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					       Auckland seabirds: Conservation, restoration and research
                         Friday 16 April 2010
                          Draft Programme

Aims of day:
   • To bring together ornithologists, researchers, iwi, community groups,
      conservation agencies (DOC, ARC) and individuals interested in seabird
      conservation in the Auckland region
   • To highlight the state of the Auckland seabird populations and the nature of
      the threats facing the region’s populations.
   • To highlight the conservation, restoration and research currently underway in
   • To discuss what additional action may need to be taken to enhance seabird
      conservation in region.

Organizers: Matt Rayner (NIWA), Jacqueline Beggs (UoA), Robin Gardner-Gee
(UoA) and Carola Warner (CBB).

Proposed structure:
9-9.30: Invited speaker: Graeme Taylor on “State of Auckland’s seabirds” (25 min + 5 min
9.30-10.30: Contributed papers on specific populations in region (4 x 12 min + 3 min questions each).

10.30-11: Morning tea

11.30-12.00: Invited speaker: Colin Miskelly (DOC) on “From scratch: The feasibility of restoring
seabird-based ecosystems on highly modified islands” (25 min + 5 min questions).
12.00-1.00: Contributed papers on research, restoration and conservation projects in region (4 x 12 min
+ 3 min questions each).

1.00-1.45: Lunch (provided)

1.45-2.15: Invited speaker: Henrik Moller (Otago University) on “Keep the titi forever: A cross-
cultural partnership for adaptive co-management of a traditional Maori seabird harvest” (25 min
+ 5 min questions).
2.15-3.15: Contributed papers on theme of looking wider: research from other regions (4 x 12 min + 3
min questions each).

3.15-4.15: Panel discussion: “Do we need a regional seabird strategy for Auckland?”

Followed by drinks and nibbles.