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					Lebanon, NH - September 25, 2005

Spectra Printing Division Backgrounder
Press Contact: Per Frost, Vice President, Marketing & Sales Tel: +1 603-443-5300 Email: Main Office: Spectra Printing Division 109 Etna Road Lebanon, NH 03766 USA Tel: (603) 443-5300 Fax: (603) 448-9870 Email:

Overview Spectra, a Dimatix Division, designs and manufactures piezoelectric ink jet printheads, assemblies, components and systems for leading suppliers and users of printing and imaging systems in diverse industrial and commercial market segments worldwide. Our customers are OEMs, system integrators, and end-users who use our products in their cutting-edge systems for high quality, non-impact digital imaging and decorative applications. Since our founding in 1984, Spectra has developed significant intellectual property and has commercialized multiple generations of ink jet printheads. In many industrial sectors, Spectra products are considered to be the key embedded technology for digital printing, imaging and decorative equipment. Operations Spectra Printing Division headquarters, operations and manufacturing are located in Lebanon, NH, USA. These facilities house engineering, research & development, sales & marketing, executive management and administration for the division. Spectra also maintains sales offices around the world. Dimatix’s corporate offices are located in Santa Clara, California. Here, we also conduct advanced research & development and fabrication using state-of-the-art process technology for the design, development, and fabrication of new high-performance industrial silicon MEMS based printheads. Value Policy The Spectra Quality Policy commits all employees to providing Total Value to our customers. Total Value means:    Products that meet or exceed customer expectations in every respect, Service that meets or exceeds customers’ expectations, and High quality relationships with our customers, each other, and our suppliers through involvement in the process of continuous improvement.

Management John C. Batterton, President and CEO, Dimatix, Inc. Andre Simone, CFO, Dimatix, Inc. Robert G. Rosenblum, Vice President, Dimatix, Inc. and COO, Spectra Printing Division Andreas Bibl, CTO, Dimatix, Inc. and President, Materials Deposition Division Per J. Frost, Vice President, Dimatix, Inc., Vice President, Marketing & Sales, Spectra Printing Division and General Manager, Spectra Technology Integration Business Unit Joel A. Wood, Vice President, Dimatix, Inc., General Manager, Spectra Jetting Components

Lebanon, NH - September 25, 2005
Karen S. Hebert, Director, Human Resources, Dimatix, Inc. Technology Spectra specializes in high-speed precision fluid jetting, with high duty cycles, long life, excellent spot uniformity, support for a wide range of ink and fluid types and viscosity, and modular head construction. Core technologies that make our patented piezoelectric, ink jet products distinctive:  Our shear mode actuation of the piezoelectric material allows us to create many jet actuators using a single flat piece of piezoelectric material. This ensures our products are simple, reliable and cost-effective. It also enables all jets to be fired simultaneously and at high frequencies. This results in higher productivity and throughput with lower design and ongoing maintenance costs. Our degassing or deaeration technology removes air bubbles from the fluid supply reservoir, thereby enabling high frequency and sustained jetting. This ensures fast, reliable machine startup and supports the high-speed printing that our customers require. Our Shaped Piezo Silicon™ uses silicon MEMS fabrication techniques to create entirely new product families. The ability to jet at extremely high frequencies in flexible operating modes makes them extremely cost-effective for high volume printer manufacturing requirements. A range of new attributes including higher nozzle density, low voltage and lightweight design make these printheads an attractive solution for new printer architectures. More precise control over nozzle shape and absolute position permits high drop placement accuracy. The silicon construction lends itself to solid reliable operation and long service life.



Products Spectra’s product line includes four printhead families: Galaxy, Nova, S-Class and M-Class. Sub-groups within these families denote information such as supported ink formulation and drop size. Individual products in each family can be configured as full printhead assemblies or as basic jetting assemblies. We also provide the necessary components for complete printheadtending functions, including drive electronics, ink delivery systems and pneumatics control hardware. Galaxy and Nova The Galaxy and Nova printheads provide 256 inline, individually addressable nozzles with droplet sizes of 80 to 28 picoliters. These support a wide range of viscous fluids including hot melt, solvent-based, aqueous and UV-curable inks. S-Class The S-Class family provides 128 inline, individually addressable nozzles with droplet sizes from 80 to 10 picoliters. Three different printhead designs: the SL-128 (80pL), SM-128 (50pL), SE128 (30pL) are suitable for graphics applications.


Lebanon, NH - September 25, 2005

M-Class Our M-Class product line consists of the Hex Modular Printhead, the fully integrated Quad Printhead and the M300/10 Jet Module. All are based on our new Shaped Piezo Silicon™ technology. The M-Class Hex Modular Printhead features components designed to be deeply embedded within the printers and systems of the printer manufacturer. The Hex Modular Printhead is a sixcolor unit featuring 1824 individually addressable channels designed specifically for scanning printer architectures. The M-Class Quad Printhead is a high performance solution featuring 1216 channels configured to print a 720-dpi single pass swath at more than 1.5 meters per second (300 ft./min.). The M300/10 Jet Module features 304 individually addressable channels arranged in a single row of nozzles at 180 dots-per-inch spacing. All have a fundamental 10 picoliter drop size. Spectra’s breakthrough jetting technology allows unparalleled flexible modes of operation including adjustable binary drop size and grayscale capability at unprecedented throughput rates. M-Class supports multiple fluid types including UV-curable organic solvent, and aqueous ink formulations. Merlin Systems Merlin are complete, modular systems for direct, non-impact printing and decorative applications. The Merlin FG is used for the decoration of food products using edible food grade colorants. This system is FDA compliant. Either system can image text, photos and graphics directly onto a products surface area without any intermediary steps and without contact to its surface area. Applications Spectra printheads are found in display printers, industrial marking, digital press, textile, postal and addressing machines, along with several new products used in food and consumer goods decoration. They address an enormous variety of applications including:     Wide Format Graphics Coding & Marking Addressing Textiles

Emerging Markets & Applications Spectra participates in many new markets and applications. In direct printing, Spectra printheads can image at full production speeds onto baked goods and other edible products using food grade colorants. This capability has opened the world of digital food decoration to industrial food companies.

Lebanon, NH - September 25, 2005


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