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OBJECTIVE OF CHOOSING THIS TOPIC: The researcher chosen this topic of poverty because it is the major economic problem and increasing day by day especially in urban areas. Poverty also increases due to our poor government policies.

Pictures on poverty


According to the observation the main causes of poverty are: unemployment poor government policies Illiteracy Other factors which may include dishonesty, lack of skills, labor etc

• This is the quantitative type of research in which the graphs and figures shows the percentage of poverty in our country. It also shows the continuous increase of unemployment in both rural and urban area.


– Poverty in Pakistan is a major economic issue. Nearly onequarter of the population is classified poor as of October 2006.. The declining trend on poverty in the country seen during the 1970s and 1980s was reversed in the 1990s by poor Federal policies and rampant corruption.. This phenomenon has been referred to as the "Poverty Bomb". The government of Pakistan has prepared an "Interim Poverty reduction Strategy Paper" that suggest guidelines to reduce poverty in the country. According to the World Bank, the program has had tangible success, with the World Bank stating that poverty has fallen by 5 percent since 2000. – Poverty in Pakistan has historically been higher in rural areas and lower in the cities. Out of the total 40 million – living below the poverty line, 30 million live in rural areas. Poverty rose sharply in the rural areas in the areas. – 1990s and the gap in income between urban and rural areas of the country became more significant. This trend has been attributed to a disproportionate impact of economic events in the rural and urban

Theoretical Frame Work
Independent Variable Dependent variable




Lack of adequate Governance Burden of Taxes

• • •

Dear Respondent! We are the students of National College of Business Administration & Economics Lahore, and we are conducting a Market Research study on the Causes of Poverty. We will be very thankful for your cooperation. This information will be only used for research purpose. Gender: Age: 16-19 20-25 Program: BBA IT Male Female

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1: - Can we live without these things food, water, shelter, clothing, etc? Yes No (Please go to Personal Profile) 2: - Do you think that poverty is caused by inadequate skills or Education. Yes No (Please go to Personal Profile) 3: - What are the main Reasons of Poverty? (Order the given choice) Disease Ignorance Uneducated people Dishonesty any other (Specify)

4: - How do you rate the following attributes for the cause of poverty?
Stro ngly disa gree Di sa gr e e Neit her agr ee Nor disa gre e A gr e e Str on gly Agr ee

Please encircle only one number from 1-5 that indicates your disagreement or agreement.

(a) In general Government policies are responsible for the poverty (b) Unemployment is the main causes of the poverty

1 1

2 2

3 3

4 4

5 5

(c) Inequality in economy is the reason of Poverty
(d) Ignorance (Illiteracy) is the main reason of Poverty (e) Increase in population is the main causes of poverty (f) A healthy society decrease the issue of poverty (g)Due to the rises in Prices of commodities the Poverty increase

1 1 1 1

2 2 2 2

3 3 3 3

4 4 4 4

5 5 5 5

5: -How we can reduce the poverty in Pakistan? _______________________________________________________________ 6: - Is the Government Responsible for the high rate of Poverty?



Results of Questionnaire in Forms of Table and Charts

Gender Male Female

Number 24 16

Relative Frequency 24% 16%

Accumulative Frequency 24 40

25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% Gender Male Female

Age 12-15 16-19 20-25 26-above

Number 0 8 27 5

Relative Frequency 0/40 8/40 =0 =0.2

Accumulative Frequency 0 0+8/40=0.2 0+8/40+27/40=0.87 0+8/40+27/40+5/40=1

27/40 =0.675 5/40 =0.125

1 0.8 0.6 0.4 0.2 0 AGE 12_15 16_19 20_25 26_Above



Relative Frequency

Accumulative Frequency

Yes No

22 18

22/40=0.55 18/40=0.45

22/40=0.55 22/40+18/40=1

25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% Question#1 YES NO

Question 2 Yes No

Number 32 8

Relative Frequency 32/40=0.8 8/40=1

Accumulative Frequency 0.8 1

35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Question#2 YES NO

Question 6 Yes No

Number 34 6

Relative Frequency 34/40=0.85 6/40=0.15

Accumulative Frequency 34/40=0.85 34/40+6/40=1

35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Question#6 Yes NO

Conclusion:This Research project is about the poverty in Pakistan, We had conduct the research in which we find some basic and main reasons of poverty. The result of that research is listed above. This Research shows that the main reason of poverty is unemployment. In Research paper the three main reasons are (In general Government policies are responsible for the poverty), (Ignorance (Illiteracy) is the main reason of Poverty) and (Increase in population is the main causes of poverty)

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