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					For Release: Wednesday October 29, 2008 1:00pm PST Subject: NEW RELEASE Docstoc Releases Email Document Publishing; Has Built the Most Comprehensive and User Friendly Set of Tools for Document Publishing Online Overview  Released email upload – simply email any document(s) as attachments to and the are instantly published on docstoc for all the world to share o User gets email confirmation back with links to all the documents they have uploaded, that they can they pass on and share with any contacts


Released New Onsite Upload tool – now fastest and easier than event to embed documents o Simply upload any documents onsite, and in the upload process as they are converting we generate an “embed link” so that you can instantly upload an embed documents anywhere around the web  Now users can also embed documents as presentations (does this by default for all .ppt files, but you can select .pdf or .doc or.xls to display as presentation as well)


Since the release of Docstoc Sync and Docstoc OneClick there has been a 250% growth in number of contributors to the site each month Contributors using Docstoc Sync are uploading over 100 documents/user on average


Here are the 4 ways to upload documents to Docstoc:
Check out the new and improved upload tool on - now it's quicker and easier than ever, to upload and embed documents all across the web.

NEW! Try EMAIL UPLOAD. Simply email any document to and the document will automatically be published on Docstoc.

Try Docstoc Sync to effortlessly and automatically upload and sync all of your documents, publicly or privately, on Docstoc.

Use Docstoc OneClick to upload files by right clicking on them from your computer, and email large files without having to use email attachments.

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