Processor by pinguin2


Processor as the main brain of the computer can also cause problems for the computer, either because they occur overheating (overheating) which can make the computer restarts frequently and may die suddenly. For that, take a few tips to keep the processor temperature, with cooler ensures processor (headsink) and fan can work properly. Here are a few things to note relating to the processor: * Make sure the top of your processor has been smeared with thermal paste. Thermal Grease Thermal Paste or gel is a material that serves to lift the heat from the processor to headsink. For thermal silver paste which has better quality than the white. * Make sure the casing has a smooth circulation path, because the casing is less circulation will cause the hardware components inside, including the processor, the faster heat. * Trim the cables, especially the type ATA cables larger than the width of the cable and SATA. Cable can facilitate the orderly flow of air in the casing. * For personal computers, you may adpat open the casing, for the effectiveness of the smooth circulation of air, although perhaps not in accordance with the aesthetic value and unpleasant because the hardware in it looked from the outside.

Here are tips for caring for the main processor:

* Decide relationship or electrical contacts from your computer. Set aside some time to let cooler headsink, then open headsink and fan of the processor. * Separate the fan and headsink, then wipe with a damp cloth fan. Clean gap headsink of dust, or wash with a brush or a soft brush. Drain and try headsink no water remaining in the gap konslet avoid headsink. * Connect the fan with headsink, then attach them to the processor as before. * You can do the treatment 3 months, especially in a room air-conditioned. However, if the environment a lot of dust, treatment can be done once every month.

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