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e are starting a new series – Indian Stock Observatory – from 11-Jan-2009. This will be meant for short term traders and also for long term traders who may wish to cash their gains or losses due to subsequent events. We would try to pick up stocks based on last 7 days movements, news or other policy related developments. We would not write more than 4 lines, similar to Kabir’s Chopai. This is why we have sub titled it “Kalidas Chopai”. We will make a standard format with first line being a header that contains Stock name (in brief), date, time and headline. Last item will be on top. The headlines will be time based – no sorting. At month end, they will be consolidated and kept in html (searchable) or PDF format. We will also database it in FileMaker program. We will figure out ways to publish this database on web so that it becomes searchable criteria on line. If it is achieved, other html/PDF format will be discontinued. The comment box is open but we will NOT reply. It will be only one way street. The reason being that day to day movement depends on hosts of factors, previous day’s Dow, current day’s Asian performance ahead of India, currency market movements etc. In short, use our comments on “AS IS WHERE IS” basis. It will be updated twice a day.

There are no guarantees either. Consult your professional adviser, broker or banks before acting on our Chopai. Do it at your own risk. We are sure that this will prove to be as popular with the readers as Confused Mind Clear Answers series. Good luck.

Indian Stock Observatory – By Kalidas – Updated daily; Last Item on Top:

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Stock: ABHISHEK IND Symbol: ABHISHEKINDS.NS CMP: 18.00 Ref: 10-006 Tuesday, Jan 12, 2010 AM Kalidas observes: Abhishek on its first trial run.. Volume quadruples. Solid rise Our report 6Nov09 when the stock was at 14.60 estimated rise to 21 within 6 months - we are in just 2nd month and the counter saw huge volume rise with solid gains. Last few sessions were pointing higher price. May be good numbers are expected on 3QDec09. Solid small value stocks with large revenues. May dip 3% in morning due to sudden rise, L/H 23/29 <30 days. Sell 70% ahead of result.

Stock: PETRONET Symbol: PETRONET.NS CMP: 80.25 Ref: 10-ISO-005 Tuesday, Jan12, 2010 AM Kalidas observes: Gas stocks on strong upward move world over.. PETRONET to run faster. Severe cold grip has seen the gas prices moving up by 9% in last month. Petronet is well poised to report strong 3Q Dec 09 soon. Reflected in strong upward move hitting magic 80 on large volume of 5.9 Mln on NSE., 2 to 3 times than previous days. It may dip in the morning by about 1.5% but will gain later. ST L/H target 92/108 in <30 days. See our detailed stock report last month. Turtle on run now.

Stock: ESSAR Ship Symbol: ESSARSHIP CMP: 84.30 Ref: 10-ISO-004 Tuesday, Jan 12, 2010 AM Kalidas observes: Essar Shipping trending upwards strongly... After long period of consolidation near 66 the stock is on strong upward move. Its short term fundamentals are not that good as the long term one. However, this is a sucker stock. The company's shipping business, mainly transportation of oil in tankers will do well. The stock is a very fast mover in the past. Its move >80 on strong volume indicates at further stops at 92, 108 and 120. Tricky yet rewarding

Stock: Reliance (RIL) Symbol: RELIANCE.NS CMP: Ref: 10-003 Monday, January 11, 2010 PM Kalidas observes: Something ominous happening in Reliance Industries Ltd. The stock dropped by 1.3% in heaviest volume seen recently - On NSE alone, over 44 Million shares recorded at this time (12:15 PM IST), that is, huge Rs 4,400 crores or nearly $ 1 billion. BSE not counted. Something is going on. Is it the political fall out of YSR death or some major derivative losses, we do not know. But it will be financial. If this hippo falls, Sensex/Nifty will suffer most. Reduce Reliance

Stock: DISHTV Symbol: DISHTV.NS CMP: 42.20 Ref: 10-IS-002 Monday, January 11, 2010 AM Kalidas observes: Bearish phase to end soon - may be profitable by 4Q March 10 After successful raising of capital, company has reduced interest cost by 80%. The company turned profitable before depreciation in 2Q Sep09. 3Q Dec09 should be better than 2Q. The company may turn profitable by latest by 1Q Jun10. These could be last bearish days for Dish TV. Position now. ST Target low/high 48/60 three Months (except in market crash)

Indian Stock Observatory – By Kalidas – Updated daily; Last Item on Top:

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Stock: IFCI Ltd. Symbol: IFCI.NS CMP:56.90 Ref: 10-ISO-001 Monday, January 11, 2010 AM Kalidas observes: IFCI Reports good numbers - Company on growth path again Company reported Q3 2009-10 Net Profit after Tax of Rs 136.30 crores, QEPS 1.84. The real EPS will be higher. For June and Dec quarter, the company provided for taxes at 48% and 43.7% whereas actual profit will be 28% to 29%. The stock corrected by 4% from Friday peak of Rs 59.95. The stock may resume its growth path after initial pull back in first 30 minutes. ST low/high target Rs 68/73 Kalidas (Anil Selarka) Hong Kong Financial Blog: Book Web :
Disclaimer: The above comments are given to the readers for their preliminary guidance. No liability attaches to this author for any gains or loss that they may suffer in following these comments. It is in their interest to refer to their professional stockbroker, bank or investment adviser before acting on the above comments.

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