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					October 23-31, 2009 Tips for SRO’s 1. Double check with your supervisors to ensure they’re supporting your efforts 2. Get permission from your school principal to participate in Red Ribbon Week activities 3. Once you have the o.k. you need, partner with a faculty member at your school. Your Guidance Counselor may be a good partner or a teacher that you are working with, already. 4. Find a school club to assist your efforts. The more people to help, the more by-in there will be for a successful week. 5. Red Ribbon Week is set for a 7 day period of time. The reason for this is to take the drug message into the community during the weekend. Your Friday night High School ball games are a great venue to have Red Ribbon Week activities. 6. For the 5 day period of the school week, plan for Red Ribbon Week theme days. The more you get this message to your students, the more they will retain the information. 7. Just remember, as my boss Major Bill Kennedy says, “You are only limited by your imagination”

This particular week, if done to the fullest extent will definitely drain you, mentally and physically. I truly believe Red Ribbon Week is a fundamental role of an SRO. Your kids will remember this event for a long time to come. Another reason that I believe Red Ribbon Week is fundamental to us is that we get the opportunity to honor a fellow officer who was killed in the line of duty. DEA Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena was tortured and killed by a drug cartel because of his efforts to combat the drug epidemic.

Good luck to you and help spread the message!

Lt. Bill West, Region 6 Director Additional resources available at: