to go to the peo-           "Why do you ask that question,"
   years ago.' And then he related ple with the message."—"Acts of the                answered the surprised father? "Be-
    many early experiences connected Apostles," p. 28.                                cause I don't see how we could do
    with our people at the old Plumstead      "The evangelisation of the world is     without them. How would we learn
    Sanitarium, and the respect he had the work God has given to those who            about Jesus and His plan for our sal-
. ior Dr. Thomason, Pastors Hankins go forth in His name. . . . God calls             vation and the new earth and all the
    and Hyatt and others. He had al- for thousands to work for Him, not               good things that the obedient will one
    most been persuaded, he seemed to by preaching to those who know the              day receive, if we did not have any
    say this with a touch of sadness. For Truth for this time, but by warning         books," answered his daughter. "That
    four years hed had not tasted flesh, those who have never heard the last          is quite right, my darling. Now let
    fish or fowl, and had not taken in- message of mercy."—"Counsels on               me tell you the very beginning of
    toxicants in any form, and had not Health," p. 499.                               books. It is an interesting story:
    indulged in smoking. During this          Just as the early disciples were to        "Daniel, who was always faithful to
    time he had enjoyed perfect health. work earnestly for souls, not waiting         God, had a vision. He saw the judg-
    After leaving the Cape, for a long for them to come seeking the light,            ment sit and they opened some books.
    time he used to send to 56 Roeland so we today, dear brethren and sis-            So you see, Daniel learned about
    Street for a supply of health foods. ters,—thousands of us, are to seek           books from God.         The prophet
    In conclusion, this gentleman said he out those who have never heard the          Malachi also saw these books in
    was a real friend of Seventh-day Ad- last message of mercy. The thou-             vision and he called them the books
                                            sands for whom God calls include          of Remembrance because they con-
   ventists, and would be happy to sub- every believer in the Third Angel's           tained a record of the words and
 • scribe to the Signs.                     Message.                                  deeds of all Christians. You can be
       "May the Lord bless these mes-         The great call of the hour, the great   sure that these books must be very
    sengers of light and truth as they call of God, is for every believer             interesting. God knew that it would
    come to the homes of these and other throughout all the fields, no matter         be most helpful to us to have books
   honest hearted people."                  who he may be, nor what his station       too so He revealed it to man. Now
                                                       AFRICAN DIVISION OUTLOOK                                         APRIL 14, 1930
 we can read of the good thoughts and                    came long distances through rain and     work as farm manager, Brother
 deeds of others also. Since good                        mud. In, fact, one company had           Mason is carrying several classes in
 books are so useful in forming our                      such a hard time of it that they ar-     the school, as well as pastoral work
 characters we should be very faithful                   rived at the meeting place only          on the station and in the district. We
in reading them. Our responsibility                      twenty minutes before the last meet-     are certainly glad to have these good
 does not end there, but we must be                     ing closed. We certainly felt very        workers at old Rusangu.
concerned about our neighbours and                      sorry for these good people, as they         Sister Wheeler, who has been ab-
 friends that they may read good                        were disappointed. However, there         sent for some months on account of
books and papers which will help                        was a splendid spirit manifest by all,    illness, returned home last week, and
them in character building. There is                    and we have every reason to believe       we are happy to report that she is
nothing more effective than good                        that the plans made at both Demu          much improved in health, and is look-
books in leading people to Christ. I                    and Munenga will result in many           ing very well.
have heard of whole communities ac-                     blessings to the people, and at the          Missionary Volunteer Department
cepting Christ just through the read-                   same time be the means of rapid de-
ing of the right kind of books. Let                     velopment of the work in these dis-         Nathan Kabunda, our field, M. V.
me read to you what Sister White                        tricts.                                  secretary, is giving a strong lead to
says about it. 'Papers and books are                        Careful study was -given to the      his department, and reports very en-
the Lord's means of keeping the Mes-                    matter of the responsibility of the      couragingly of the progress that is be-
sage for this time continually before                   church in finishing the work, and we     ing made. Up-to-date, about fifteen
the people. In enlightening and con-                 - are very happy to report that the         Missionary Volunteer societies have
firming souls in the Truth, the publi-                  2,000 members who attended these         been organised. The work being
cations will do a far greater work than                 two meetings have undertaken to          done by the young people is already
can be accomplished by the word                         raise Id. a week in mission offerings.   bearing fruit. The attendance at the
alone.' " "Thank you, Daddie. I'm                       This offering will be taken up every     village schools has increased, and
going out with a bundle of papers                       third Sabbath. Then too, the first       many of the old people who did not
right now." Let us join her.                            Sabbath in each month will be "Tithe     formerly attend the Sabbath school
                        L. A. VIXIE.                    settlement day." All who have not        and church services are coming along
                                                       been able to pay in their tithe during    regularly. It is hoped to have the
                                                       the month will arrange to do so on        M. V. department well established hi
                                                       this day. To supplement the regular       all parts of this field this year.
          Z. U. Mission                                 offerings, many of the members are
                                                       planting gardens and will later sell
                                                                                                            Literature Work
                                                                                                    The prospects are good for the
     E. C. Boger ____ _ Superintendent                 the produce raised, and turn in what-     literature work in some parts of the
     D. A. Webster .... ............. Secy.-Treas.
                                                       ever amount they receive as a thank       field. Several colporteurs will be
    Box 573, Bulawayo, S. Rhodesia                     offering to the Lord.                     starting work in important centres
                                                           We look forward to the time when      this month, and we have every reason
                                                       the work at both of these stations,       to believe that these new workers will
                                                       and in many other parts of the field,     meet with good success.
   Report of Progress from                             will be on- a self-supporting basis.                  Dembu Mission
                                                       Our members are beginning to realise          Very encouraging progress is being
      North Rhodesia                                   that the time has come when they           made in the "development of the new
          Two Large Gatherings                         must shoulder heavier responsibilities     mission station at Demu. Pastor
                                                       and carry greater burdens. They are        Stephen Mulomba, the director of this
    ON February 28 and on March 1,                     beginning to learn that for a church
 more than 700 of our native believers                                                            station, with the assistance of a num-
                                                       to grow strong, the members must           ber of local boys, has put up a large
 attended the meetings held in the                     work and give. It is very encourag-
Demu church. The main purpose of                                                                  Kimberley brick church, capable of
                                                      ing to note that the amount raised at       seating about 750 persons. A nice
these meetings was to place the needs                  Demu during the first two and a
 of the work, and the responsibility                                                              campus has been cleared and mangoe
                                                      half months of this year has equalled       trees planted round the borders. As
of the church, before our members.                    approximately 40% of the monthly
In addition to the meetings with the                                                             soon as the rains are over, brick will
                                                      budget. May God's abundant bless-          be made and burned for the direc- .
workers, six meetings were held in                    ing rest upon His people as they con-
the new church during the two days.                                                              tor's new home. Later, we expect to
                                                      tinue to support the work among their      erect three other brick cottages for
    From Demu we went on another                      own people.
sixty-four miles further North to Mu-                                                            the assistant teachers.
nenga, where we found a large gath-                Rusangu Mission                                   The Demu school opened on Feb-
ering of members waiting for us.          On February 2, the opening day of                      ruary 2 with an enrolment of eighty.
During the two days spent at this school, we moved into the new build-                           About 80% of these pupils have paid
place, we had a very busy time from ing,;; and everyone concerned; was glad                      their tuition fees in full during the
early morning until late at night. Al- to get into the nice, new class rooms.                    first month, others will be able to pay
though we have quite a large church The new desks and other up-to-date                           later, when they harvest their crops.
building at this station, some of the equipment are very much appreci-                                     Munenga Mission
meetings had to be conducted in the ated by both teachers and students.                             For the past two and a half years,
open. The average attendance was          Pastor Mason and family are now                        the work has been growing steadily
from 900 to 1,200.                     nicely settled in rooms in the old                        in the Munenga district. Brother
   Some who attended these meetings church building. In addition to his                          Samuel Moyo has toiled on faithfully
APRIL 14, 1930                             AFRICAN DIVISION OUTLOOK

and patiently as a good pastor of the      us is "Encourage the workers to and self-supporting work. They were
flock. We all were very much en-           hasten the plan of finishing the work." a credit to the cause.
couraged when, in September 1927,             Elder Sparrow stressed the neces-               Inyazura Mission
more than 400 people joined the bap-       sity of there being unity and the need    The chairman made the remark
tismal class as a result of the effort     of every member being a worker. that in this area there is located most
held at that time. That was indeed         Elder Giddings pointed out that where of our self-supporting work. Elder
a great time of seed sowing, and to-       there is no counsel the people fail, C. Robinson is longing for the day to
day we are reaping a bountiful har-        and we need the counsel of our breth- come when the stretch of country be-
vest. At the close 'of 1929, the           ren. Elder Wilson gave a report of tween Fort Victoria and Inyazura
church membership stood at 137, and        the excellent spirit which was mani- would be dotted with companies of
in January another baptism was held        fested in other councils which he had our people, and we hope also to con-
and fifty-eight new members were           attended in other parts of the field. nect with Nyasaland on the north of
 taken into the church. Pastor Moyo         He referred to the truth that Euro- us. In this area, there are sixteen
expects to have at least 100 more          pean workers cannot successfully schools and a number of companies
candidates ready for baptism in July,       carry forward the work without the under the leadership of stewards. 'We
 at the time of the camp-meeting.           counsel of the native brethren, and need the power of the Holy Spirit in
    Head-teacher Robert Wamulume            urged a prayerful approach to all sub- our soul-winning campaign; we must
 and his assistants are kept very busy      jects which would be considered at be possessed of the Message.
 in the school room at this station, as     the Council.
                                                                                                Dopoto Church
 240 pupils have enrolled since the                    Fort Victoria
 opening of school at the beginning of                                                 Brother John Ngono reported that
                                             Elder Stockil is located on the edge   our Fingo church is of good courage,
 February. Owing to the fact that we       of a very thickly populated area,
 are now running strong schools up to                                               and he looked forward to the day
                                           where we have no organised work.         when they could have a teacher to
 and including Standard 2 at both          He urged that we try to supply him
  Demu and Munenga, we are getting                                                  work for his people in their Own
                                           as soon as possible with a worker to     language. Arrangements are being
 more paying pupils than we can take.      carry the Message into the Southern
    Pastor Moyo is also planning to                                                 made to hold an effort in that section
                                           part of Rhodesia.                        this year.
  make brick for his new home as soon
                                                        Lower Gwelo                         Hanke Native Mission
  as the rains are over.
                        G. S. JOSEPH. "'      Brother C. E. Sparrow had had to         Pastor John Nigani reports that in
                                           close two of his schools on account of   spite of the difficulties in his area, a
                                           funds being limited, but in spite of     number have been added to the bap-
                                           that he reports that he has been able    tismal classes. The native villages
Native Council and Teach-                  to open work in two new places and       are feeling the influence of Christian
                                           lately there were five baptised from     teachers; he wished to have three
ers' Institute of the Southern             a reserve, who are the first fruits.     more teachers in his area.
   Rhodesia Mission Field                  He is definitely planning to place               Impressions of a Visitor
   A MOST interesting native council       stewards at these places.                   Brother Ingle Senr. was present
has been held at Solusi during this                 Lower Shangani                  and was called upon to say a few
past week. We were very pleased to         Brother E. V. Tarr has eight teach-      words to the delegates. He rejoiced
have all our native workers in, who ers and could use six more. He re-              in the earnestness of the workers as
are evangelists and ministers, as well ports a victory at one of our schools        shown in their reports, and witnessed
as a number of European workers. over witchcraft and the attitude of a              that during the forty-one years since
We were pleased to have Elder Wilson witch doctor, who has been converted.          he accepted the Truth, it has become
meet with us also. Various questions He showed us the horn which was                more interesting every year, and he
were discussed and definite plans used in his medicine practice. Gideon             was most pleased to see how strongly
made for the execution of the work Maboho, a self-supporting church                 the work had developed in Southern
during the coming year. This coun- member near the Lonely mine, has a               Rhodesia since the days when he first
cil was closed by the ordination of baptismal class of twenty-two mem-              bad good-bye to Elder Tripp on his
five of our leading native brethren to bers.                                        first visit north of Vryburg.
the gospel ministry.                            Filabusi Native Mission                      M. V. Field Secretary
   We believe this will be a great                                                     Pastor Mark Mlalazi showed in his
strength to the work and to the 5,000      Pastor Gama showed us how that
                                                                                    report how that in different parts of
believers and adherents in the field. the work had been scattered from old.         the field there was an awakening
Great emphasis was placed on the Malungwane, but it was a blessing in               amongst the people -to preach the
question of speeding up our plans and disguise for the members are all active       Message, and he was trying to help
evangelising the whole field, so that .• and preaching in new areas, and the        the M. V. societies to get a vision of
we might soon meet our dear Master. result is that there are a number of            the possibilities before them in mis-
Some of the short reports were as fol- new companies being raised up in this        sionary work. He reported that the
lows :                                   area.
                                                                                    native canvassers were doing good
         Greetings and Remarks                     Tjolotjo Native Mission          work and many homes now contained
   A letter of greetings from Elder           Pastor Otis was proud to report on    a copy of one of our books, but he felt
 Spicer was read to the Council in          the three native companies who had      that we must all rally to spread the
 which many of the workers were per-        recently been raised up as the result   Truth by book and by word.
 sonally mentioned. His message to          of the Missionary Volunteer society        I trust that those of you who read
                                                 AFRICAN DIVISION OUTLOOK                                           APRIL 14, 1930
 these reports will join us in our soul-
 winning campaign. There are so
 many ways in which we can do our
 part. Brethren and sisters, let us not
 allow the day of our Lord's coming
 to "overtake us as a thief in the
                    H. M. SPARROW.

       The Salisbury Effort
      BELIEVERS throughout the Divi-
   sion, will rejoice, we are surey to hear"
  that on Sunday afternoon, March 30,              By Blyth Clayton Studios.
  eighteen persons were baptised at
  Salisbury. These are the first fruits           R. Glenn Morton, of Claremont, be-           St. George's Street began to object
  of Elder A. N. Ingle's evangelistic             gan on Wednesday night, April 9, an          that the corrugated iron and wood
  effort held during the past three               eight-weeks series of lectures'in the        building shut off their view of the
  months. Among those baptised, were              new Bible Auditorium, bottom of Ad-'         Bay, and that it was an "eyesore."
  five married couples. Several per-              derley Street, opposite Monument            These objections were subsequently
  sons, who became interested after the           Station, 'Cape Town.                        published in the Argus, Wednesday,
  meetings were well advanced, will be               Although the lectures were adver-        April 2, under the caption, "Rogge
  taken in with the next class. Elder             tised in the Argus as a Seventh-day         Bay Bible Auditorium; Complaints of
  Ingle has announced the second bap-             Adventist campaign, 500 people at-          a Spoiled View." The following day,
 tism for the middle of May.                      tended the opening meeting. Thirty-         a fifteen-inch news story appeared in
     Next Sabbath, April 5, the church            three copies of "The Bible: Is It a         the Argus, containing particulars re-
 will be organised with approximately            True Book," were sold on presenta-           garding the plans, permissions for
 twenty-five members.                            tion.                                        erection, and purpose of the Bible
     At the close of the week-night                       Difficulties Encountered            Auditorium.
 meetings, there lacked but 13/- to                  From the very first, difficulties of        In answer to the many complaints
 make the Effort entirely self-support-          all kinds have hindered the progress         that had come in regarding the Audi-
 ing. We feel that the Lord has richly           of the Auditorium. - The first set of        torium, the Argus quoted the Rev. A.
 blessed Elder Ingle's effort in his en-         plans that were submitted to the City       J. S. Lewis, Mayor of Cape Town, as
 deavour to build up the work in the             Council for action, were flatly re-         saying:
 newly organised Rhodesia-Bechuana-              fused, with no reason given for the             "After all, it is only a temporary
land Conference.                                 decision, and no suggestions proffered      structure and will be moved in two
     The baptism last Sunday, which              whereby the plans might be altered to       month's time. As for the aesthetic
was conducted in the city baths, was             meet the mind of the Council. But           point of view, I attfthe father,, of an
witnessed by an orderly congregation            not discouraged by this apparent de-         artist, but I am jneot artistic-and I
of about 150. The entire city seems              feat, Elders Moffitt and Morton
                                                                                             cannot see whar^harm is being done
to be stirred, and Elder Ingle has              went to the Railways and Harbours            by the erection of this building. It
more appointments for studies-than              Administration, and succeeded in get-
                                                                                             will be there two monijjs—60 days—
to which he can well attend.                    ting their permission to erect the
                                                                                             is that too much and to^faig if they
     Public meetings on Sunday even-            proposed Auditorium on Railway               can win anyone tothe:^jp3>f God?"
ings will be continued indefinitely.            property, where it now stands.
     The conference is indebted to Mrs.             With this official Railways and              Opposed to the Maybr*sview, Dr.
Giddings, who assisted Brother Ingle            Harbours permission in hand, Elders          Bennie Hewat, chairman of the Pub-
with the Bible work.                            Wilson and Morton went before the           licity Association, expressed himself
                    O. U. GIDDINGS.             City Council and asked them, out of         in the same article by saying, "The
                                               sheer courtesy, for a favourable action      building is a distinct eyesore. . . .
                                                on the plans and a revocation of their      We intend to bring the matter before
                                                former refusal. After finding out that      our executive committee, and I shall
     Cape Conference                            the Railway Administration had
                                               granted permission for the erection
                                                                                            suggest that representations be made
                                                                                            to have this building removed."
    L, L. Moffitt ______ President
    Miss P. E. Willmore, Secy.-Treas,          of the Bible Auditorium on their                 On April 5, the Argus ran another
                                               property, and realising that the Ad-         long news story under the heading,
     Box 378, Port Elizabeth, C. P.                                                         "Fundamentalism for Cape Town.
                                               ministration was a law unto itself, -
                                               and that they, the responsible com-          Anti-Modernist Services in New Au-
                                               mittee acting for the City" Council;         ditorium.      Seventh-day Adventist
                                               had not the power to reject or accept        Campaign." This half-column story
  Cape Town Evangelistic                       the plans, they passed the matter over       dealt "more kindly with the, situation,
         Effort                                by unanimously approving them.               stating briefly that the evangelistic
   STRIKING at the very foundation                      Auditorium an "Eyesore"             campaign was "launched against the
of modernistic tendencies in his first                                                      modernism Adventists fear is grow-
                                                    When the Auditorium was nearing
lecture, "The Heresy Hunt," Elder              completion, some business men of                     (Continued on page 12)
    APRIL 14, 1930                             AFRICAN DIVISION OUTLOOK

    "Signs of the Times" Veldtog               dag Adventis.' Hy het dit effe op 'n      was die opoffering voldoende beloon.
                                               snaakse manier gese, en dit het gelyk     In elke geslag was daar diegene wat
'      ONS lesers, en in die besonder die      of hy nie bra tyd vir ons genootskap      grote oppfferings gemaak het wanneer
    wat 'n aktiewe deel in die onlangse        het nie. 'Ja,' antwoord ek, 'vir meer     daar 'n oproep is, sodat hulle die
    veldtog geneem het ter belange van         as sewentien jaar is ek al 'n Sewende-    God - geskonke verantwoordelikheid
    die Signs oj the Times, sal bly wees       dag Adventis.' 'Wel, ek is al ses-en-     getrou mag vervul. Maar waar ons
    oor die spesiale pogings vir ons goeie     twintig jaar bekend met Sewende-dag       van 'n beter gesigspunt hulle verrig-
    tydskrif gemaak.                           Adventiste.' En toe vertel hy my          tings beskou, sien ons dadelik die vol-
       Name van Intekenare gestuur na          van baie ervarings wat hy vroeer met      doendheid van hul loon—hul eie sa-
      Die Sentinel Uitgewers Maatskappy        ons mense in die ou Plumstead Sani-       ligheid, en die saligheid van diegene
                                               torium had, en van sy eerbied vir         van hul tyd, en die vreugde om aan
    Port Elizabeth Book Depository      701    Dr. Thomason, leraars Hankins,            die nageslag 'n invloed na te laat wat
    Johannesburg Book Depository        389    Hyatt en andere. Op half weemoe-          vir altyd 'n sterke invloed ten goede
    Rhodesie-Betsjoeanaland Konf.       118    dige toon se hy dat hy byna bewoe         sal wees.
    Kongo-Unie Sending                   31    was. Vier jaar lank het hy nie vleis,
    Suid-Rhodesie Sendingveld            24                                                  'n Geheelhartige antwoord op die
                                               vis of hoendervleis geeet nie, en het     roepstem van God vereis 'n mate van
    Betsjoeanaland Sendingveld           12    hoegenaamd niks bedwelmends ge-
    Noord Rhodesie Sendingveld           10                                              opoffering. Dit was nog altyd en sal
                                               neem nie, en ook nie gerook nie. In       nog altyd die geval wees. Die ver-
                                               hierdie tyd was hy volkome gesond.        rigtings van Gods manne in alle eeue
                                      1285     Lank nadat hy van die Kaap af was,        lewer voldoende bewys hiervan. Die
       Ons vermoed dat vele goeie er-          het hy nog altyd van 56 Roeland-          kerk van God is met bloed gekoop—
    varings gedurende die veldtog gehad        straat sy gesondheidsvoedsel bestel.      die grootste opoffering van die Seun
    het, en tot aanmoediging van andere        Ten slotte se hierdie heer dat hy 'n      van 'God. Daar was opoffering vir
    vra ons dat u 'n rapport van u werk        ware vriend van Sewende-dag Ad-           elke stap voorwaarts. Maar dit is
    na die OUTLOOK stuur. Breeder F.           ventiste is, en sal bly wees om vir die   nie net vir die kerk as 'n geheel nie.
    R. Stockil van Rhodesie skrywe:            Signs in te teken.                        Dis ook die geval vir die afsonderlike
    "Toe ek in Fort Victoria kom om die           "Mag die Here hierdie boodskap-        lidrnate: daar is geen vordering in
    dorp te kolporteer vir die Signs het       pers van lig en waarheid seen wanneer     geestelike ervaring, geen opwassing in
    ek nie juis geweet waar om te begin        hulle na die huise van hierdie en nog     die kristelike lewe sender 'n gees van
    nie, en het eindelik besluit om te be-     ander opregte mense kom."                 selfopoffering nie, 'n afsterwe van
    gin en die bestuurder van een van die                                                self; en dit is nie 'n nou-en dan skie-
    groot winkels in Victoria te kolpor-                                                 like poging nie, maar in 'n gedurige
    teer.                                         Opoffering is Kristelike               strewe van jou daaglikse werksaam-
       "Toe ek hierdie besigheid nader se                                                hede. Die gees van opoffering tel en
    die duiwel, 'dit sal nie help om hier               Opwassing                        in die klein selfopofferings is hierdie
    te probeer nie, hy sal jou uitlag om          TOE God Noag beveel het om die         gees meer dikwels nodig. Ons kannie
    vir so 'n nietige tydskrif in te teken.'   laaste boodskap van waarskuwing           verwag om eendag groot opofferings
    Aan die ander kant was daar 'n ander       aan die mense voor die sondvloed te       te maak nie en vandag die kleiner
    stem wat my se, 'Probeer maar, dit         gee was dit nie 'n maklike taak om        dinge van God terughou nie.
    sal die moeite werd wees.' Ek wou          getrou te wees aan die ernstige opdrag        Opoffering kan '"n gewoonte word,
    nie van my voornemens afgekeer wees        nie. Dit was geen aangename bood-          'n neiging soos enigiets anders, en dit
    deur oor mislukking te dink nie, en        skap, en Noag was ook geen verlosser      ontwikkel deur beoefening. Elke ge-
    gaan toe na die bestuurder wat geluk-      van sy volk nie. Hoewel daar aan          leentheid om dit te beoefen behoort
    kig op daardie oomblik nie besig was       die begin 'n mate van nuuskierigheid      verwelkom te word deur diegene wat
    nie. Ek se toe aan horn wat die doel       en belangstelling was, nietemin het       dit die hoogste in hulle lewe stel.
    van "my besoek is, en wys horn toe 'n      publieke opienie gou ernstig teen             In die Opofferingsweek het ons 'n
    kopie van die Signs. Sender die            Noag gedraai. Sy vertroue in die          klein begin, 'n herinnering, as 't ware,
    minste te aarsel antwoord hy, 'Ja          uitslag was baie goed. Hy het niks        aan die opoffering wat ander gemaak
     seker, ek sal daarvoor inteken. Kry       omgegee vir reputasie, goedere, of vir    het, en aan die verdere opoffering
    vir my asseblief indien moontlik ook       grond nie. Vir diegene rondom horn        wat onsself verwag om te maak. Die
    al die ou nummers van 1929, want ek        moes dit na 'n ontsaglike opoffering      week was in 1922 vir die eerste keer
    is baie belangstellend in die leesstof     gelyk het. Maar dit was die moeite        waargeneem toe 'n besondere geval
    wat julle uitgee. Ek het geen tyd vir      werd as ons dit beskou in die lig van     van nood voor die genootskap was, en
    novelle en niksbeduidende tydskrifte       die daaropvolgende gebeurtenisse.         dit gelyk het of werkers uit die we-
    nie. en sal baie bly wees om iets             Dit moes 'n ontsaglike onderneming     reld-wye werk teruggeroep moes word
    goeds te kry om te lees.' Geen won-        vir Abraham gewees het om in ant-         weens gebrek aan fondse. Toe ons
    der nie dat die duiwel so begerig was      woord op die roepstem van God, sy         volk deur die ganse wereld dit te hore
    dat ek hierdie man moes misloop. En        huis en vaderland te verlaat en weg te    kom, het hulle edelmoedig aan die
    hierdie ervaring het my regtig aange-      gaan en nie te weet waarheen nie.         roepstem gehoor gegee en die salaris
    moedig om verder te gaan.                  Dit mag ook na opoffering gelyk het       van een week vir 'n spesiale fonds ge-
       "Op 'n ander plek, terwyl ek 'n         toe hy aan Lot die vrugbare en water -    gee om werkers in die veld te hou en
    vooraanstaande beampte in sy kan-          volle vlaktes van die Jordaan gegee en    die werk van die Here nie te laat stil-
    toor kolporteer, het die volgende voor-    vir horn die minder vrugbare deel         staan nie. Die Opofferingsweek het
    val plaasgevind: Hy kyk na die tyd-        gehou het. Maar as ons dit beskou         so 'n belangrike plek in die sending-
    skrif en se, 'Maar u is 'n Sewende-        op die afstand van die jare daarna,       veldprogram ingeneem, en dit dra
 10                                          AFRICAN DIVISION OUTLOOK                                        APRIL 14, 1930

  jaarliks duiseride ponde by vir die        lug het getrek en 'n koel wind het         spioenasie in die nag, 'n waaghalse-
  fondse van orts wereld-wye werk. As        teen my gewaai toe ek by die deur          rige verkenningsgeselskap, 'n eensame
  ons dit uit ons teenwoordige program       inkom. Los papiere het op die grond        wag op enige buitepos, die bestorming
  uitskakel sal daar net so 'n kriesis       geval. Die klerk se hare was verwaai       van 'n byna oninneembare posiesie—
  wees soos die van 1922. Die Opof-          en party blomme was somar skeef van        dit was alles om 't ewe vir hulle.
  feringsweek het wortel geskiet, en nie     die sterk wind. Ek vra toe die             Hulle het dadelik uit die geledere ge-
  alleen word die invloed daarvan in         klerk om 'n verwarmer aan te sit in        gaan as die versoek gemaak word en
  ander lande gewaar nie, maar die per-     plaas van die waaier. Wat 'n verskil.       het met die taak begin.
  soonlike ervaring van diegene wat aan     Die lug het dadelik kalm geword en             Dit was aanmoedigend om daardie
  die opoffering deelneem word baie         in plaas van die wind was daar              manne deftig te sien uitstaan met 'n
 verryk. Dus is dit nie meer net 'n         warmte. Toe straal daar hitte wat           helder, vaste blik—elkeen vasbeslote
 seen vir die veld nie, maar ook 'n         die kamer verwarm en dit was aan-           om die eer van _ die regiment hoog te
  seen vir die wat gee.                     genaam.                                     hou. Hulle wis watter waagstuk hulle
     Die Opofferingsweek is van 3 tot 10       Ek het 'n les van hierdie twee           gaan onderneem. Hulle was bereid
 Mei in die Afrikaanse Diwiesie, en         vriende geleer—die waaier en die ver-       om teestand te ontmoet, ontbering
 ons werkers en lidmate in die hele         warmer. Die waaier het 'n koue wind         deur te staan—ja miskien lyding of
veld word dringend uitgenooi om saam        verwek: die verwarmer het 'n aange-         selfs die dood.
 met ons lede in alle dele van die          name omgewing aangebring. Wat                  En wanneer hulle terugkom—die
 wereld te staan, om 'n week se salaris     gaan ek gedurende die Grootweek-            wat ontsnap het—was dit 'n ware in-
 vir die Opofferingsweekfonds te gee.       veldtog wees? Ek kan 'n waaier wees         spirasie vir almal om die geluk en
 Verlede jaar het die werkers en lede       wat 'n wind veroorsaak wat geen goed       tevredenheid op hulle aangesigte te
 in die Suidafrikaanse Unie gedurende       mag doen nie. Dit mag 'n wind van          bemerk. Die gedagte aan die verrigte
 die week £607-7-8 gegee. Dit was 'n        verskonings wees, of 'n wind van mur-      taak—wat hulle gewilliglik en selfop-
 rekord en was byna tweemaal soveel         murering, 'n wind van onwilligheid.        offerend gedoen het—was hulle bejo-
 as enig ander offerande gedurende die      Verskonings sal op die grond val.          ning, en daardie loon het hulle siele
 jaar, behalwe Sabbatskool en Oesin-        Murmurering sal wegbreek onder die         verkwik, en meer.moed in hul harte
 sameling. Sal ons nie vanjaar nog          uitnodiging van die Meester om te          gebring, en vanuit hulle gelaat het
 beter doen nie?                            werk. Onwilligheid sal andere net          daar 'n vuur van inspirasie en aan-
    Nognooit in die geskiedenis van die     koud maak en ons eie lewe ongeluk-         moediging in die lewe van hulle maats
wereld was gebeurtenisse so betekenis-      kig maak. Ek kan 'n verwarmer wees         gestraal.
 vol vir- die kerk van God as vandag        en van my kan warmte uitgaan:                 Hoekom was dit die moeite werd
nie. Daar gaan geen dag verby nie,          warmte wat ander sal aanmoedig om          dat daardie manne vrywillig was vir
of die verslag van teenswoordige ge-        verwarmers en nie waaiers te wees          besondere diens? Omdat dit hulle eie
beurtenisse is vol bewyse van ver-          nie. Terwyl ek van deur tot deur           moed en krag verryk en hulle maats
vullende profesiee. Ons leef in die         gaan, kan 'n aangename warmte van          inspireer het. Hulle het hul eie lewes
tyd van die end. Jesus kom binne-           my uitgaan, en die boeke wat verkoop       besiel en nuwe lewe in die hele regi-
kort. Elke dag is ons nader aan die         word sal sekerlik die harte van die-       ment gebring. Breeders en susters,
tyd, en dit behoort gekenmerk word          gene wat koud is, verwarm.                 sien u die toepassing van hierdie ver-
deur 'n toenemende gees van erns               Wat gaan ek wees, wat gaan u ge-        haal? Ek weet u sien dit! Groot-
en opoffering onder Gods volk. Laat         durende die Grootweek wees — 'n            week is 'n spesiale veldtog waarvoor
ons onthou watter grote opoffering vir      waaier of 'n verwarmer?                    vrywilligers nodig is. Daar is geen
ons saligheid gemaak is, en die op-                                L. A. VIXIE.        dwang in die diens van God nie. God
offering van Gods volk gedurende alle                                                  wil dat u vrywillig sal onderneem om
eeue van die wereldsgeskiedenis, en                                                   in hierdie veldtog deel te neem. Moe-
die opofferingsgees wat onsself moet                                                  nie aan mislukking dink nie, moenie
ontwikkel as ons in die Koninkryk              Hoekom dit die Moeite                  'n voorgevoel van teenstand he nie,
wil kom, en laat ons met dankbaar-                   Werd Is                          moenie bang wees dat jy sal uitgelag
heid deelneem aan die plan om die              EK is gevra om te se waarom dit        word nie. Werp alle hoogmoed af,
inkomste van een week 3-10 Mei op           werd is om aktief deel te neem aan        ook selfbejammering en mensevrees.
te offer om die werk klaar te maak.         ons jaarlikse veldtogte en vernaamlik     Stap uit die geledere as die roepstem
                    A. FLOYD TARR.          aan ons Grootweekveldtog.                 vir vrywilligers kom. Staan deftig
                                               Gedurende die nege jaar wat ek 'n      uit, hoof reg, mond ferm, blik helder.
                                            soldaat en daarna 'n bevelvoerende        "Gaan aan met die taak." Gaan
                                            offisier in aktiewe militere diens was,   daarmee aan tot die veldtog oor is.
      Uitgewers Dept.                       het ek altyd bemerk dat die manne
                                            wat die gelukkigste en vertroubaarste
                                                                                          En as jy terugkeer, sal jou gelaat
                                                                                      die vreugde en moed wat jy opgedoen
         L. A. Vixie, Sekretaris                                                      het, vertoon, en jou maats wat agter-
                                            was, en altyd 'n ferme lip en 'n vaste
                                            blik had'as daar gevaar is, was die-      gebly het, sal dit opmerk, en sal daar-
                                            gene wat altyd die eerste op die vbor-    cfeur aangespoor word om met die
                                            grond tree wanneer daar vrywilligers      volgende veldtog self uit te staan en
       Wind of Warmte                       vir enige spesiale werk gevra was.        te help.
  Wat 'n     verskil tussen 'n elektriese      Dieselfde manne het die aandag ge-         Op die manier verryk jy jou eie
waaier en    'n elektriese verwarmer!       trek wanneer daar 'n vraag na vrywil-     lewe en gehoorsaam Gods beveel—
  Toe ek     'n sekere Elektriese wirikel   ligers kom, en hulle het niks omgegee     "Wees jy 'n seen!" Ja, dit is werd om
binnestap,    draai daar 'n waaier. Die     wat dit vereis het nie: 'n Gevaarlike     uit te gaan en Grootweekboeke te ver-
APRIL 14, 1930                               AFRICAN DIVISION OUTLOOK                                                         11

koop. Dit sal altyd die moeite werd    wat u bure ooit sal hoor! Sal r: tuis                 Aan die end van die dienste was
wees. Dit help jou, dit help jou       bly as u wis dat die enigste kans wat              daar net 13/- te min, of die poging
bangerige breeder of suster in jou ge- u bure sal he, sal wees deur u besoek              het horn heeltemal selfbetaal. Ons
meente, en help die kosbare siele wat  gedurende hierdie Grootweekveldtog?                glo dat die Here Eerw. Ingle ryklik
rondtas in die duisternis waaruit      Miskien is daar in u eie buurte die-               geseen het in sy poging om die werk
Jesus jou deur Sy wonderbare liefde    gene wat die boodskap net deur u                   in die nuwe georganiseerde Rhodesie-
getrek het.                            poging sal ontvang.                                Betsjoeanaland konferensie op te bou.
   U gaan sekerlik vanjaar uit, nie       Die sendingveld het dit nodig. Die                 Daar was 'n stigtelike vergadering
waar nie? Natuurlik!                   winste op al die boeke wat verkoop                 van ISO toeskouers verlede Sondag
   "Dis aanmoedigend om te weet dat    word, sal gebruik word vir dringende               toe die doop in die stadsbaaiplek
daar vier poorte in die liefdestad in- behoefte in die veld. Die lig wat ons              plaasgevind het. Die hele stad is aan
gaan. Ons mag miskien nie deur die     ontvang het, moet ons na ander neem.               roer, en Eerw. Ingle het meer bestel-
Hart, die Siel, of die Gemoed ingaan   Ons eie toewyding tot die waarheid,                lings vir studies as wat hy kan na-
nie; maar ons kan almal deur die       ons eie waardering van die seeninge,               kom.
weg van ons Krag ingaan, en metter-    moet uitkom in ons erns om die lig-                   Publieke dienste sal Sondagaande
tyd sal ons deurdat ons vir Kristus    strale na diegene te bring wat in duis-            vir 'n onbepaalde tyd nog aanhou.
werk, Horn begin bemin.                ternis rondtas. Hierdie derde, groot                  Die konferensie is dank verskuldig
                                       behoefte kan ons almal te hulpe kom.               aan Mevr. Giddings wat Breeder
   "Moenie probeer om liefde te voel   Selfs diegene wat vir een of ander be-             Ingle met die Bybelwerk bygestaan
nie. Probeer maar net om die kleine    sondere rede nie self kan uitgaan nie,             het.                0. U. Giddings.
dingetjies uit liefde te doen; en ter- kan saam met ander 'n dag se salaris
wyl u hierdie doel nastrewe, sal u uit-tot die Grootweekfonds bydra. Elke
vind dat u om liefdesonthalwe begin    lid kan dus op een of ander manier
bemin."—T. B. Meyer.                   'n bepaalde aandeel in hierdie buiten-
                      F. E. POTTER.    gewone kans vir sendingwerk he.                      BROEDER en Suster Stanley Steven-
                                          Terwyl ons die wonderlike geleent-              son, onlangs van Helderberg Kollege,
                                       hede vir sendingwerk gewaar, en ter-               het verlede week deur Boelawajo ge-
Hoe Ons Werkers en Ge- wyl ons elkeen wat die koms van die                                gaan op weg na Niassaland om in die
meentelede met die Groot- Here verwag, afsonderlik voorneem                               Suidoos-Afrika Unie te help.
                                       om geheelhartig te werke te gaan, kan
week Veldtog kan Saamwerk ons as werkers en lidmate met die                                  Op Sabbat, 22 Maart, is Breeder
   DIE Grootweek-Veldtog is drievou- grootste ywer in die Grootweekveldtog                A. N. Ingle in die Boelawajo kerk tot
dig belangrik. Enige van die drie deelneem.                                               die Evangeliebediening verordineer.
hoof doeleindes waarvoor dit staan,                           A. FLOYD TARR.              Eerw. N. C. Wilson, H. M. Sparrow
vereis ons geheelhartige ondersteu-                                                       en 0. U. Giddings was die diensdoen-
ning.                                                                                     de leraars, en hulle was bygestaan
                                                                                          deur Eerw. Stockil en D. P. Harder.
   Ten eerste: Ons het dit nodig.
Ons as lede van 'n gemeente aan wie
God die ernstigste en belangrikste
                                                     S. U. Sending                          Aan die end van die inboorlingraad
                                                                                          van die Suid-Rhodesie sendingveld
boodskap wat ooit aan 'n mens toe-          E. C. Boger _......_ Superintendent           wat verlede week op Solusie gehou
vertrou is, gegee het, behoort 'n le-       D. A. Webster ................_. Sekr.-Tes.
                                                                                          was, is vyf inboorling breeders tot die
wende ervaring te he deur 'n gedu-          Bus 573, Boelawajo, S. Rhodesie               Evangeliebediening verordineer.
rige inloop en uitloop van goddelike
waarheid. Daar is 'n vuur by ons
aangesteek omdat onsself die waar-
heid. aangeneem het, en om dit bran-                                                             Helderberg Nuus
dend te hou behoort ons dit aan te         Die Poging op Salisbury                           Die bestuurders van die Rosebank
blaas deur aan ander dienste te doen.     ONS is seker dat al die gelowiges               tentoonstelling het die landbouklasse
Ons moet kanse soek om "ander te in die Diwiesie sal verblyd wees om                      toegestaan om saam met hulle onder-
gaan se"—om lug aan die verlange te verneem dat op Sondagnamiddag,                        wyser een dag vroeg te kom om die
te gee wat altyd daar is as iemand die 30 Maart, was daar agtien persone in               landbou uitstallings te besien. Dit
boodskap in alle opregtheid aanneem. Salisbury gedoop. Dit is die eerste                  was 'n goeie geleentheid vir praktiese
   Ons saligheid hang af van ons hou- vrugte van die evangeliepoging wat                  demonstrasie van die werk wat die
ding teenoor hierdie vraag. En met Eerw. A. N. Ingle gedurende die af-                    studente in hulle klasse studeer het.
die Grootweekveldtog het ons weer gelope drie maande gehou het. Daar
'n goeie geleentheid nie alleen om ons is vyf egpare onder die gedooptes.                    DAAR het nou al 145 studente in-
pligte teenoor ander na te kom nie, Verskeie persone het belang begin stel                geskrywe. Dit is twee meer as die
maar om self daardie ryke ervaring te nadat die dienste lank aan die gang                 totale inskrywing vir 1929, en daar
he wat alleen kom deur die genade- was en sal in die volgende klas inge-                  is nog ander wat binnekort wil kom.
stroom wat deur ons lewes in die le- neem word. Eerw. Ingle het die vol-                     Die skool het op 6 Maart 'n- aan-
wes van ander vloei.                   gende doopdiens teen die middel van                gename uitstappie na Lourensford-
   Ons naaste het dit nodig. Ons Mei vasgestel.                                           plaas geniet. Ons waardeer die voor-
boeke vol van die Waarheid het 'n be-     Aanstaande Sabbat, 5 April, sal die             reg om so 'n iieflike plek te he waar
langrike boodskap vir al ons bure. gemeente van ongeveer vyf-en-twintig                   ons die dag in ontspanning kan deur-
Wie weet miskien is u die enigste een lede georganiseer word.                             bring.
12                                                AFRICAN DIVISION OUTLOOK                                       APRIL 14, 1930

cAfrican ^Division Outlook                          Cape Town Evangelistic                    On Sabbath, March 22, Brother
        Published semi-monthly by the
                                                                                           A. N. Ingle was ordained in the Bula-
 General Conference of Seventh--day Adventists,
                                                           Effort                          wayo church to the gospel ministry.
               (African Division)                         (Continued from page 8)          Elders N. C. Wilson, H. M. Sparrow
        Subscription price, 2/6 per annum         ing in Cape Town," telling something     and 0. U. Giddings were the offici-
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                                                  closing with a short resume of Sev-      Stockil and D. P. Harder.
     W. B. COMMIN _________ Editor                enth-day Adventist activities in South
      Rosmead Avenue, Kenilworth, Cape
                                                             Unique Building
                                                                                               South African Union
                                                    As far as is known, the Bible Audi-       Conference News Notes
       General News Notes                         torium is the only structure of its         Miss A. G. Fleming, the Assistant
   Brother Nash, of Nyasaland, has                kind in South Africa. It was built in    Medical secretary, is at present in the
come to the Cape for medical atten-               ssctions and then bolted together        Natal-Transvaal Conference where
tion.                                             piece by piece, thus making it readily   she has been assisting in the Ger-
                                                  taken apart and moved from place         miston effort, and holding special
                                                  to place. The building is forty-five     classes in the Johannesburg church.
  Elder Wilson has returned to the                by eighty-six feet and has a seating
Division office after a hurried visit to          capacity of approximately 700.              Brother A. F. Tarr recently spent
Bulawayo.                                           Associated with Elder Morton are       a few days at Spion Kop auditing the
                                                  Brother Wm. T. Hodgson, of Port          books of the Native Training School.
                                                  Elizabeth, who will direct the music;    An audit of the Transvaal-Delagoa
   Elder J. I. Robison left the Cape              Sister R. Glenn Morton^ pianist;         books is being made in Johannesburg
on the 3rd to spend a month in the                Brother and Sister J. R. Milford and     this week, after which Brother Tarr
Natal-Transvaal Conference in the                 Sister L. 'A. Vixie, and Brother J. J.   will spend the week-end with the Pot-
interests of departmental work.                   B. Combrinck, Bible teachers; and        chefstroom church.
                                                  Brother Nathaniel Krum, Audi-
                                                                                              Brother E. D. Hanson recently
                                                  torium reported.
                                                                        J. N. KRUM.        spent two days in Bloemfontein on
   Miss Venter, formerly of the Di-                                                        his return from the Transvaal-Dela-
vision office, has left on her way to                                                      goa Mission Field where, in company
connect with the workers in the                                                            with Brother Campbell, he visited a
Congo. Miss Armer will take Miss                                                           number of the schools in that field.
Venter's place at the Division office.               Zambesi Union Mission                 Brother Hanson is at present visiting
                                                            News Notes                     come of the churches in the Natal-
                                                                                           Transvaal Conference in company
                                                     Brother Owen Sparrow is confined      with Brother J. I. Robison of the
  The statistical report of the African           to the Bulawayo hospital with a seri-
Division gives the number of baptisms                                                      Division. Special attention will be
                                                  ous case of stomach trouble.             given to the young people's work in
in 1929 as 3,196. The church mem-
bership at December 31 last was                                                            each of the churches en route.
13,070. We now have 236 European                     Elder and Mrs. 0. U. Giddings
and 410 native workers.                           spent the week-end, March 29-31, at
                                                  Salisbury, assisting Elder Ingle with       Helderberg News'Notes
                                                  his baptismal service.                     THE enrolment of the College has
   Mrs. W. H. Anderson, who re-                                                            now reached 145, which is two more
cently spent several months at the                  At the close of the native council     than the total enrolment for 1929,
Cape left for Angola on April 5. We               of the Southern Rhodesia Mission         and still others are planning to come
are sorry to learn that Elder Ander-              Field, held at Solusi last week, five    shortly.
son has not been enjoying the best of             native brethren were ordained to the
health, and we wish him a speedy re-              gospel ministry.                           The school enjoyed a very pleasant
covery.                                                                                    outing at the Lourensford Estate on
                                                                                           March 6. We greatly appreciate the
                                                    Elder A. V. Edwards, superinten-       privilege of having such a beautiful
   ELDER BRANSON and family sailed                dent of the Bechuanaland Mission         place at which to spend a day in re-
from Cape Town on March 21 on the                 Field is suffering from a very severe    creation.
R. M. S. Saxon Castle. We were                    throat infection. At present he is at
sorry for Sister Branson to have to               Kanye, under the care of Dr. Huse.         The agricultural classes received
start on the long oceanJourneyJ)efore                                                      permission from the Rosebank Show
having gained sufficient strength after                                                    authorities to go with their teacher a
her recent illness, but we are pleased              BROTHER and Sister Stanley Ste-        day early and see the agricultural ex-
to report that word has been received             venson, late of Helderberg College,      hibits. This afforded a good oppor-
that the family are having a pleasant             passed through Bulawayo last week        tunity for practical demonstration of
trip, and that Sister Branson is some-            en route to Nyasaland to connect         the work which the students have
what better than when leaving.                    with the South East African Union.       been taking in their classes.