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					                                                               DICOM Suite description

           Presentation of DICOM Suite
               SCP standalone modules
1 Introduction to DICOM Suite

DICOM Suite is a DICOM development toolkit for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP.

It is a set of DLLs and executable files that will help you build new DICOM based
applications, or add DICOM connectivity to your existing products.

DICOM Suite is composed of different modules:
   1 DICOM Image Pack, a set of DLLs to manage DICOM datasets and
     embedded images;
   2 DICOM SCU Pack, a set of DLLs to implements DICOM Services as SCU;
Those DLLs are written in Visual C++. Functions included in the DLL modules are
accessible by C++ classes as well as C functions, making them available from
multiple environments such as Visual C++, WinDev, Delphi, 4D and Visual Basic.
In addition to DICOM Suite Packs, some modules are provided as standalone
applications (.exe) in order to propose DICOM services as SCP (Store, Print,

2 DICOM Image Pack

DICOM Image Pack contains the following DLLs: DcmAcc32, Etima32 and

2.1 DcmAcc32

DcmAcc33 DLL deals with interfacing with DICOM Part 10 datasets, both for reading
and writing operations. It may be used by applications that need to :

• Browse DICOM Part 10 files and get datasets information (Patient’s Name, Image
Rows and Columns, ...);

• Create their own DICOM Part 10 files either from scratch or by using initial
• Browse and create DICOMDIR files, including support of Structured Reports,
Presentation States and Key Object Selection Documents.
All datasets encoding are supported (Little Endian Implicit or Explicit / Big Endian
Explicit). Some non DICOM Part 10 compliant files may also be taken into account.
                                                               DICOM Suite description

2.2 Etima32

Etima32 is a Windows DLL that relies on DcmAcc32, and is dedicated to image
decoding, display and manipulation.

Based on standard Windows DIB (Device Independent Bitmap) format, the library is
used to decode and convert DICOM image object: RGB, YBR, COLOR PALETTE,
MONOCHROME1, MONOCHROME2, with or without compression JPEG (lossy /
lossless) or RLE, mono or multi frames, encoded on 8, 12 or 16 bits, ...

Etima32 offers a set of image manipulation functions:
•   windowing (contrast, level), interactive or not;
•   rotations;
•   flips;
•   image inversion;
•   conversion in other image formats: JPEG, GIF, PICT, BMP, TIFF.

2.2 DcmAcq32

DcmAcq32 is a Windows DLL dedicated to the production of several DICOM formats.
It includes also support for image acquisition.
DcmAcq32 enables to build several DICOM objects in just a few steps, including
Secondary Capture Image, Secondary Capture Multiframe, UltraSound Multiframe.
Resulting DICOM images may be JPEG lossy or lossless compressed.
MPEG2 input data are also supported, allowing the production of Visible Light (VL)
DICOM files : VL Video Endoscopic Image, VL Video Microscopic Image, VL
Photographic Image.

When dealing with single image or multiframe DICOM files, the preferred image input
is Windows Device Independent Bitmap (DIB). Note that the following images
sources are supported :
•   TWAIN compatible equipment (digitizers - up to 16 bits per pixel, video cameras,
    frame grabbers, ...)
•   Windows clipboard


DICOM SCU Pack contains the following DLLs:
• DcmScu32 which offers the following services:
   • DICOM Storage and Verification as SCU
   • DICOM Store Commitment as SCU
   • DICOM Query & Retrieve as SCU
   • DICOM Modality Worklist Management as SCU
   • DICOM Modality Performed Procedure Step (MPPS) as SCU
                                                                      DICOM Suite description

•     DcmPrn32 which offers DICOM Basic Print Management (Grayscale & Color) as

3.1     DcmScu32: Query and Retrieve (QnR)

The DcmScu32 windows DLL provides, as an SCU, the DICOM Query and Retrieve
services (C_FIND and C_MOVE).

Two levels of interface are provided:
•     A low level interface to drive yourself the Query and Retrieve process;
•     A high level interface with a built-in graphical user interface to add this service in
      your application in only a few lines of code. Just call a single function to add this
      DICOM service to your application.

3.2     DcmScu32: Basic Worklist Management & MMPS
The DcmScu32 windows DLL provides useful methods to perform DICOM 3.0
request for Basic Worklist Management and Modality Performed Procedure Step
(MPPS) as SCU.

Two levels of interface for Basic Worklist Management are provided:
• A low level interface to drive yourself the worklist query process;
• A high level interface with a built-in graphical user interface (GUI), to add this
  service in your application in only a few lines of code.

Functions are also provided to deal with Multimodality Performed Procedure Step
(MPPS) service.

3.3     DcmScu32: Storage
DcmScu32 includes basic functions that provide easy access of the following DICOM
services as SCU:
• Verification (C_ECHO) : to test the availability of a DICOM SCP on the network;
• Storage (C_STORE) : to send images to an DICOM Store SCP. All composite
   DICOM objects (CT, MR, US, XA, RT, VL,...) are supported;
• Storage Commitment : to ask a DICOM server to make the commitment for the
   safekeeping of the sent DICOM Objects.

DcmScu32 sends a Storage Commitment request (N-ACTION DIMSE command)
related to a given file to a DICOM host. DcmScu32’s Storage Commitment
mechanism makes use of N-EVENT-REPORT commands made on a separate
association. This implies the use of a Store SCP service as WinSCP32 to receive the

3.2     DcmPrn32

DcmPrn32 is a Windows DLL that provides, as an SCU, the DICOM Basic Print
                                                                      DICOM Suite description

Management service. This DLL is provided with 2 levels of interface:
•     A low level interface to drive yourself the Print process.
•     A high level interface with a built-in graphical user interface, to add this service in
      your application in only a few lines of code. A “Film Composer” is provided to
      define interactively its printing parameters such as Portrait/Landscape, number of
      rows and columns per film, film preview, etc.

4 Example of use: DICOM Eye

DICOM Eye application is built entirely upon the DICOM Suite modules and helps
test the DICOM capabilities of those underlying modules. Some of the high level
interfaces of DICOM Suite modules (Worklist, Print and QnR SCU) are directly
implemented in DICOM Eye. DICOM Eye may be downloaded for a 21 days trial
period from. Available for download on

5 SCP standalone Modules

5.1     WinSCP32 (Store SCP)

WinSCP32 is provided as a Windows executable and appears as a small green light
in the Windows system tray. It insures the function of verification (C_ECHO) and
transfer of images (C_STORE) as a provider (SCP). On reception, images are stored
as DICOM part 10 files, in a directory configured by the application. All composite
image objects DICOM (CT, MR, US, XA, RT, ...) are supported. This module may
also be driven as a Windows NT service.

5.2 DICOM Will B (Worklist SCP)

This module is mainly devoted to Radiology Information System (RIS) designers who
want to integrate DICOM Basic Worklist Management Service as SCP (Service Class
Provider) in their system.

It is provided as a generic SCP executable file and a sample companion DLL that
shows how to implement this service and uses shared files to communicate with an
Information System. This sample DLL is provided in two forms: binary and source
code. In many cases, the sample DLL may be used “as is” in its binary form, using
simple text files written by the RIS to find the requested information. This module may
also be driven as a Windows NT service.

5.3 DICOM PRI (Print SCP)

This module allows you to convert a PC and its standard printer (laser, inkjet, …) into
a DICOM print server. It acts as a DICOM Print SCP and implements the Basic Color
and Grayscale Print Management services. This module may also be driven as a
Windows NT service.
                                                      DICOM Suite description

To come in 2005 :
•   DICOM Query & Retrieve as SCP,
•   DICOM Store Commitment as SCP,
•   DICOM Modality Performed Procedure Step as SCP.
                                                           DICOM Suite description


Vendors                               Users
AGFA U.S. Healthcare                  American Academy of Ophthalmology
Bio-Imaging Technologies              American College of Cardiology
Boston Scientific                     American College of Radiology
Camtronics Medical Systems            American Dental Association
Carl Zeiss Meditec                    College of American Pathologists
CPS Innovations                       Deutsche Roentgengesellschaft
DeJarnette Research Systems           European Society of Cardiology
Dynamic Imaging                       Medical Images Standards Association of
Eastman Kodak                         Taiwan
ETIAM                                 Societa Italiana di Radiologia Medica
Fujifilm Medical Systems              Societe Francaise de Radiologie
GE Healthcare
IBM Life Sciences
IDX Systems Corporation
Konica Minolta Medical Corporation    General Interest
Matrix View                           Canadian Institute for Health Informatics
McKesson Medical Imaging Company      Center for Devices & Radiological Health
MEDIS                                 Japan Industries Association of
Merge eFilm                           Radiological Systems (JIRA)
Philips Medical Systems               Korean PACS Standard Committee
RadPharm                              National Cancer Institute
R2 Technology, Inc.                   National Electrical Manufacturers Association
Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.
Sony Europe
Toshiba America Medical Systems

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