Presentation of Phase 3 by presmaster


									Presentation of Phase 3

  Monday 12/11/2006
  Nick DePompeo, Brian Hufe, Mike
  Sacra, Ben Stuchlik
 Over the past 60 years, Southco has
  grown through innovation, strategic
  acquisitions and overseas investments into
  a global leader in Engineered Access
 DZUS quarter-turn fasteners provide quick,
  effortless access/fastening for military and
  aerospace applications.
Project Scope Definition
 To accurately design and manufacture
  an interface between an MTS machine
  and required fasteners to produce an
  efficient and safe testing process for
  all required tests.
Current Process
 Utilizes 3 machines
   Utilizes compressed air
 Requires skilled, trained operator
 Tensile, shear and torsional tests are performed

 Tensile/Shear            Torque           Tensile/Shear
Fastener Testing     Fastener Testing    Receptacle Testing
Why Change?
   Three required machines to run tests
   Extensive Testing time
   Repetitive Testing Process
   Testing process may be inaccurate
   Southco has an MTS machine available
Customer Wants
 Decrease skill requirement of testing
 Decrease testing time
 Maintain testing safety standards
 Develop an interface with available
  MTS Machine
 Increase repeatability and accuracy
   Number of machines
   Testing time
   Accuracy
   Repeatability
   Durability
Benchmark-Target Value Comparison
     Benchmark Values                Target Values
1) 3 Machines                1) 1 Machine (MTS
2) Approximately 8-9 hours   2) Less than 4 hours per lot

3) Unknown                   3) 10% more accurate
                                than what is being tested
4) Unknown                   4) 10% more repeatable than
                                current process
5) N/A                       5) Operational for a minimum
                                of 10 years
Selected Concept:
  Single
   for all tests
  Reduced
   setup time
  Easily
   allows for
Key Pieces
1)   Top U Piece
2)   Bottom U Piece
3)   Nesting
4)   Rotator Pieces



Assembly Model
 Nesting allows for adaptation. New
  fasteners may be tested through the
  use of new nesting pieces.
Locking/Unlocking Fastener
Shear to Tensile Test Re-Positioning
Design Schematic
Testing Procedure
1) Attach interface to MTS machine
2) Load TestWorks and initialize test
3) Calibrate machine
4) Performed 3 trials of testing for 3-
  fastener lots using required testing
5) Record data and analyze results
Testing Results

 Interface works as intended.
 Testing time reduced to target value.
   Test Validation- Ease of Use

                            New System:
   Current System:        Requires 1 Machine
Requires three Machines
Test Validation- Testing Time

   Current testing time take approximately 8 hours per lot
  Testing Time has been reduced by approximately 4 hours
Test Validation- Accuracy
 Load Cell is much
  more accurate than
  the current
  compressed air
  system which can
  have leaks.
 The new system is
  calibrated every
  time a new testing
  shift begins.
Test Validation- Repeatability
 Testing showed a
  high degree of
   Testing time had a
    low std. deviation
Value to Southco
 Decreased testing time
   More lots can be tested in a given time.
 Set testing procedure
   Detailed step-by-step procedure
 Minimizes operator skill requirements
 Takes up less space
Project Costs
Implementation Plan
 Southco will be provided with the
  interface and necessary
 Southco will be provided with a
  detailed operations manual, including
  engineering drawings.
 Southco will be provided with a first-
  hand training session for operators.
 Financial Payback
Skilled operator salary: $30/hr
Current Test Time:
Tests per day:
                      8.5 hr
                      1 test
                                  =   $255.00 per test

Skilled operator salary: $30/hr
New Test Time:
Tests per day:
                      4.5 hr
                      1 test
                                  =   $135.00 per test

     Estimated Savings = $120.00 per test

       At a total cost of $2410.85, it would take
      Southco approximately 20 days of testing to
      completely pay off the new testing system.

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