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7 Secrets3 by Perriscope

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For training Sales Reps on Basic Selling Skills, like Important Functions of a Rep, Target and Selecting MDs, Physician Profiling Making a Sales Presentation, Presenting Features and Benefits, Presenting Clinical Papers,

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									The 7 Secrets of Excellent Performance
Perri Cebedo & Associates

The Seven Secrets of Excellent Performance
 Well defined jobs  Are capable of doing the job  Know what is expected of them  Possess the necessary skills and knowledge
 Have the tools to do the job  Receive feedback on how well they perform  Perceive and receive rewards for performing as


The Seven Secrets of Excellent Performance
 Update the MSR´s Job Description  Hire MSRs

who can really do the Job with right

attitudes  Give SMART Objectives  Train on Skills and focus on behavioral change  Provide adequate tools and resources  Measure performance and provide feedback  Provide recognition and correction

1. Constantly Update Job Descriptions
 Job definition a road map to achieving objectives  defines responsibility for work  derived from an organization's mission or goals  describes the skills, knowledge, qualifications,

experience to carry out the job  forms the basis for establishing performance expectations

2. Hire Persons Capable of doing the job
Concentrate on looking for people with the

right attitudes Knowledge and skills are trainable; attitudes, no Identify top 10 Attitudes and weigh accordingly Importance of hiring people with a “Passion to Sell”

3. Give SMART Objectives so they know what is expected of them
S pecific M easurable and mutually agreed upon
A mbitious but achievable

R esult oriented, relevant T ime bonded

People will perform with excellence if they know what is expected of them.

4. Train on Skills. That´s where the pay-off is!
Training must focus on skill building Training must aim for behavioral change

Training must follow the 9 - Step model

The 9 Step Model for Changing Behavior
Starts with 100% mastery of knowledge Application in steps Show a Video Model Each Rep composes own model in writing (the script) Everyone rehearses by simultaneous line face to face role play 6. Video record the best models 7. Action Plans 8. Confirm application in the field 9. Constant application to form a habit  Sales, Sales, Sales! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

5. Provide the tools and Resources to do the job
Equipment, manuals, procedures Samples, literature and supplies must

arrive on time Salaries must be competitive Incentive plans must motivate people to do their best

6. Constantly measure and provide feedback on performance
"What gets measured, gets done." A good feedback system reinforces what is done well and improves performance that does not meet expectations.
 Feedback is

letting people know how well they are meeting performance expectations.

7. Provide Recognition and Correction
 Rewards should be given when someone meets

or exceeds performance expectations.  "There is only one thing worse than failure, it is the failure to recognize and reward success.”  Rewards given should be perceived to be of value by the recipient  Correction should focus on behavior. Use “sandwich” technique.

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