PRESENTATION OF OR PROBLEM

Each group will have 20-25 minutes to present a slide show and to discuss their research
problem. The other groups will comment on the problem, make suggestions, etc. You
may have either an intervention problem where you make a comparison. It is also
possible that you are not sure what the program problem is, or if you have a problem or
not. In this case you have a diagnostic problem.

   A. If you have an intervention problem, present it on no more than six slides.
          1. What is the public health problem?
          2. What is the program problem or opportunity?
          3. Why is the program problem important?
          4. What is the OR problem
          5. What are some possible solutions to the problem?
          6. What solution will you test? Why?

   B. If you think you need to do a diagnosis before you do an intervention, please
      present your diagnostic problem on no more than five slides.

       1. What is the public health problem or opportunity?
       2 What are the possible problems?
       3. What information do you need to collect to identify the problem?
       4. What are some alternative ways of collecting the data?
       5. Advantages and disadvantages of each alternative for collecting the data

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