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EPSRC summer school in circular dichroism spectroscopy by hcj


									Analytical Biosciences Group

Biophysical Chemistry Group Bristish Biophysical Society

Workshop in circular and linear dichroism spectroscopy of proteins and nucleic acids 14 December 2009 To include UK CD Users Meeting: 3rd December
Where: University of Warwick, Department of Chemistry and MOAC Doctoral Training Centre,

Course coordinators: Alison Rodger, Bonnie Wallace, Bob Janes, Nick Price, Sharon Kelly. Purpose of workshop: To train researchers in use of circular dichroism (CD) and linear
dichroism (LD) for the structural characterisation of biomacromolecules in solution (part 1) and to show state of the art applications (part 2).

What: 1. Lectures and practical sessions including data bases and computational tools. Principles of
CD and LD; practicalities of CD and LD; globular proteins; membrane proteins; nucleic acids; sample preparation; web resources; structure analysis; time resolved CD; IR absorbance and CD; applications. 2. Participate in UK CD users meeting.

Who: Postgraduate students and PDRAs. Academic staff and industrial participants welcome if
places are available. Maximum 20 participants.

When: 11 am Tuesday 1st  4.00 pm Friday 5th December, 2009 What to bring: A 35 minute talk (on overheads! or pre-emailed to
outlining your research interests; a poster; safety glasses; laboratory coat; samples if desired; other things.

PhD and PDRA costs: Application fee of £75 for PhD students and PDRAs covers winter
workshop costs, daytime food, some evening food. The fee will be refunded if your application is unsuccessful (places are limited). We suggest you book accommodation at one of the hotels you can find near the railway station including Formule 1, IBIS and guest houses in Park St. Coventry.

Non PhD/PDRA applicants: course fee is £250 which does not include accommodation.

Application form: Fee should be paid on line Name: Address:

Phone: Fax: email: Position: Source of funding for research: Supervisor’s name: Why the winter workshop will benefit your research programme:

Fee has been sent by (name on credit card): Dietary or other requirements:

Any other issues:

Supervisor: Any additional comments about importance of the training.



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