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									Post Call Analysis
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Guide Questions for Post-Call Analysis
Setting Objectives:  Did I examine the doctor's call record card?  Was I well prepared? With a real plan?  Have I set my objectives before the MD visit?  Which objectives did I achieve?  Which objectives were not achieved? Why?

2. Obtaining Information regarding the MD's Practice:
Did I obtain all the necessary information?  What did I forget?  How can I obtain the missed information?

3. Opening
     

Did I take time to build a relationship with the customer? Was my opening right? What opening statements were well received? Did I bridge smoothly from social to business discussion? Any observation or “stupid” actions? What would I have done differently?

4. Probing for Doctor Needs
Did I obtain a good knowledge of the doctor's needs?  What aspects of the doctor's needs required further probing?  What would the customer have gained in giving me the business?  Did I explain this point convincingly enough?

5. Presentation:
      

Did I present those features which respond to doctor needs? Did I translate these features to benefits? Did I use good questions? Did I get good MD participation? Did I use my literature and samples effectively? Did I use product name mentions throughout the presentation? Did I identify; use opportunities to support? (Clinical Papers?)

6. Buying Signals":
What “buying signals” were given to me during my presentation?  How have I responded to these “buying signals”?

7. Handling Resistance
What objections did I meet?  How did I handle them?  Did I find the real reason for this resistance?  Did I use proof sources?  How would I handle the resistance differently in the future?

8. Handling Competition:
What competition did I encounter during my presentation?  How did I handle it?  Did I use proof sources?  How would I handle competition differently in the future

9. Supporting:
 


Did I reinforce with a clinical paper my doctor's own good experience on my product Did I identify or create an opportunity to mention or demonstrate a clinical paper? Did I follow the four steps in presenting clinical studies? 1. Create the need for the paper? 2. Establish credibility? 3. Convert results into benefits 4. Ask for MD feedback?

10. Closing:
 

 

Did I summarize benefits relating them to identified MD needs before asking for a commitment? Did I get a commitment* to increase prescriptions by expanding indications, dosage, length of usage or patient types? Which? Did I get a clear and specific commitment appropriate for the call? Did I establish a follow-up or an action step?
* A good commitment is SMART. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-oriented and Time-bonded.

11. Adjusting to the MD's Social Style

What was the social style/profile of the physician?  Did you adapt my presentation to the social style of the doctor?  What new personal data can I add to the doctor's record card?

What two things would I do in my next visit with this doctor?  What will be my objective for the next call?

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