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Wrinkles are fine lines or crease in the skin surface because of which skin becomes loose and sagging. When the elasticity of the skin gets destroyed because of age and other factors like improper care, unbalanced diet, and stress it results in wrinkles or aging lines. wrinkles are generally found around the eyes, necks, and cheeks.

There are various factors that contribute to wrinkles or fine lines in the skin surface.
Early appearance of wrinkles are due to stress, smoking habit, and unbalanced diet like not taking Vitamin E-rich foods, which is good for skin; because of harmful affects of ultraviolet sun rays; various ecological factors; and wrong dieting practice to reduce body weight. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Causes for Wrinkles Symptoms for Wrinkles Treatment Options for Wrinkles Home Remedies for Wrinkles Dos and don’ts for Wrinkles

Causes for Wrinkles
Although people may have a genetic predisposition to severe wrinkling, it is known that sun exposure promotes and exacerbates wrinkling of the skin. Smoking may also negatively affect the skin.

Aging Process
As a person ages, skin cells divide more slowly, and the inner skin, or dermis, starts to thin. Fat cells beneath the dermis begin to atrophy, and the underlying network of elastin and collagen fibres, which provides scaffolding for the surface layers, loosens and unravels. Skin loses its elasticity; when pressed, it no longer springs back to its initial position but instead sags and forms furrows. The skin's ability to retain moisture diminishes; the sweat and oil-secreting glands atrophy, depriving the skin of their protective water-lipid emulsions. As a consequence, the skin becomes dry and scaly. In addition, the ability of the skin to repair itself diminishes with age, so wounds are slower to heal. Frown lines (those between the eyebrows) and crow's feet (lines that radiate from the corners of the eyes) appear to develop because of persistent small muscle contractions. Habitual facial expressions also form characteristic lines, contributing to the formation of jowls and drooping eyelids. Skin loses its elasticity. When pressed, it no longer springs back to its initial position but instead sags and forms furrows. The sweat- and oilsecreting glands atrophy, depriving the skin of their protective water-lipid

emulsions. The skin's ability to retain moisture then diminishes and it becomes dry and scaly. Frown lines (those between the eyebrows) and crow's feet (lines that radiate from the corners of the eyes) appear to develop because of permanent small muscle contractions. Habitual facial expressions also form characteristic lines. Gravity exacerbates the situation, contributing to the formation of jowls and drooping eyelids. (Eyebrows, surprisingly, move up as a person ages, possibly because of forehead wrinkles.)

Facial Muscle Contractions
Lines between the eyebrows (frown lines) and lines jutting from the corner of the eyes (crows feet) are believed to develop because of small muscle contractions. Smiling, frowning, squinting and other habitual facial expressions cause these wrinkles to become more prominent. Over time, the expressions coupled with gravity contribute to the formation of jowls and drooping eyelids.

Sun Damage (Photoaging)
The skin can also age prematurely as a result of prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation emanating from the sun (called extrinsic or photoaging). The role of the sun cannot be overestimated as the most important cause of aging skin and skin cancers. Overall, exposure to ultraviolet (referred to as UVA or UVB) radiation from sunlight accounts for about 90% of the symptoms of premature skin aging, and most of these effects occur by age 20. Both UVA and UVB rays cause damage leading to wrinkles, lower immunity against infection, aging skin disorders, and cancer.

Other Factors
Other environmental factors, including cigarette smoke and pollution, particularly ozone, may hasten aging by producing oxygen-free radicals. These are particles produced by many of the body's normal chemical processes; in excessive amounts they can damage cell membranes and interact with genetic material, possibly contributing to the development of a number of skin disorders, including wrinkles and, more importantly, cancer. Rapid weight loss can also cause wrinkles by reducing the volume of fat cells that cushion the face. This not only makes a person look gaunt, but can cause the skin to sag. One study reported that it might deplete the amount of vitamin E in the skin; this vitamin is an important anti oxidant. Rapid weight loss can also cause wrinkles by reducing the volume of fat cells that cushion the face.

Wrinkles Symptoms
Symptoms that are most usually observed in case of wrinkles are:

Skin becomes loose and sagging near the eyes, cheeks, necks, and hands which get easily noticeable with age. Fine lines or crease observed in the skin surface.

Treatment Options for Wrinkles
We cannot control our genetic make-up. However, avoidance of tobacco, sun, and tanning beds decreases exposure to agents in the environment that can harm the skin. If sun exposure is unavoidable, a sunscreen with SPF greater than or equal to 15 (sun protection factor) is important to protect the skin. This will minimize the sun exposure to toxic solar radiation and decrease the chance of acquiring a skin malignancy. A daily moisturizer will also keep the skin hydrated and prevent the loss of water when the skin is exposed to environmental irritants. Topical medication can also help to thin the epidermis (outer cell layer of skin) and thicken the dermis (inner cell layer of skin). These agents remove, or exfoliate, the dead superficial skin layer, producing a healthier revitalized skin texture. Medications such as Retin-A or Renova, as well as topical alphahydroxy acids, improve the quality of the skin and reduce fine wrinkles. There are many types of skin wrinkles or folds. These include superficial wrinkles that are increased by sun and smoking. Deep folds, such as the grooves adjacent to the corner of the mouth, are increased by sagging of facial tissue. Lastly, muscle related wrinkles, such as in the forehead or in the corners of the eyes (crow's feet) are increased by facial expression. The specific treatment of these wrinkles is related to the cause and location of the wrinkle. Filling the wrinkle, smoothing the tissue next to the wrinkle, or weakening the muscle that causes the wrinkle are all methods to decrease skin irregularities. The treatment chosen should be carefully considered. There are numerous over-the-counter treatment options for wrinkles. Removing skin layers to reduce wrinkles or irregular depressions is an effective way to regain smoother, more youthful looking skin. Dermabrasion (scraping layers away) and chemical peels (dissolving skin away) are two of the traditional methods used in skin resurfacing. Aside from these procedures, two newer techniques: laser skin resurfacing with an pulsed dye laser or carbon dioxide laser and Botox injections are the latest techniques developed to repair prematurely aging skin and wrinkles.

Home Remedies for Wrinkles
Make a natural homemade paste using (1-2 tablespoon) juices of sugar cane and (2-3 teaspoon) turmeric powder, which is the most effective herb used in every kitchen and keep it aside for five minutes. Gently apply on aging lines (wrinkles) and let it dry for 10-15 minutes, then wash your face using clean water. This is one of the most effective natural remedy for wrinkles.

Rubbing down wrinkles around the eyes, neck, and other areas with coconut oil before sleep increases blood circulation and promote relaxation to the skin. This is helpful in to get rid of wrinkles A good facial massage improves blood circulation, reduces wrinkles, tones your skin, and gives a new life to the tired and dead skins. Massage the wrinkles prone area for ten minutes with the central part of the pineapple fruit, which is hard or with its fresh juice then wash your face using cold water. It slows down the aging lines. Make a mixture using natural honey (half teaspoon) and fresh chopped ginger (one teaspoon) and eat it daily at sun rise. You can also use the freshly prepared juices of cucumber or apple everyday on wrinkles as it is natural and effective treatment for curing wrinkles and slows down skin aging. Lemon juice also works for reducing fine lines under eyes, neck, and hands. This is also very effective in minimizing the wrinkles and cleaning the skin surface. Pamper your under eyes skin area by using egg white or castor oil, as it keeps the skin soft and nourishes with required nutrients in your body and slows down the aging sign (wrinkles). Massage your skin using oils of flax seeds as it is very effective in getting rid of wrinkles.

Yoga can minimize face wrinkles.
Regularly practicing yoga makes your life beautiful. Yoga can minimize aging signs, wrinkles on your face, increase blood circulations, and controls your body weight, improves your vision and gives a new life to your tired skins. Yoga helps in bringing out toxic substances, gives mental and physical strength, increases life span, body’s disease fighting capability increases, various other benefits can be easily avail by doing yoga. Overturned or reversed yogic poses using hand as a stand and doing various other yogic postures for 10-15 minutes everyday can keep you youthful as ever, and rejuvenate your skins, improves the appearance from outside, makes the facial muscles strong, and removes wrinkles and various aging signs from your face, neck, hands naturally. Healthy living can control your wrinkles so live stress free and develop some healthy practice for minimizing wrinkles.

Dos and don’ts
Your skin is soft so be gentle in its treatment and go only by natural treatment, as they are effective and also gives fast results. Drink enough water as it keeps the skin glowing and removes unwanted materials from the body. Use a natural sun protecting cream everyday as ultraviolet rays of the sun takes away the natural beauty of the skin and develops wrinkles around your eyes, necks, and any exposed skin surface. Diet plays an important role for keeping you in good health and keeping the skin glowing and wrinkle free. Eat green vegetables, sprouts, eggs, fish, nuts, papaya, purple colored fruits, as it keeps you active and slows down the aging lines. Drink plenty of fresh fruit juices instead of soft drinks. If you want to look beautiful and reduce your wrinkles or fine line around eyes and necks stop smoking and avoid tea, beverages, and alcohols. Do a face scrub using various natural home available products like turmeric, rose water, honey once or twice a week to keep it soft and clean this also reduce wrinkles or aging sign. Live a stress free life and control your anger and always keep a beautiful smile on your face as it slow down wrinkle lines. Avoid laser treatments, chemical-based injection to the skin to reduce aging lines or wrinkles on your skin. They are harmful and do not treat your skin naturally and safely. Eat healthy food and avoid junk foods, oily foods, and do yoga regularly.

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