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Satellite Trade Show

SBE 2007
For many years there hasn’t been a trade show in North America dedicated only to satellite products. In 2005 Lee Gilliland was named Show Director of Satellite Expo 2005 followed the following year by Satellite Expo 2006. The success of the first two shows promoted the organization of two shows for 2007, Atlanta in April and Reno in October. Why these two locations? Atlanta is easily reachable by those living on the east coast while Reno is a short trip for the west coast residents. The overall theme of these two shows have been expanded by adding broadband exhibitors. These exhibitors primarily cover Internet TV as well as those from fiber optic, WiFi, VoIP and Network component disciplines. “Looking back at the future,” is the slogan for the show explains Gilliland. He also alluded to the many satellite technology pioneers that will be taking part in an extravagant dinner. The first satellite trade show in the USA took place in Oklahoma City back in 1979. Of those 500 attendees from that first show, all of them true pioneers, some will take part in this dinner that will take place at the Airport Hilton Hotel and will be catered by four-star chefs. The show will open with close to 100 exhibitors presenting their products and service in this show at the Georgia International Convention Center. The Satellite and Broadband Expo (SBE) has become one of the most important trade shows for the satellite market in North America.

Lee Gilliland is the show director for SBE 2007.

At the 2006 trade show, some of the reception dishes were erected at the airport.