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									Guidelines for paper presentation


The time for the presentation in the technical session will be 20 minutes. Because of the tight
schedule you will not be allowed to continue any longer than allotted time. Should you wish to
have discussion of your paper, this will have to be accommodated within your presentation
period. No additional time will be available for discussion after your presentation.

We strongly encourage you to make 15minutes of presentation and try to keep 5 minutes for
any follow-up discussion.

Please submit soft copy of your presentations before the start of the oral presentation session in
which you are presenting. This will save time while changing the speakers and copying your
presentation. Please clearly label your file with (a) Family and First Name of the participant and
(b) Name of session of which the paper is a part. It is highly recommended that you send your
presentation to the conference organizers by email by Monday 1st September 2008.

We expect presenters to spend a minimum time to discuss data/methodology/background
material and more time towards scientific findings. Never read aloud what your audience can
read for themselves and please realize that people read very quickly (much more quickly than
you can read aloud!).

Most of the delegates are closely familiar with the workshop topics, therefore, we expect you to
present your material at the highest scientific level possible, i.e., expert-to-expert; never over-
elaborate for those who may not be in your specific field.

Try and conclude the presentation with your most important scientific finding(s).

Finally, we expect participants to actively participate in the discussion at the end of each
presentation, session and the workshop. We want to develop a cross-border platform between
the scientists where they can consult key research questions easily and frequently with each
other in a setting conducive to augmentation of science in the region.

For the poster paper presentation, the poster size should be A1 size. The poster must contain
the title of paper, author’s & co-authors’s full name and contact details including affiliated
institution/organization, postal address, telephone, fax, email, abstract of the paper, together
with other relevant information. Depending on the space available in poster sessions, oral
paper      presentations    may     also   be    given    space    for    poster   presentation.
For proceedings of

10th International Symposium on High Mountain Remote Sensing Cartography (HMRSC-X)

Editors: Viktor KAUFMANN (Institute of Applied Geodesy, Graz University of Technology,
Austria), Wolfgang SULZER (Institute of Geography and Regional Science, University of Graz,
Austria), Pradeep MOOL (International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development) and other.

Editors will review the paper and if necessary will review by one or more external reviewers to
ensure the quality.

Abstract should be no more than one page (A4 size, Arial 10, typed single space) and must be
submitted before 15 March 2008.

Email soft copy versions of abstract in Microsoft WORD to:

Email soft copy versions of full final camera-ready paper in Microsoft WORD to: hmrsc-

Presentation and camera-ready full paper:

To submit your full paper for presentation and publication as proceedings of HMRSC-X.

   1.    Upload your presentation at the HMRSC-X Symposium on 8 September 2008 in the
        specified computer

   2. Upload softcopy of your camera-ready paper at the HMRSC-X Symposium on 8
      September 2008

   3. Make sure that Mr. Wolfgang SULZER and Mr. Pradeep MOOL has a copy of your
      paper stored on a DVD, CD, or other format so that we can formulate our final report.

   4. Provide a printed copies of your full final camera-ready paper to Mr. Wolfgang SULZER
      and Mr. Pradeep MOOL

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