Document Sample
					                                 BHARATH SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED
                              (A GOVERNMENT OF INDIA ENTERPRISE)
                                 OFFICE OF THE SUB DIVISINAL ENGINEER (E)
                                            BSNL ELECTRICAL DIVISION
                                             NOTICE INVITING TENDER
       No : 45(2)/EEET/EKM/ 2009/ 196                                                          Dated :17/12 /2009
       The Sub Divisional Engineer (E) , Electrical sub Division, MVPA, invites on behalf of Bharath Sanchar
       Nigam Limited item rate tenders for the following works from the eligible contractors who are enlisted in
       BSNL and whose financial limit is more than the estimated cost.

 Sl      Name of Work               Amount        EMD          Last date of    Last Date of   Date of          Time allowed.
 No.                                Put to                     receipt of      Sale of        Opening of
                                    tender                     Application     tender form    tenders
         PDG. EI&FANS TO
         FLOOR AT TE
 1       NERYAMANGALAM              22379.00      448.00       24/12/2009      26/12/09       28/12/2009       oNE Month
         WORKS ( NIT No.234

       e contractor shall submit the application for purchase of tender form along with Attested copies   of
       enlistment certificate , on their printer letter heads .
           The contractor is required to furnish performance guarantee for an amount equal to 5% of
           the contract value in the form of bank guarantee(Nationalized/Scheduled bank in a
           standard format) /CDR/FDR/DD within two weeks from the date of issue of award
           letter.The validity period of performance security in the form of performance bank
           guarantee shall be one year from the actual completion of work.
            The tenderer shall submit the tenders in two sealed covers marked as cover 1st and 2nd . The first cover
            should contain the earnest money deposited in the shape of Demand Draft/ Pay Order of a Scheduled Bank
            or Nationalized Bank/ State Bank guaranteed by Reserve Bank of India drawn in favor of Accounts Officer,
            BSNL, O/o the Executive Engineer (E) Electrical Division, Ernakulam and the second cover should contain
            the Tender Documents. In case 1st cover is not annexed or Earnest Money is not in proper form the 2nd
            cover containing tenders will not be opened at all.
            In case holiday is declared on the opening day the tenders will be opened on the next working day.
            Security Deposit will be 10% of the tendered amount.
           Conditions and the tender forms can be had from this office on payment of Rs.157/- .
               ( Non refundable) and also available in the web site ‘’’( Please refer
       instruction to
             Validity of the tender shall be 90 days from the date of opening of the tender
            Tenders of the Contractors who do not deposit earnest money in the prescribed manner are liable to be

                                                                  Sub Divisional Engineer (E)
            Copy to : 1. Notice Board. 2. Contractors. 3. SE(E), TEC TVM. 4. EE(E) I & II Madras, Bangalore, TVM,
                    CLT, KTM, TCR, KNR. 5. AE(E) TESD I & II EKM, TDP, TCR, TVM, CLT, ALP, PGT,
                    KSGD, KNR. 6. AO, ASW, AAO, HC, Cashier, AC I,II & III, Steno, 7. Contractors


                                                                              Sub Divisional Engineer (E)
        Tender forms for all Electrical Works of Kerala Telecom can now be downloaded from this website.
Procedure for submission of Tender is as below:

      Please download the Schedule, Specification from this site. Fill the Rate in the
Schedule and submit in a Sealed Cover as is being done now. Please mark this cover as 2.
        Please submit one or more cover (mark as 1) and enclose the following.

            1. Cost of Tender form(non-refundable) as D/D.
             2. EMD as DD/DR/CDR/BG.
             3. Details required for proving eligibility. Please drop both the covers duly clipped together in
                The Tender Box of the Office specified in NIT in time. .

  The cover 2 will be opened only if the cover 1 contains all the above and are meeting as per the NIT
conditions. Otherwise the Tender will not be opened or considered at all. However the cost of Tender form will
not be refunded. All pages of Tender &Specifications are to be signed in full with seal by the Contractor.

        1.The tender has to submit the downloaded original computer print out of the documents from
          the website. The photocopy shall be not accepted

        2 .The credential for meeting the eligibility condition shall be submitted along with the cost of Tender
           The credential shall be self attested and certified by any BSNL executive. If not certified by the
           BSNL executive then original documents shall be produced at the time of tender opening.

        3. If during the opening of tender or during the process of tender finalization, it is detected that the
           the tender has submitted tender documents after making any changes/additions/deletions in the
           tender documents from the website, the offer shall be summarily rejected and the EMD deposited
           by the tender shall be forfeited in addition to any other action as per the prevalent rules.

        4. All general conditions including BSNL Form 6 &8 are available in the web for reading and
           downloading. This need not be enclosed along with the tender.

          Please ensure your participation in all our tenders as per our eligibility

                                                                                           Executive engineer (E)
                                                                                         BSNL Electrical Division

        1.I/We certify that I/We have gone through the terms and conditions of standard BSNL 6 & 8 forms
          Containing general conditions of contract and I/We shall abide by them.
        2 I/We hereby agree that BSNL 6 &8 forms shall form part of the Agreement in case the work is
          Awarded to us.
        3 I/We certify that I/We are submitting the downloaded original computer print out of the document
          from the website.
        4 I/We certify that no changes/addition/deletion in the tender documents from the website have been
           made. If during the opening of the tender or during the process of tender finalization, it is
          detected that I/We have submitted tender documents after making any changes/addition/deletion
          in the tender documents from the website knowingly by me/us, be forfeited in addition I/We shall
          be liable for any other action as per prevalent rules.

Date:                                                             Signature of the Contractor/Firm with seal.
                              SPECIFICATION FOR PUMP.

1. The work will be carried out by a qualified supervisor.
2. The lay out of the installations shall be given by the Engineer-in-charge .
3. The contractor has to give a guarantee in writing for trouble free performance of the
    pump for one year from the date of installation. He should also give a trial run of the
    pump for at least one week.
4. Necessary arrangement for loop- earthing the motor and other equipment should be done
    by the contractor.
5. All other items for which work to be carried shall be in conforming with the latest ISI
6. The work will be carried out as per CPWD specifications.
7. Any damage done to the building during the execution of work will have to be made good
    by the contractor at his own risk and cost.
8. Earthing will be done in the presence of Engineer-in-charge or his duly authorised
    representative .
9. The contractor will have to employ a specialist in the lines.
10. All materials should be of approved quality and got approved by the Engineer –in-
11. The contractor has to perform the installation test of the motor and give a certificate of the
    values to the department.
12. Completion plan showing the size of suction and discharge pipes and HP and other
    relevant particulars of the motor and pump shall furnish by the contractor.
13. The work shall be completed with in the specified days from the date of award of the

                                 EXECUTIVE ENGINEER (E)
                                      COCHIN –16.
Sl.No Decsritpion of item           Qty       Rate   Unit   Amount
       SITC of 1 No. 63A TPN in the
       existing panel i/c
       interconnections testing
       commissioning etc as reqd (
       Make L&T FN 63/ similar
       superior make)                  1 No          E

       S/F 32A industrial type plug
       and socket with 20A MCB i/c
       inter connections , testing
       commissioning etc as reqd       3 Nos.        E

       S/D 3 core 4 copper
       wire for giving supply to the
       AC units in PVC conduit etc
       as reqd                         5 M           M

       S/F dry running preventer for
       the existing submersible
       pump set i/c inter
       connections testing ,
       commissioning etc as reqd(
       Make minilec / similar
       superior make)                  1 No          E

   5   Laying of PVC insulated and
       PVC sheethed Al. Conductor
       UG cable of size exceeding
       25 not exceeding 120 in the following
       manner I/c excavation, sand
       cushioning. Protective
       covering and refilling the
       trench etc. as per
       specification etc.

       (a) On surface of wall          3   mtrs      mtrs

       (b) In the existing trench      12 M          M

     S/M end termination with
     brass compression gland
     with 4 x25/ size etc
   6 as reqd                           2 Nos         E
      7 ITC of LED based Aviation
        obstruction light suitable for
        230V, 50Hz, A.C supply on
        existing 40m high narrow
        based GSM tower installed
        on roof top including
        supplying and installing rust/
        weather proof hardware,
        Weatherproof gland etc
        .complete as per
        specification attached as
                                            1 Nos    E

      8 Supplying and laying 2x1.5
        sqmm copper conductor UG
        cable including providing end
        termination in the following
        manner as required

a)        On GSM Tower in existing
          cable tray                        30 mtr   mtr

b)        On surface of wall/cable
          tray/inside the panel             25 mtr   mtr

      9    Providing and fixing isolation
          transformer of capacity 50VA
          suitable for 230V, 50Hz AC
          Supply in a suitable PVC/FRP
          casing to protect the same
          from rain water on the
          existing tower.
                                            1 No     each

     10 Dismant;ing the fitting and
        shifting them to the safest
        place etc as reqd                   8 Nos    E

     11 Dismantling the existing the
        fitting and installation ,
        testing and commissioning
        on the new position etc as
                                            8 Nos    E
12 Reducing the length of
   exhaust pipe line i/c cutting ,
   welding etc as reqd               1 Job              Jon

13 Supplying fuse puller suitable
   for 100A HRC fuse etc as
   reqd                              1 No               E

    Departmental supply

 1 4 Al. UG cable           15 M

                                       Sub Divisional Engineer(E)
                                       ESD Muvattupuzha